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Friday, March 16, 2018

The ban on Charter flights to Turkey canceled

Long-awaited for many Russian tourists and travel industry event: the Russian government lifted restrictions on Charter flights to Turkey. This step will dramatically reduce the cost of permits to Turkish resorts. However, it is unlikely they will use a lot of Russians. High beach season is almost over, and the excessive demand for Turkish holidays is expected.

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev signed a decree on the resumption of Charter flights to Turkey. The ban on Charter flights was introduced on 1 December 2015. It happened in the midst of the conflict between Russia and Turkey, due to the fact that a Russian military plane su-24 was shot down by Turkish air force in November of the same year.

“This is already a few people are interested, because there are two months – September and October – the time when it’s warm, you can swim”

The ban on Charter dealt a strong enough blow to both Turkish and Russian tourism industry. Turkey, and so have lost because of the endless terrorist attacks and security issues on its territory a significant part of European tourists (the bulk of tourists traditionally make the British and the Germans) suffered huge losses, having lost more and guests from Russia. In 2015, Turkey was visited by about 3 million Russians. In the same year the number of Russian tourists, apparently, will not exceed several hundred thousand.

After all scheduled flights to Turkey, the Russians almost never use. Tickets are high. What discounts neither gave Turkish hotels, it is still a trip to the resorts of Antalya from passengers with regular flight would not budget. And the Russian tourism industry was traditionally focused on affluent tourists who prefer Turkish and Egyptian resorts because of the low prices at relatively high service. Given that Egypt because of the terrorist attack on Board a Kogalymavia in Sharm El-Sheikh for the Russians closed, high beach season for the Russian tourist industry failed.

From the current situation, has won Tunisia, whose resorts on the ratio “price-quality” comparable, at least with Egypt, and part of the Russian resorts. The significant activization of internal tourism experts associated not only with successful advertising campaign and the devaluation of the ruble, but with the temporary disappearance of competition in Antalya. Tunisia, the resorts of Krasnodar region and, to a lesser extent, Crimea partly helped the Russian travel agencies to compensate for losses from the closure of the Turkish and Egyptian directions.

In June, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan unexpectedly apologized for the downed Russian plane, and relations between the two countries began to thaw. Then talk about the imminent cancellation of the Charter. It came down to the fact that some travel companies even started to sell tickets on a hypothetical Charter flights. Later, when it became clear that the imminent renewal of charters will not, the money had to return. The fact that Erdogan’s apology was followed by at the most inopportune moment: in the middle of summer, when airlines long ago distributed planes under Charter flights. Find new free Board proved to be extremely difficult.

This problem seems to only solved by the end of August. However, the sides of the Turkey will not need much. Press Secretary of the Russian Union of travel industry Irina Turina believes that the excessive demand for Turkish resorts will not be. “It is assumed that 20-30% Charter transportation will reduce the cost of packages to Turkey, but you need to understand that this area has few people interested because it is two months – September and October – the time when it’s warm, you can swim. But for Egypt, the October is high season,” she says.

In conversation with the newspaper LOOK Tyurin has informed that a tourist destination many travel companies have written off. “In the middle of summer was euphoria when it became clear that Charter until the end of summer will not be all resigned to the situation,” she said.

Overall, professionals in the tourism industry is clear: Turkey the Russian tourist business this year has lost all hope for Egypt. When will the resorts, there is not yet clear. Now there are Russian-Egyptian consultations. Russia wants to ensure that the airports complied with safety regulations. It is the neglect was the cause of the attack on Board the Russian plane. While the results of these negotiations are not clear. By the way, Turkey is also the issue of security of Russian tourists was discussed long enough. Now the airlines are going in this country, it is recommended to provide additional security measures.


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