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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ended rehearsal of a flight to Mars that lasted for a year

In the U.S. state of Hawaii ended held during the year scientific experiment simulating a flight to Mars. It was attended by six scholars from three countries, who held in complete isolation and on the background of the Martian landscape 366 days.

photo: pixabay.com

The simulation was carried out on the volcano Mauna Loa in Hawaii. This place was sometimes becomes a training ground for the “Martian” experiments of this kind due to the fact that it’s located quite far from civilization, and its landscape resembles the Red planet — including the fact that it is very difficult to detect traces of life. In the past, such “expeditions” in this territory lasted from four to eight months, however, the specialists have decided to extend this period.

Among the participants of the experiment included astrobiologist French, German physicist, and four Americans: a pilot, an architect, doctor (part-time journalist) and a soil scientist. Three of the participants were men and three women. They spent a year under a closed dome, leave that they were entitled solely in the spacesuit, and for a short period. During the experiment the participants had to carry out some research and avoid the conflicts between them.

After the end of the simulation, the specialists will analyze the results and use them in the preparation of future experiments of this kind. As for participants, they successfully returned to a normal life, though some of them joking that “from Mars,” they returned, not being aware of political, cultural and other events for the whole year.

The American experiment was the second of the duration in the entire history of “rehearsals” flight to Mars, however, record with an impressive reserve continues to keep Russia from 2010 to 2011, “Roscosmos and the Russian Academy of Sciences in cooperation with the European space Agency was organized by a similar experiment called “Mars-500” in which simulated flight to the Red planet lasted for 520 days.

According to some statements, the first “real” human flight to Mars could take place by 2028, although some specialists believe this forecast is overly optimistic. However, it is in any case is the orbit of the red planet, while the landing of humans on its surface is expected in the slightly longer term — to 2030-ies. Representatives of the authorities and space agencies of different countries in the past had repeatedly expressed its willingness to implement the project of flight to Mars as an international.


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