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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

In Kiev, found a dead Russian journalist]

In Kiev killed 54-year-old Alexander Schetinin is a Russian and Ukrainian journalist. The cause of death has not been established definitively. However, Ukrainian law enforcement authorities suspect that she is suicidal. Shchetinin is the second Russian journalist, who died last month in Kiev.

According to Ukrainian police, Shchetinin died in his birthday 27 August between 20.00 and 21.00 Moscow time in his Kiev apartment. His body, sitting on a chair on the balcony of the apartment, found the friends of the deceased. Beside the chair lay a traumatic gun. As the press service of the National police of Ukraine] died from a gunshot wound to the head. The door to the apartment was locked from the inside, things are not lost, the situation is not broken. Unclear information with a suicide note. According to one, she was found near the body of the deceased, others found a email that he sent to his friend.

“Matinino even had to sell the car and apartment, in order to survive”

The police considers two versions: a murder disguised as suicide, and actual suicide. The latest version, at first glance, judging by the publicly available facts seem more convincing.

Alexander Shchetinin, until recently, been among the most successful regional media managers. In 1998, in Yekaterinburg, he created the news Agency “New region”, very quickly developed into the scale of local media. It has got its own correspondent network not only in many regions of Russia, but also abroad – in Central Asia, Ukraine, Transnistria and even the far abroad. The Ukrainian direction Shchetinin emphasized. Since 2004, he actually lived in two countries: a Ukrainian married, bought an apartment in Kiev. Efforts Shchetinina appeared Ukrainian Bureau of the newspaper, began to appear more material from this region. But he finally moved there in February 2014, on the backdrop of a loud quarrel in the editorial office of “New region”.

Efforts Shchetinina, who took an active part in the euromaidan (in one of the social networks was information that he allegedly personally threw firebombs in “Berkut”), the Agency openly supported the protesters and, subsequently, the position of the Ukrainian authorities in the conflict in the Donbass. The result was the conflict of the Ukrainian and Russian parts of the editorial, beginning what Shchetinin re-registered the domain name of the website “New region”.

“The Agency created by and existing in Russia, not in accordance with the information policy, which after the aggravation of the situation in Ukraine and the Crimea into the Russian Federation is progressing and dominates the site HP2.ru with the filing of Ukrainian and Baltic editions and the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of LLC “IA “New region” Alexander Shchetinin. Despite the ambiguity of action, which commit both parties to the conflict “Russia – Ukraine”, the interpretation of what is happening only from a position of “invaders annexing an independent country” doesn’t seem right to us. We believe that in this situation, it may be reasonable to give the chance to Ukraine and the Baltic States are free to broadcast their position on another site,” – said on 17 April 2014, the Russian editorial office of the Agency. In March 2015, the website of the Ukrainian version of “New region” (factually and legally – of the new Agency) have been blocked by the decision of Roskomnadzor for the dissemination of extremist materials. This decision was appealed in several courts, including the Supreme court of Russia, but they all supported the blocking.

Apparently, the lock in Russia has become one of the causes of the decline of business Shchetinina. Its audience is his website lost, and to successfully resist the Ukrainian competitors, apparently, never happened. TASS reports that Shchetinina was a large financial problem. “Because of arrears of salary from the online publication, which he headed, is gone for almost all employees. Matinino even had to sell the car and apartment, in order to survive”,- reports TASS with reference to a former employee of “New region”. A journalist who knew the man said the newspaper LOOK that he often abused alcohol. “He drank a lot, – said our interlocutor. – Had a habit of “drink” stress. I don’t know whether to call him an alcoholic, nothing was ever heard about the fact that he was treated, “sutured” and so on. But drunk on some kind of a meeting could come”. About certain suicidal manifestations” Shchetinin said in an interview with Ukrainian television and the press Secretary of the Ukrainian Ministry of internal Affairs Artem Shevchenko.

Status Shchetinina shortly before his death and at the same time about his political views and attitude can give the impression of its last published in the Ukrainian edition of “Browser”. In it, he, calling himself “a victim of rape by Soviet power,” according to a lot of facts from his biography and the biography of his family – for example, about his grandfather, repressed under Stalin. According to the text, Shchetinin as a negative attitude to the Soviet government and replaced it in Russia “new” “democratic” (both these words the journalist puts in quotation marks). I do not like him and the current Russian government. Ukraine Shchetinin (by the way, according to the Opinion, and does not refuse Russian passports) calls “my country” with sympathy says about Ukrainians and Chechens. However, most of the text is not devoted to this, and to paraphrase a rather strange and confusing stories from his personal life. In General, the text seems written in a state at least a very bad mood.

Thus, the version of suicide Shchetinina seems the most likely, if not a coincidence that he died exactly on the fortieth day after the death of another Russian journalist in Kiev – Pavel Sheremet, who was killed in the center of the Ukrainian capital. However, this time about the Russian trace in the death of the journalist, the Ukrainian authorities have not yet spoken.

It should be noted that Shchetinin is one of four more or less well-known journalists – citizens of Russia, who for ideological reasons, he moved to Kiev. For many years in the capital of Ukraine, lives and broadcasts on local television Yevgeny Kiselyov. He is considered a supporter of the current Ukrainian authorities, while Viktor Yanukovych maintained good relations. In the Ukrainian capital lives and a former Deputy editor of the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” muzhdabaev. He quarreled with his now former colleagues after the events of 2013-2014, especially after the Crimea became part of Russia. However, many Ukrainian media (e.g. Gromadske TV) he had not worked: it criticized the Crimean Tatar nationalism. Muzhdabaev personally knew Schetinina, talked with him, but from some versions of his death refrains. A staunch Ukrainian nationalist, is a former employee of the “Russian newspaper”, the newspaper “Gazeta”, the Ukrainian version of “Kommersant” Artem Skoropadsky. Russian by nationality, he changed his name Bychkiv in Ukrainian style, while studying journalism at Moscow state University. He is now the press Secretary of “Right sector*”. Your post makes a lot of very belligerent statements to the country where he previously lived and whose citizen is still. For example, in one interview, he shared his plans for what to do when the Crimea will again be part of Ukraine. According to him (and apparently his organization’s) opinion, there must deport all those who came there during the Soviet era, and Russia, having occupied the Peninsula’s Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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