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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Kid vs bear: a difficult childhood and the amazing fate of Valeria Priemyhova

Pasha Antonov from “Boys.” Captain regimental intelligence Sergei Basargin of “Cold summer fifty-third…”. Saulyak from the TV series “Kamensky: do Not interfere with the executioner.” About Valeria Priemyhova said that he had not played, and lived the lives of their characters. The audience felt that these roles specially written for him.

He worked as an actor, Director and screenwriter. Repeatedly became the laureate of the State award. Critics have compared it with Shukshin. And the audience was considered “a real man” and “Superman”.

He was released only 56 years of life. He died at the end of summer, 25 August 2000.

His last love was the Love of Shutova. She shared with the “MK” memories of her famous husband.

photo: From personal archive

Valery priemykhov as Husks in the movie “Cold summer of fifty third…”

— Wherever Valery Priemyhov, he attracted everyone’s attention. What was his secret?

— It was charisma, in his infinite personal charm. He could drink, to smoke, to be intemperate in speech. But it was the internal integrity and purity. Valera is very sincere to treat people.

— When I felt a mutual attraction?

— Our relations have a long enough history. We met when I was still in the film history Department of the Leningrad Institute of theatre, music and cinematography. On “Lenfilm” was filmed painting “pine cone” Dinara Assanova. My friend and classmate was there for practice. I went to visit her on the banjo and soon became acquainted with the entire crew, including Valera Priemyhova. I was then married. My husband was a student, he studied at the Department of musical Comedy. At that time I believed in my marriage, I believed that everything would go well.

Time passed and we met up again with Valerie. He managed to get married to actress Ola Masnou, and to divorce her. I, in turn, gave birth to a son Fyodor. When I came out of maternity leave in 1987, came to work for the picture of “Pants”. It was the debut directorial work of Valera Priemyhova.

— Was it fate?

— No matter how spun rope, but still led us to each other. We then found even certain characters. Valera told me that his first love was named Lyuba Veselova, I was Luba Shutova. Events in his life as if is closed… When I went on an expedition to Odessa, between us broke novel. What woman like in a man? When he is in love and looks at you as a goddess. This is the surest way to seduce a woman. And Valera did the job perfectly. When you sent the eyes the whole conversation, the whole energy, that just blows the roof.

— You decided to get married. It was difficult for everything in life to change dramatically or had such a love that nothing more was no big deal?

— Of course, it was scary. I had a husband and small child. Fede was only a year and a half. Valerie had a reputation as a playboy in the cinematic world. Said that with women it is especially not stand on ceremony. I thought: now pomatrosil and cast. What will I do? He, too, was scary because it does not just take a woman with a child from the family. And then suddenly doesn’t work out? Some years we went to each other from Moscow to Leningrad and back to red arrow. My family problems began, and Valerie wanted to have some certainty. Several times we tried to end the affair, but returned to each other. Finally, I decided that should be together.

— Valery belonged to Fede?

— Were great. Although I can’t say that Valera was a family man. He worked very hard, he was constantly travelling. Besides writing required solitude. Fyodor he did not lecture, did not make him observations. He talked with them as equals, as friends. Son even called him by name — Valerie. Fedor still remembers him with great warmth. Valera, we can say, chose Fede profession. Son from the age of three I began to draw and did so very enthusiastically. It was the 90-ies, I thought: well, what is the profession of an artist? We have to go to Finance, to learn foreign languages. Valera said: “it is Not necessary. I see his talent, he will be an artist”. And he was the first son bought paints, easel. Fedor graduated from VGIK, became an artist. What I didn’t break to the child destiny, thanks Valera.

But Valery did not at the time avoided confrontation with his father?

