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Monday, February 19, 2018

The refusal of Chechnya from the web cameras at polling stations could become a trend

The Chechen election Commission announced the rejection region of Webcams in the upcoming elections to the state Duma. The bet is placed on observers from political parties and candidates. And the installation of these digital devices require large financial costs. But why Chechnya needs all these cameras? Experts interviewed by “MK” are convinced that their installation is designed to attract voters to the area, and in the Republic the problems with turnout never was.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Chairman of the electoral Commission of Chechnya Umar Baikhanov said: “At a meeting with representatives of political parties and candidates participating in elections, we have agreed that they will put observers on elections in almost all the election commissions”. And digital cameras, by mutual consent of all candidates in Chechnya refused.

Experts in an interview with “MK” I was not surprised, taken in the region of the solution. On the contrary, they are convinced that web-enabled device in the Duma elections in 2016 will be very rare.

Alexander Glushenkov, the lawyer:

-The Russian legislation does not require the installation of cameras. They do not help much to deal with violations. These records do not carry legal force and is needed only for the complacency of the people. In fact that camera is that they are not. Commit all even for them. The bulk of the violations, mainly, is not during elections, but much earlier. For example, at the time of nomination and registration of candidates, which this year has already been observed. The installation of such devices is very costly and must pay the region itself. Many people simply can’t do. For example, in remote villages, it is even technically impossible. Therefore many regions will follow the example of Chechnya and will not install the web-enabled device. They can afford only the rich regions.

Andrei Mironov, a political scientist, expert on the election:

-Cameras at polling stations is inefficient. They serve only to calm the vigilance of the voter. In fact, quite some of transparent ballot boxes, and those who want to circumvent the law so it will pass. To install such equipment — it’s expensive. And it will put only in those regions where low turnout to lure the voter. Camera, for transparency of election process and put the buffet to put, and anything, if only people came. Voter turnout in the last election in Chechnya was through the roof. Even if there are 2-3 not quite adequate people, they will not change the overall picture. To put the camera for PR they don’t need is a waste.


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