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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The chaos of optimism: Russians more and more like the economic situation in the country

The boundless optimism of Russians. People with this bordering on idiocy level of contentment with life will never win. This is indicated by data of sociological surveys, for example, Fund “Public opinion”. According to research by the public opinion Foundation, in August the number of dissatisfied state of the Russian economy decreased by 5% (from 45% to 40%), and 49% believed the situation in the Russian economy is satisfactory.

Of course, August, we went partly deflation: especially the cheaper tomatoes. Within two weeks the prices of all kinds of products in total fell, mainly due to vegetables. Deflation, according to Rosstat, amounted to 0.1% for the week. Talked about this on TV. But then prices went up again, but the blue screen didn’t notice. And real incomes of the population continued to decline, increased the real estate tax gradually mastered regions, covering 28 subjects of the Federation, almost everywhere, expensive transport and housing services. The ruble almost did not fall, but the inevitable weakening after the election, according to the same of sociology, was confident almost everyone. Veterans is indexing of pensions August promised a small one-time payment that will happen in the coming year, when who knows what will happen with the ruble. But all of this background proved to be enough for even 5% of Russians are convinced that life is getting better.

Another August poll published by the Levada Center, says that a growing number of complaints about the work of the government. To him no complaints, only 7% of the population (even in the “dashing nineties”, the Cabinet was happy with 8%). But 42% of respondents blamed the government for failing to cope with rising prices, 34% said that it does not care about social protection of the population.

So. People complain that they are not cared for the White house, and that prices are rising. But those same people, residents of the same country declare that life becomes better. But the opposition, which had hoped for mass action of social protest, before the elections, biting his elbows. How can we explain this paradox of satisfaction deteriorating life? Refer the matter to the Director of the Center for political technologies Igor Bunin.

“No special contradictions I don’t see — answers “MK”, the political scientist and sociologist. — We post-Soviet people. We know how to adapt to poverty almost at the genetic level. Especially when life is getting worse, not abruptly, but gradually. Day-to-day. Not enough money for the cake you can eat candy, not candy — move on lollipops. And at some point will seem, and the extra money left. Now we are seeing that people are starting to get used to his humble condition, to adapt to a lower standard of living, and life goes on. This adaptation on the background of the good summer weather gave a reduction of dissatisfaction at five percent. Ground for a more pronounced dissatisfaction could serve as an alternative to the current political structure. But now it is not visible. Among the candidates in the upcoming elections there are those that would be offered something else, most agree with the basic principles of the policy.

Against growing discontent works and the law of Tocqueville. This great French historian has formulated the political law, which States that revolutions occur not when the economic situation deteriorates, and when it begins to improve. When people begin to live better, they immediately want to live better. The French revolution, which he describes took place not in famine years, and in the period when the economy was good. Society began to emerge from the crisis, breathe more freely, freed from the daily challenges associated with poverty, and had time to think: who is to blame that it was so difficult? And in such situations often is some culprit: the king or someone else.”

Following the logic of the distinguished scientist of the NINETEENTH century, Tocqueville’s, our government should continue to gradually degrade the standard of living, and then it will stand forever.

Personally, I have two other versions as to why the Russians felt that life has become better. One of them mixed with sarcasm. Here sociologists call the person who is in difficult feelings, on the border of panic due to the fact that he did not know how to feed a family, and rage from his own powerlessness. And here precisely it is called by sociologists. Relatively speaking, “Hey, what’s up?” Well what can I say, “Yes”! “Life is getting better”? “Yes, of course! As in a fairy tale: the farther the…”

To listen that the further — the worse, sociologists no longer necessary. Importantly, the respondents positively assessed the dynamics.

Another option is the version of “big brother”. Part of the respondents think that they were chosen for the survey is not a coincidence that they are being watched. And from their answers I can do personally for themselves. Therefore, they try to give a pleasant answer to those who asks a question. To demonstrate the vitality of the spirit. Survive, but don’t give up.

But these are my version of some kind of sad — talk in favor of the weak. But I would still put the car on the power of our spirit, our optimism and patriotism. After all, if we love the Motherland, love it all, even beginners tired of the economic difficulties.


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