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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Political Aikido against a non-commissioned officer’s widow

I am sure that sanctions against Russia will cancel in six months, and will help in this by two factors: a “change of color” of Russian business and political techniques of Aikido. Let me tell you how it will be, but I can’t resist in order to get ahead of myself and savor the defeat of the opponents of Russia.

We all remember the episode in Gogol’s Comedy “Auditor” visexy itself a non-commissioned officer’s widow. A similar episode in the near future we will witness in European politics. The role of the widow will perform Merkel, Hollande and some other initiators of introduction of sectoral sanctions against Russia. They even have to undergo a crash course of acting for that at the moment public samoborski to maintain the dignity that difficult. And that’s why it all happens.

As you know, the basic principle of the martial art of Aikido — use of energy of the opponent against him. In Russia, Aikido, at first glance, is not a presidential sport, but in the political practice of the leadership of the country actively using these techniques.

As you may remember, a burning desire to punish Russia in the West came after a coup in Ukraine in 2014. Or rather — as a result of violation of agreements on a political settlement in this country, the so-called opposition. The implementation of the agreements, by the way, has guaranteed the foreign Ministers of Germany, France and Poland. Then Russia took it as a slap in the face, but did not answer blow, and used the technique of Aikido. As a result, Ukraine, USA and the European Union themselves gave us the Crimea on a silver platter.

Dealing a “blow” and are offended by its implications, future “widows” decided to miss the second time, inventing sanctions. One of the goals of which was to achieve the deterioration of life in Russia, the growth of poverty and, as a consequence, the decline of confidence in President Putin. And in the future and change the political leadership of Russia: the coming to power of the government loyal to the West. Actually, only that all sanctions and introduce. This was the idea of a geopolitical opponent, but once again Russia did not answer with blow blow, and used hostile energy to their advantage. The country’s leadership launched the “effect besieged fortress” in which survival is unity, cohesion, willingness to endure. In this case, to endure temporary economic difficulties. Yes, at some point the ruble collapsed, he felt an acute shortage of credit resources of the West, stopped the growth of salaries. But the collapse of the regime did not take place and will be held. Putin’s rating exceeds the limit, despite the crisis phenomena in the economy, and the level of patriotism in society has reached a record high. As Nietzsche said, “whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. That is the second impact of the West turned almost a gift. Now it already no one remembers that the credibility of the government in Russia to the Crimea and sanctions were, according to research by sociologists, almost twice lower than now, and protest Bolotnaya square gathered tens of thousands of “angry citizens”. Which the vast majority of today sided with Putin.

And now the ruble gets stronger, and inflation, says Rosstat, replaced by deflation. Ah, if the West dealt another blow in support of our Aikido! But enough to wait for favors. West, I think, will soon realize: the power of the President Putin that he did not enter into direct confrontation with the United States and the EU, moving away from the line of attack and using the destructive energy of the opponent for their own purposes. After all, as Franklin said, “any problem is a hidden fortune”. This means that the West will stop making sense to his attacks.

And today, two years later, the flywheel is spun in the opposite direction. In recent months, for the abolition of anti-Russian sanctions voted by the parliaments of France and of Cyprus and of the legislative Assembly of the Italian provinces of Lombardy, Veneto, Liguria and Tuscany. According to the Italian-Russian chamber of Commerce, in 2014 alone, the losses of Italian companies because of the sanctions against Russia and response measures amounted to about 20 billion euros. And then there are Germany, France, Poland…

Why did this happen? And why the anti-Russian sanctions are doomed to a quick death? But because the Russian political Aikido has allowed to achieve another, perhaps the most important benefit. Temporarily freed from a bygone Western entrepreneurs niche is domestic manufacturer, many of them permanently. On the Russian market a new superplayer is a Russian businessman. And not just “domestic” and “businessman”, businessman and patriot. Not who brought their capital abroad, when was scared to lose them, and to show solidarity with the government policy and has assumed responsibility for the future of their homeland.

The best results were achieved in agriculture. In spring the Ministry of agriculture reported that in Russia for the first time made inherent in the doctrine of food security of the country, the standards of meat production. Increased Russian exports of meat products. Domestic farmers are now also fully provide the country with grain, potatoes, butter, sugar. Positive developments occurred in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, new businesses are opening for the production of plastics, paints, pharmaceuticals. Actively refuse to import and move on to the domestic equipment in the construction and woodworking, food and light industry.

A radical change in the business community in our country, shows the emergence of thematic clubs to develop the business of patriotism. That is, Russian entrepreneurs are not only to understand that to develop their business need vis-a-vis commercial interests with the needs of the country and people who live in it, but are ready to actively defend their beliefs and actively develop it is still unusual for our state, the ideology of responsible business.

Once, many centuries ago, on the Kulikovo field at the call of the Moscow Prince Dmitry Ivanovich came a variety of people: tverichi, Suzdal, Novgorod, Smolensk, Yaroslavl. Were the princes, the governors, merchants, artisans, peasants. They were members of different kingdoms, different areas, different lifestyles, different incomes. They were United only by the shared memory of the unified Russian state and common faith. However, having sustained a fatal blow mamewah hordes coming out of that terrible slaughter winners, with her head held high, they came back home as a single Russian people.

Here and now waged against Russia by the West a “new cold war” going on is new — not in words but in deeds — the formation of the Russian nation. In which its important niche of the domestic entrepreneur is a patriot.

The lifting of sanctions will happen before the end of this year. Most likely, it will time the change of US President in November, especially if you win the election Donald trump. Of course, there are “official” reasons. Maybe even in one of the European countries to artificially initiate a referendum, the results of which the leadership of this country will be obliged to oppose the extension of sanctions at the meeting of the European Commission.

Whatever it was, but soon we will witness very pleasant for Russia, a performance in which the protagonists will explain the need of softening or complete lifting of the sanctions. And after that gradually change and the rhetoric against Russia. In the minds of Western people, she will once again be transformed from the “evil Empire” strategic partner, will begin our return to the “Big eight”.

In 2002 he published the book “Learning judo with Vladimir Putin”. Do not be surprised if next year on the shelves of bookstores will appear a practical guide “Learning political Aikido with Vladimir Putin, Sergei Lavrov, Russian business, with all our people.”



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