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Friday, March 16, 2018

57 million dollars is a dream house in Russia

The 3.7 billion is a lot or a little? Exactly as requested by the seller for the most expensive house in Russia. It is located in the Moscow suburb of Barvikha and covers an area of 2640 square meters. Or, to make it clearer, about 5-6 football fields.

photo: pixabay.com

The mansion was designed and built in the style of Provence, a famous Italian architect. It is situated on a forest plot with a size of more than a hectare. Made expensive landscaping, flowerbeds, planted the far East and Sakhalin trees…

Expensive? Then look from the other side. The cheapest property is situated in the resurrection area: banked brick house with an area of 20 sq m on the non-privatized garden plot of six acres. And only 200 thousand rubles.

– The cheapest house suburbs should be sought in the resurrection district, the most expensive – in the Odintsovo – say the specialists of the Federal portal “World apartments”, analyzed the average price of country houses in all districts of the Moscow region.

The average home value was 22.2 million roubles, having decreased for the year by 2.4%. And that’s not too expensive. “Leadership Odintsovo district, with an average cost of homeownership 85 731 683 of the ruble – a natural thing because here are expensive and Minsk, and the famous Rublevo-Uspenskoe highway, with its included in the legends and anecdotes of real estate,” say the authors of the study.

Here is not the exotic ad is in the database, Odintsovo district: sold house on Nikolina Gora area of 2 thousand sq. m. It is situated on a wooded plot of half a hectare, equipped with advanced engineering systems and telecommunications. House includes a swimming pool, art gallery, home cinema, wine cellar, safe rooms and panic-rooms. On the territory there are sports hall, SPA-complex and a house for staff. Price of 505 million rubles.

Just below the list of the most expensive places of Moscow suburbs was the expected areas where lies another prestigious track Novorizhskoe highway. The line originates in the Krasnogorsk district, who took second place in our list with the price of the house is 72 326 492 of the ruble and moves to the territory of the Istra district (fourth place – 51 259 354 rubles).

– A house on Novorizhskoe highway is able to compete with Rublevsky, – experts say. For example, in the Krasnogorsk district offers a house for finishing area of 2,700 sq m on a plot of 66 acres. The house has entrance hall with a double ceremonial staircase, dining hall with a stage, balcony for Breakfast, secret room, Elevator. In a separate building has a swimming pool, a sauna, a fireplace hall, wine cellar. The price of homeownership to 414 million rubles.

In the Istra district was a mansion in the classical style, with a swimming pool and SPA, full gym, billiard room, cinema, bedroom with fireplace. On a plot of 100 acres it is possible to organize the helicopter pad. The cost of the offer is 500 million rubles.

Bronze in the ranking went to the Mytishchi district (58 938 626 rubles) – a famous starodachne direction, the glorious “big water” and a never-ending reconstruction of the Yaroslavl highway. Here you can find objects that are not inferior to the price of luxury described above. So, on the Bank of the Klyazminsky reservoir for sale stylish house with an area of 500 square meters with designer interior on a plot of 300 acres. In the household are Marina court, two-story recreation area and a private Church. The price is 486 million.

– The General price situation in a particular area is affected by the situation on the primary market, – said General Director of the portal Pavel Lutsenko. – The last time a decisive factor when choosing a property was a total budget buy. He pushed into the background and the location and quality of construction. This naturally affects the behavior of developers that make projects, often sacrificing accessibility and infrastructure. The start of sales in these towns often reduces the average cost of housing in the district as a whole.

The cheapest house suburbs it is more logical to look for on the Eastern borders. This part of the region known transport problems and poor ecological environment. The last place in the ranking was as follows: Voskresenskiy district with an average of 2.5 million rubles for the house, Chekhov, Ozersk, Orekhovo-Zuyevo districts (2.9 million rubles) and Serpukhov (3,8 rubles).

Resurrection district, you can find a lot of cheap real estate in garden associations. In fact, the offered the notorious plots of six acres with some buildings on them which are rather a hindrance in the further development of the land and new construction. For example, a country house on six acres consisting of one room kvadratnih 10 meters and the veranda 6 “squares” asking for 250 thousand rubles. And for a brick house with an area of 20 sq. m – 450 thousand rubles.

Country market has not shown growth since the 2008 crisis. In most districts of the Moscow region there has been a steady negative trend, ” says Pavel Lutsenko. The drop in demand has hit not only by large areas and expensive houses, but of illiquid assets. No wonder that the cost of some facilities is almost equal to the cost of budgetary cars. Country market is in stagnation, which has led almost to a halt of new projects that are likely to result in further decline of property value.


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