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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Burn The Ballroom “burned” Vladivostok

One of the headliners of the festival Ilya Lagutenko V-Rox, which was held recently in Vladivostok, and was described in detail in the “Sound track”, were members of the team Burn The Ballroom of Northern Virginia. The group for eight years, she released three mini-collection and was performed on the same stage with My Chemical Romance, The Ataris, The Misfits and other rock bands. In her repertoire there are rock ballads, and punk manifestos and anthems. The team leader Alan Gant told “MK”, whether he feels competition on the stage today, the bar aims and different audiences in different countries.

Photo: v-rox.dv.land

— Where do you prefer to play festivals or club venues?

It is a completely different story. Festivals, of course, allow you to reach a large audience and play for students from different countries to Express themselves. When you’re in a club, you feel more connection with his fans, these concerts more “intimate”, to help transfer energy. So I like both formats.

— Competition between musicians in America and generally on the international stage is very large. You feel it?

— Fortunately, we are friends with many colleagues on the stage and respect each other. In fact, the sense of competition was stronger than the sense of support and comradeship to each other. If we talk about success, we just do what we want, what gives us pleasure and get the result. We travel a lot. Recently traveled to Africa, then a month was in Russia. We work hard to find his audience, so that everything goes on as usual.

— What country you liked most?

— You will be surprised, but this is Africa. There are very nice public and an excellent recording Studio where we were able to visit and even to work. Russia is also beautiful. I think for a month we assimilated here. (Laughs.) We are now considering where else there may be. We like to travel around the world.

— What were your ambitions in the beginning and how they changed over time?

— They remain unchanged. I want to be in demand in the music business, feel that students interested in our music that they love us. And we want to play more, how have the strength.

What sort of music do you listen to?

— Each group has its own interests. We have very different tastes. When we work, create your own music — we all look in the same direction, but if we are talking about the preferences, opinions and passions diverge. For example, I love different artists. I have favorites of both the past and the present. If we talk about styles, I really like soul, for example. This music is soothing. Indie music, electronica is also interesting. It’s not that, what genre the artist works, as long as he was charismatic and filled with energy.

— Many groups break up due to conflicts within the team. How to keep good relationships in the group?

— You have to be more than friends. You have to completely trust each other and respect each other. We were lucky. We are five musicians who understand each other perfectly, we develop and act as a single organism. The main thing is to keep this sense of unity, to preserve these relationships in the team. Then all will be well.


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