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Friday, March 16, 2018

Scammers are taking away from pensioners last money

Cases of fraud, when exposed to cheating the ordinary citizens, even in the conditions of crisis are multiplying on the eyes. We have all heard the news about the “financial pyramids, unscrupulous bankers, robbing its depositors, or street sellers selling fakes at ridiculous prices, calling them luxury goods. But lately, cases, when charlatans trying to shake all the money from the pensioners. The story we now tell, is a good example of how not to fall for different kinds of swindlers.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

In a normal August day at the pensioner of Anna Sparter cell phone rang.

— Hello, Anna Mikhailovna, you get a call from the Pension Fund from the payroll Department, is officially and strictly turned to her. Demanding a voice that brooked no argument, as if accusing her of something, warned: “the debt to the Pension Fund, you have listed the extra money, you have to check how much you owe…

— Well, I did not receive anything extra — flustered old woman.

— That’s probably true. But we need to verify a Bank card, you get a pension. Name the card number and we will verify whether listed the extra money or not?

Oh, I by heart do not remember, let me grab and say, ” Anna Mikhailovna ran to look for his card in the box with documents, but then something alerted her. And she asked: ‘Tell me, what you control and what is your name?

From the main Department, head of the Department of Tikhonov Lyudmila, — she heard in response. — We need the number of your card and preferably a pin…

— I’ll call you back later, can’t find the box with the card, — said the pensioner. She recorded visiteuses room. And immediately called the “hotline” of the Main Department of the Pension Fund No. 5 of Moscow and the Moscow region, where she for many years, regularly receiving a pension, and told about the phone call to the chief specialist — the expert of Department on the treatment of citizens Nina Bystrova, who was on duty at that hour on a “hot line”.

Bystrova, FIU specialist with great experience, I immediately suspected something was fishy. And warned the pensioner that Pension Fund employees do not call up citizens with similar questions and, if necessary, send the notice on letterhead and invited to visit the office at a certain time with a particular question.

It Turned Out, Tikhonova L. N. in the management of not listed and payroll Department of any pension adjustment not made. In other words, the pensioner Sparter owe nothing and your pension gets timely and fair, confirmed government size.

She immediately contacted Anna’s mother and reassured her. Then called by phone “a hot line” pension Fund for the number of the “boss” dummy control. As expected, the subscriber was unavailable. Apparently, the scammers felt that they were exposed, and “went underground”. The pensioner she was advised to change the SIM card, perhaps someone took control of its database. Unfortunately, when scammers get phone numbers and names of the retirees, posing as employees of the FIU, extort money from them, are not isolated.

— I also have evidence, when the recipients of pensions scammers calling and posing as experts of the Pension Fund, offer financial subsidies on the replacement of batteries, Windows and so on, and then asked to report the Bank card number, says Oleksandr akymenko, the chief of GU PFR No. 5 serving the citizens of Sao of Moscow and the Moscow region of Khimki and Dolgoprudny.

According to him, experts of the Pension Fund do not request by telephone personal data they are not authorized to visit citizens, and provide government services at home.

Recently there has been a surge in scams in the translation of pensioners from the Pension Fund non-state pension funds, including illegal means.

“Increasingly we receive complaints of unfair actions of the NPF agents representing employees of service of execution of orders”. This service does not exist. It is possible that the fraudsters use the analogy of the Federal service of bailiffs. They come to a seniors home and require on the basis of non-existent law by which citizens are obliged to transfer the funds from the PFR to NPF, passport and other documents. All this is designed for the carelessness and credulity of the citizens. Unscrupulous agents enough to know the name and details of his insurance number of individual personal account (SNILS), to transfer retirement savings without your knowledge. Citizens to be very careful to provide to third parties your details carefully and to get acquainted with each signed document. Strongly recommend to be vigilant and all suspicious facts immediately report to law enforcement or the “hot line” pension Fund”, — warns Akimenko.

The reception of the population on issues relating to pensions, namely: to receive and share SNILS, pension management, appointment and recalculation of pensions, the choice of method of delivery of pension, you receive a certificate for maternity capital, are only available in the client services of the territorial bodies of the FIU under the FIU Department for Moscow and the Moscow region, and on schedule.


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