— Valera and Michael Ivanovich how different, so similar. Valera is a sort of symbiosis mom and dad. His father was hot, temperamental, passionate, powerful. A short, but very brutal, a man-man. It was very similar to the French actor Jean Gabin. And appearance, and manners. And mom Valera was thin, fragile, timid, with a soft voice, is very intelligent and fun-loving. She had a rather Sunny disposition. She worked in kindergarten, but then at the insistence of the husband left work. In Valera aligned traits of the mother and father. It was the vulnerability and fragility, but at the same time and force. In different situations it manifests itself in different ways.

— Valery recalled that his father was a wise man and taught him the most important: to be able to be alone, and so strong and to rely only on themselves.

— At an early age is very sad the family lived in a secluded in the forest. He told me that mom was sick, once she was admitted to the hospital, and the father, leaving for work, put him 6-year-old, under the pillow a gun in case the house will bear. From an early age he was raised from Valera man.

The father didn’t want Valery was an actor and was engaged in directing?

It was kind of a whim. He wanted the son was engaged in serious business. But over the years everything has changed. Father Valera very kind.

We came to him in Blagoveshchensk three times. Mikhail Ivanovich invited guests to all to see his own son. And he couldn’t stop looking at Valerie. Remember when we left them last time, going for lunch, we had to rush to the airport, and father Valery. We started to worry. And he came an hour and a half, admitted that he stood on the threshold and could not enter the house, so it was hard for him to break up with Valerie.

— How did you his parents?

— They were both under 70 years of age. Mikhail said: “That daughter-in-law, happiness what!” Nina watched, asked questions, tried to understand how serious we are. Then, I remember, rewrote my recipes, told how Valerie loves fried potatoes and some cakes.

Valery did and he was a good cook?

— Yes, because a lot of the time lived alone. As a student, while studying at VGIK, he worked as a fireman, janitor in the library of Ushinsky. Valera but he didn’t think it was any big tests. On the contrary, he loved to recall this time. Valera was considered on course to be the richest student. In addition to scholarships he received Lodge a salary. And he wore it best at the time. He had a sharp suit. Besides, he was able to invite a girl not in a hostel, and to yourself, in a separate Lodge. Having lived in the Dorm, he realized that he could just not to go to graduate school, because there were young people, continuous fun and revelry. And he was the screenwriting Department, he had to write.

— By the time Valery has already been a first marriage?

— It was a student and married, his wife, Ella, was a year older than him. But, in fact, they were both still children. Valera said: “It was a child marriage”. They met once Valerie entered the theater Department of the far Eastern pedagogical Institute of arts. Ended this marriage is pretty weird. Valera just gone for bread and never returned. Since they did not communicate.

photo: From personal archive
Happy couple: the Love of Shutova and Valery Priemyhov.

Mother of his daughter Nina Valery Priemyhov did not dare to get married?

— Mama Nina — Larissa Marchenko. She worked at Lenfilm. Larissa is a former dancer of the ensemble “birch”. Valerie said that she was very pretty in his youth. They met when Valerie was shot at “Lenfilm” Dinara Assanova. Happened novel. Married Valera didn’t maybe didn’t feel that he needed and my daughter was born. Nina he has recorded adopted. Her entire life has helped. Then was very proud that her daughter knows three languages. And Nina loved him very much. He often said, “Thank God, I though Nina was born”. More children God gave him. We have never had a joint child, which, of course, very sad. We wanted the baby, but then decided that it was too late…

— Valery, you were jealous?

— Jealous, especially in the first years of marriage. On this occasion we had and scenes and scandals. But with age and passion has polglish, and beauty has become is not the same.

—Which of your roles Valery considered the most important?

— Oddly enough, he did not consider himself an actor. Said it was one of his random jobs. He long was the clip, he was not able to loosen up on stage. In movie appeared, its texture, its personality. In the movie, the audience sees the hero inside, very close, he sees his eyes… And more on stage, played a show.

When Dinara Asanova was invited by Valery on role in the film “Wife left,” he refused, saying that it was not his path. This role had to play Vladimir Vysotsky. But asanovoy it didn’t allow to remove. Then she asked Valera. And suddenly, quite unexpectedly, he started an acting profession, loved him the screen.

