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Saturday, March 24, 2018

With his mistress in Yalta

How little is necessary to move from the bliss of bulletproof skins winner — in a pathetic, bent condition is to feel bad (stomach ache or head) or the doctor will tell you that you look bad — and that’s no longer proudly jutting Breasts and straight shoulders, and suculent and neschastnoi your entire appearance and the inner girth.

Old age

Old age — inaccurate, vague designation that happens to a person after fifty. More correct medical characteristics — agony. Its symptoms happen to the half-century features, but after crossing this mark, the body starts unconsciously, but clearly to act up and say goodbye to yourself. You think: body cover the returning impulses of youth? Fell in love, pulled on a Bender? But it fits, and they later will have to pay painful fits of spleen, heart disruptions, dizziness, trembling knees. You are not shaking the excess emotion and energy, but the uneven supply: dead batteries endeavoring to and can’t work in a stable yet stimulating mode.

The key to happiness

No need to wait (let alone demand) from life practical benefits and uses. This is the main condition of happiness. This, this: originally released conditions of existence can be a clothes in time for the rest of the length of the path, and when you start claims, comparisons, wypadanie is the end of peace.

To prove the truth of

The most pathetic of those who prove his innocence. The more the man is right, the more pathetic excuses from him.


To be a patriot is easy: it is necessary in every visible enemy and a spy.

Eradicate lie

What passed “anti-terrorism package of Spring” — the preservation of information recorded in the media? But in order to eradicate a lie! Some presumptuous government official will say: raise tariffs (prices, etc.), and to him, what about your promise not to raise? He will say: I did not say that. And to him, behold, please, the information is preserved. And he’s not getting away with this, not deny it. My husband would say to his wife: “I’ve never been in Kazakhstan.” And she told him: “But your conversation from 12.04.16 where you just say to a friend that flying to Yalta. “Yalta — Yes. But what’s Kazakhstan?” — “And with that me you said, flying to Kazakhstan. And he — with his mistress in Yalta”.


Amazed at how fast the words acquire a new content and expand its multidimensionality: “daddy, daddy, our network was dragged dead…”

And today, we catch computer network.

We were driven to the chain stores are destroying small shopkeepers and suppressing competition that can reduce prices and allow the ordinary consumer to breathe a sigh of relief.

We in the networks of the mafia…


There are professions that require pretense, and acting. For example: a politician can not play a role. The doctor needs to seem confident, knowledgeable. Even the teacher to capture the attention of the class, it should pretend to flirt, to make party “giveaway”. And whether the right to pretend to be a journalist? Does the right to impersonate daredevil, the subversive, while secretly located on a short leash (or contents) of power?


Journalists like hunting in ambush, waiting for the phenomenon of the faceless thicket of facts loud, bright or at least average size sensations and lash out at her, smashing who and how can, friendly fire (chorus) then solo and vying individually, in-dash, snatching the gun at another, but completely current blueprint reacting, dissecting, and reporting on the lawlessness in the Cologne area on Christmas night and sleeping during the broadcast of a football match commentator, and narrow-minded politics that made the careless statement fascist, admonish him: to say so is not good, because you’re not a baddie, good boy, your loyal, not an enemy of the regime, not opposition party. The opposition gets from the media (again, gulp) for what comes your way, and not in a way that pleases the omniscient and omnipresent interpreters of the news.


Widely discussed the wave of suicides among adolescents. Instead of adopting them interesting, useful, to give hope, to get rid of the state doesn’t care, to heal from their keenly felt despair, discuss the implications, the results of their unbelief in the future. But the teenagers in their naivety wiser other adults and understand the absence of their perspectives. Does it make sense to indulge in any activity seriously, investing in it all his strength, and if done will go to naught? Because outdated books, movies, opinions… isn’t it better to live whenever you want to (live as adults), to nothing precipa soul, not being serious? If there is no innate predisposition to fanaticism, sense of mission, perhaps, there is no need to accustom themselves to austerity, there is no need to bring it in yourself.

