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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sculpture Park and rest of Zurab Tsereteli

In the good old writer Peredelkino among the literary house-museums (Chukovsky, Yevtushenko, Okudzhava) in two weeks will be a new Museum-workshop of Zurab Tsereteli. So now the summer residence of the President of the Russian Academy of arts literally turned into a construction site. Observer “MK” went to visit this unique sculpture Park.

photo: Marina Raikin

Gate drive off, and opened a marvelous picture: forest sculpture… right in the woods. And in the middle of the yard sits a neat black cat and diligently namyvaet white paw face. Well, sure, kitty, this, according to folk omens, guests namyvaet: in two weeks they will be here visible-invisible, formal and informal.

— She gave birth yesterday. As many as five pieces. She lives here, ” says the President of the Academy, now the academician a little similar. He is like the foreman on a construction site — red apron over a white shirt, white Bermudas, hands stained in dirt, not cement. And around machine with the welding machines, those gushing sparks, and without glasses they painful to watch.

Workers, cranes come and go, unloading the oil among all the new shapes. Something unreal is how the noblemen, presidents, quite recognizable artists from around the world or commoners or completely hanging in the air, but without a hint of a threat of falling. Engine crane grabs tongs hook that hammered into the head of each sculpture.

photo: Sergei Shagulashvili

Is to make it easier to move to the right place to put. Look, there all these hooks, ” says the foreman, a middle-aged man with a heavily tanned face.

No, it’s the usual hook definitely has its own philosophy: who ever you are — jester or the king, great or average, before the hook of fate all are equal.

But how it is sculpture, no one really can not answer, including the author himself. And to ask especially not one: the Master mosaic-versed with welders argues:

— Autogen is needed here, a blowtorch, you know?

Understand that the sculptures will have to count. Walk around the area — acres, probably 40-50. Neither meter is a work of art — stone, bronze, casting, drift on copper… dazzled: next to the great Nureyev (arms outstretched, flying somewhere to dance or escape from the USSR to Paris?) a fisherman with a fish in his hands on the earth balloon shrank from loneliness. Picasso’s bald, in a suit, but rather a group of Georgian musicians, touchingly naive, rustic for such a band, playing usually at weddings and funerals. Their gilding covers a woman, and all about it here, including Zurab Tsereteli, with admiration saying: “Natasha is a great mistress”.

photo: Sergei Shagulashvili

But perhaps the most impressive — two huge leopards leap literally hung over the silver bowl, and it is unclear in what way the ball falls. A near two-metre high predator — President of the Russian Federation in the suit of the judoka: a posture — Defcon 1 before entering the tatami.

— Zurab Konstantinovich, and something I don’t see Luzhkov in the company of your contemporaries. Mikhalkov, tobacco, Spivakov, Akhmadulina and other decent people here in the sculpture and bas-reliefs. But Yuri Mikhailovich, what is depicted in the form of a janitor, no.

— Luzhkov, the kings remained in the gallery. This Museum another structure. Luzhkov that? Friends, every day had looked at him — the image was caught. Putin, too caught when he was President, Anatoly Sobchak was working. I sat as a judge at competitions in judo, and we were discussing how children are struggling. And Putin was like this (shows the position of the judoka before the fight), I took a pencil and made 12 sketches. And he saw what I was drawing. I made a prototype, showed it to him, then gathered the sculpture.

photo: Sergei Shagulashvili

A short break. Master sat down on a bench, and then the next added a young mother — a black cat. Lika, the daughter of Zurab, also an artist, says that cat’s name is Solyndra and only bore, herding chubby tabby cat, he’s probably the father of the kittens and will be. In addition to the cats in the country Tsereteli live three dogs — Caucasian Alabai and the Royal poodle.

— I want to clarify: this is a copy of those works that are already in the gallery on Prechistenka street and the Grand Georgian?

— What, it’s all original and handmade. Look, sculptural composition for heroes of my beloved movie “Mimino”: Buba Kikabidze, Zhenya Leonov, Frunzik Mkrtchyan. Tbilisi is already such a monument, but here there are subtleties to understand the need in manual work, slightly different images, different plastic construction. In General, created a composition, that’s it — the Museum under the open sky. Haven’t opened, and tourists already go.

photo: Marina Raikin

Without transition: “Eat?”. The formal and rhetorical question: the Georgian house of failure is not allowed. Moreover, the house Tsereteli.

After lunch with delicious khachapuri, cheese, fat tomatoes the Master name is to decide the fate of Charlie Chaplin: what group will join the great Charlie of silent cinema closer to home, Picasso or wives of the Decembrists? Sculptural group in crinolines formed a little alley.

In Peredelkino it is not the Park frozen sculptures: they are, says Zurab, always on the go: it will go on exhibitions, to return to Peredelkino, they will be added to the new “inhabitants”.

— In General, live life, live Park. I will still be here your days for workshops. On Fridays, you know, I spend a master-classes for children in the Academy, and here, on Saturday and Sunday. Many local children here, the school is.

photo: Marina Raikin


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