— Then there was the film “Lousy” and the famous “Boys”, after which about Valerie Priemyhova whole country spoke.

— Yes, but the nature Valeria was absolutely not an actor. He has never been complacent. Was very shy, modest, it was disgusting, didn’t like to be the center of the company.

— Acting in the films of other Directors, Valery Priemyhov more and the changes have made to the script?

— So it was with the film “Cold summer of fifty third…”. His hero, whose settlement was called a Husk, that is the “husk”, was supposed to be a scientist or an archaeologist. And Valery offered to make him captain of the regimental intelligence. His submission of the Husk became a different destiny, a different character. In captivity he remained only one day, then ran and received 10 years of strict regime and 5 years of settlements.

Katya Vasileva, watching the film, said: “Valera, it was funny to watch you, so serious, running around with a gun… You are an intelligent person, which I saw only in glasses, a typewriter”. In Valera was this duality, he was an intelligent man and writer, but at the same time and man. He liked military service. He served in the army in Central Asia, of the infantry, and unlike many remembered this time with great pleasure.

Valera respected the military and was friends with them. I remember being in Blagoveshchensk, he met with the guards. They were clear and close.

But there were paintings of participation in which Valery has been spared. For example, the movie “Easy death”, which was filmed by Alexander Kaidanovsky based on the novel by Leo Tolstoy “Death of Ivan Ilyich”. He Priemyhov called the picture anti-Christian and bad…

— This job was interesting, but very difficult psychologically: Kaidanovsky from his soul. We had to play inside, which could not affect Valera. Although he asked for a blessing from the priest for the role. Valera did not like to remember this work. It was hard, after filming this movie, he got sick. He had aggravated a stomach ulcer, had to undergo surgery.

— As Valeri found his spiritual mentor, Archpriest Vladimir Volgin?

— Father Vladimir was the Confessor of Catherine Vasilyeva. Valerie and Katya were friends from when they were removed from Dinara Asanova. First watercourse Kate. Took care of her father Vladimir, then to him began to walk Valera. His meeting with the priest took place in 1990, when father Vladimir was rector of the Church in the village of Behome Rylsky district of the Kursk region. Birth Valera was not baptized because his dad was a staunch Communist, party worker. Valerie was baptized at the age of 33. Faith helped him come father Vladimir. Valera is very fond of conversing with him on spiritual topics. The priest was his friend and mentor.

— You are opposed to in the film Valeria Priemyhova “Who if not us” about the fate of young offenders starred his ex-wife Olga machine interface?

— Before filming Valera asked me, “do You mind if I Olya Masnou invited into the picture?” I didn’t mind, no jealousy was not, I realized that everyone has their past.

— What Valery has worked in recent years?

Wrote the script “St. Vladimir” about Prince Vladimir the Red Sun, about the baptism of Russia. A lot of time spent in the library. It is important was historical accuracy. This work he never finished.

— As it became known that Valery was seriously ill?

— He directed the film “Who if not us”. It was hard work, Valery was constantly in the field, worked very hard, sometimes 12 hours a day. Appeared headaches were blamed on fatigue and fatigue. Said, that finish work on the film, go to the hospital to check. The painting was commissioned, he received “Niku”, and numerous awards. All summer he has been traveling. When he came home, I saw that he drank the tablets by the handful. When fellow doctors took him by the hand and took him for a CT scan, it became clear that Valery was seriously ill, he had cancer of the brain and the time already lost. Doctors him for a year extended life. But to save him was no longer able.

When Valera was gone, I had no idea how I’ll live. I haven’t worked with him. Valera did not want it. Stayed with teenage son on hand. Fede was 12 years old. Helped Valerina friends, got a job. Now I work at “Mosfilm”, we have a small production company, we shoot a lot. Everything in Valera, not only himself.

I am grateful that he was in my life. I was an ordinary girl. Valera made changed my life. It was a man of profound intelligence and erudition. And now, Valera I often dream continues to patronize me.


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