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Sunday, March 18, 2018

In the Theatre Museum Bakhrushin opened the exhibition for the 120th anniversary of the great Ranevskaya

Man, aphorism, person-the paradox, the challenge, the brilliant actress who knew how to delight and admire – all Faina Ranevskaya. She is dedicated to the exhibition in the Theatrical Museum. A. A. Bakhrushin, dedicated to the 120th anniversary of her birth. The exhibition “I was smart enough so stupid to live your life…” will be opened exactly on the day of birth Faina Ranevskaya – August 27. Correspondent “MK” met with the curator of the exhibition Lyudmila Simraceway in advance to find out how this will happen and why all lovers of creativity Ranevskaya is well worth a visit Bakhrushin.

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Fanny Feldman – known to viewers as Faina Ranevskaya – the figure is amazing. Her sentence went on quotes, and a cameo role in the movie made her the idol of all generations. As the alias she chose the name of the heroine of the play “the Cherry orchard” and it brought her luck. The famous irony towards themselves and others in the foyer combined with a truly sublime state of mind and the ability to be compassionate neighbor. The exhibition in the Theatrical Museum. A. A. Bakhrushin tried to show ” not only as an actress but also as person and personality. Here you can trace the path of the theater Faina Ranevskaya more than 65 years, as well as view archival photographs from her life.

– Thematically the exhibition is built around two sections, – says Lyudmila Shamrakova. – The first is devoted to the Faina G., manners, played it in the theater and cinema: this is a gallery from 1916 to 1984. Installed and uninstalled the role, portraits closeup, so that the audience saw how it could be different, what it can be interesting – in a variety of guises, images, role. There are unpublished photos where she is in life, starting with those where she is very young, unique shots of her and her friend, brother – the beginning of XX century.

– What else besides the photos will be displayed at the exhibition?

– There’ll be a small selection of graphic works of famous artists: Irina, Rumneva, Vinogradova – cartoons and portraits. Among them are a cartoon of course, this all adds more colors to the image of Faina Georgievna. Because it just seems that we know everything about her. His personal life she guarded very carefully. At the exhibition we not raise in any case solve this mystery of her life, but our selection can help the interested viewer to understand what personality and the person that she was, to see her a little differently.

– If the theatrical costumes?

– No, costumes will not. But we plan to show at an exhibition of books from her library. Faina loved to read but disliked the bookcases, so the book was lying in her everywhere – she thought that the books needed for reading, not for storage. There will be a total of about five books – Akhmatova and Bergholz with inscriptions, and books with plays, where Ranevskaya made notes. You can see how it worked on the role. It is often joked that Ranevskaya rewrites the plays of playwrights.

– How did it happen?

For example, when she played the role of the grandmother in “Trees die standing” by the Spanish playwright Alejandro Casona, she reworked the play so that at the theater joked: “it is Necessary in the program to write the translation in the edition of “the couple”. Many writers considered her a co-author of plays, for example, Konstantin Trenev. The case when she finished the part that was not. She then starred in the film “Duma about Cossack Golota”, played a cameo role – she was the Queen of the episode. So in the film the Duma about Cossack Golota” was the role of the priest. Especially for her role was altered under the role of priest’s wife. Or, remember the movie “Spring” Grigory Aleksandrova she played the housekeeper Margarita Lvovna? Originally in the script there was one episode where the housekeeper serve Breakfast. Alexander said Faina Georgievna: “Create role”. She used this completely, and turned out a film that is unlikely to be sounded as it sounds now, if not for Ranevskaya.

– It’s phenomenal – she’s been through a few main roles, but a lot of episodes that made Ranevskaya Ranevskaya, heritage and legend…

– Yes, but remember the famous image Ranevskaya – Manka in the “Storm” Vladimir bill-Belotserkovsky? It was a legendary role in the play is quite tiny, but the audience went just for the Faina Georgievna. And when the episode ended, many left the show. This, of course, aroused great indignation of the Director, and he even told her once: “why, I’ll have to remove you from the role.” “Why?” – surprised Maria. “Because they all go just for you.” “If it’s necessary, I’ll play worse,” retorted the actress. We have the sheets to this role, printed, typewritten, where you can see how she changes the words, taking notes, working on the role.

– Know what you are planning during the exhibition to show some movies Ranevskaya. Tell us more about it.

– During the exhibition we will create a small cinema in which the incoming audience will be able to choose a movie that would look entirely. In this theater, we will create zone movie posters of films, where she played Ranevskaya. Mosfilm, Gorky film Studio, Lenfilm has kindly provided us with posters and pictures, where she starred in movie roles, different archival materials. Basically, the files Faina Georgievna is stored in the Russian state archive of literature and art, there are her notebooks that were used by all and everywhere, and basic pictures. A very important part of this material, photographs and notebooks, quotes Ranevskaya we present at the exhibition. In addition half of the exhibition will be dedicated to the people who worked with Ranevskaya, which he loved. Every portrait we wanted to confirm some documentary evidence: notes, letters, telegrams – that had some history to understand the level of their relationship.

– Aware of the “Board of honor” in the apartment foyer, where she pinned medical needles photos beloved and respected by her people. Have you planned something like that?

– Was the original idea to reproduce the interior of her apartment, but we didn’t. It is difficult under Museum conditions. There will be just pictures and the notebook.

-…which along with caustic records was apparent loneliness.

– No wonder she felt so alone in old age, when he left everything. When you’re left alone after you talked with these people the better part of his life, when all around you were Akhmatova, Pasternak, Eisenstein, Romm, Tairov, Alice Koonen, Richter, Mikhoels… this feeling of loss – it is difficult to live then. Not without reason the last years of her life in the notebooks of a refrain are the words “melancholy” and “loneliness”… Sometimes it is very sad reading. She said that if I was to write an autobiography, it would be a complaints book. Our exhibition shows not the book of complaints – we want to show the life of a successful, talented actress, great personality. She had the invaluable gift of not only games, but also love! This is evidenced by the wall with those people with whom she talked and who loved him. If you look at her life, she was amazing – exceptional acting fate

– To what number will open the exhibition? And what will be its fate at the end?

The exhibition will be open until the second of October. Then, perhaps, she will go to Russia – we already have requests from several regional museums, for example, from his native city Ranevskaya – Taganrog.


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