This life teaches carelessness, unfounded. Before a trip to Leningrad was a major undertaking: travel arrangements, a long way by train. Now get in the car and once in St. Petersburg.

Before world travel was life-long. Now: I took a plane and traveled around the world — as Baba Yaga in a mortar.

Looking at the mindless adults, children and adolescents see: life — optional hobby. Which you can change to another simultaneously hobby — suicide.


Not smart enough to remain silent. Not enough delicacy not to notice. What’s the use to force an open door? Well, happened. Happened. It is theoretically, morally, unacceptable. That should not take place. But in practice often happens. A teacher crossing the line. Twisted love with a student. Such cases are many times described in literature, our, domestic, and foreign. Recently filmed another film about such a fleeting, misguided love. It’s called “English Teacher”. This film shows how a whole school betrayed ostracized cute teacher, began to mock the teacher-an adulteress, then she got suspended from school and then called back — because we must learn to forgive human weakness. Criminal prosecution of her in this film not subjected.

The film, of course, is not a decree of the high pedagogical reality and morality. This is fiction. But in every fairy tale contains a hint. Call thinking.

Our real (not from a foreign film), a compatriot and contemporary of dismissed from the service, she faces the court. She has the children. “What does this teach their children?” — that’s the argument. It would not have deprived and motherhood.

Let’s talk: what will achieve the persecution? Show that it can not behave? Scare? Who?

The one who rests within, will not allow turning themselves into a bogey. And who is not able to keep emotions and the desires of the flesh, he will get a job at another educational institution and continue sexual search. Or not built up, but the search will continue. Exotic now discussing that the seducer was a woman. While male pedophiles loud catch almost every day, judged, removed from schools, but one of them has been rehabilitated?

It is a given, which live among children and adolescents. They are quite prepared adults understanding of the biological aspects of life: just look at the posters that adorn our streets (near the schools), they are half-naked ladies put on my stockings or half-dressed couple embracing sniff each other. Buy tights and Cologne! So, don’t mock bombastic bigotry.

Turned a local incident into a show sensation. All it sucked. Procrastinate. Drool. And this is the opposite.

The old adage in a new way

All that is done… is done for the better? No, not like that is bad. But maybe it’s for the best? So anything not can count only on themselves.

The end of illusions

The present time is fairer still. At least it is clear: there is money — can qualify for the best doctors, the best apartments, cars, clothes. In the old days said, all are equal. In fact, it was wrong and everyone knew it. Hidden rich received the same benefits that today’s millionaires have open. Brutal honesty is better than false secret bliss. People should know what can expect, and not to feed illusions.


Remember the law of Newton: force of action is equal and opposite reaction. The force with which push on the person of state institutions, such as he will be to resist them. You robbed me at the state level, and I’m on your level will strongly finely pakostnichat: setting fire to the forest, to sabotage the orders, secretly to organize attacks. Another way to take revenge I have. The result is a very fast crumbling state. World. Raging planet. But, let’s be honest, everyone has made it the glowing crimson of his contribution.


You might think that are not related to the formation of history? That no trivia and the trivia play no role? As it is not so! A little nonsense is contributing to the overall progress of the world process.

Very briefly hung on the building of the circus (then he was the only one on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, the new, Vernadsky, not yet built) poster: “Circus performance “50 years Soviet power”. I don’t think that was the sophisticated provocation, just the authors of the text have failed to correctly Express Patriotic thoughts, as the artistic performance dedicated to the great date. But it could be a trick of the wags of the wags, who in the circus enough. The scandal emerged tremendously…


The beauty of Russian history, and Russian folk songs, in her illogical:

I’m the cherry sitting

Can’t the wolf.

Grandfather Lenin said:

Have mom to listen.

The first two lines are nothing to do with the second two. This is the national mindset, a characteristic of leaps from one social formation to another — outside of logic and reason.


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