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Thursday, March 15, 2018

In “movie Night” Muscovites will hear the best of musical domestic film classics

August 27, at seven in the evening in front of the colonnade of the Bolshoi theatre, Denis Matsuev my time concert (together with the Russian national orchestra will open the Moscow “movie Night”. All dashing and elegant — the screen will go non-stop, in chronological order Russian, Soviet Russian films, starting with black and white silent to the tapes of recent history. And Denis, starting from pictures, music and illustrate the bright path of domestic cinema: strictly for it is written, somewhere through improvisation. The details of the action he said “MK”.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

— Good idea — to give the city similar open-air.

Is my idea in response to the offer to participate in any quality in the “movie Night”. I have to say: I’m a big fan of the cinema, as you want it call Russian, Soviet… Moreover, even with the silent period and on through Ktorov, Elias and other great artists. This love instilled in me parents, grandparents, and now I know thoroughly our anthology up to the script author, operator, establishment. Same as with football — who for a minute was scored…

— Is it time to reconsider?

— Favorite movies enough. Blockbusters — it’s like classical music: they will look in a hundred and two hundred years later. The project was conceived at me for a long time. Not an easy task — to name all retrospective, to become a sort of taper than, at the time, “sin”, as a student, even Dmitry Shostakovich — voiced silent movie theater. Moreover, these techniques tatarsta DDS subsequently endured masterfully in his brilliant music — like, say, the First piano Concerto, which will also feature in the concert.

— That is an hour before we come to life Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Schnittke, Petrov, Tariverdiev?…

— Quite right, at first silent, “Battleship “Potemkin”,” the war years, “the cranes are Flying”, then Mikhalkov, Tarkovsky, the Embassy, Danelia, Ryazanov, 80-90 years… the anthology in the context of the music. Music is one of the main characters in the movie. No one knows what would have happened without Fellini Nino Rota, with Ryazanov without Petrov, Mikhalkov without Artemyev, Danelia without Giya Kancheli. All these wonderful duets are key to the incredible global success. And it’s my job to convey this feeling, and of the moment of improvisation is an impact, because some things we will do with the Russian national orchestra, some fragments will be presented directly from the movies and some of my improvisation, and it is absolutely not a prepared story.

— Again — tatarsta?

— Of course. And I look forward to the concert with great anticipation: screen, stage, piano and Yevgeny Mironov reads the text, introducing the audience into the swing of things…

But Tarkovsky said once, if I’m not mistaken, just to Artemyev that, say, the music I seek refuge when the Director powerless. As an example, there is a relatively recent American film “to Old men here not a place” — there is music only at the credits…

— I believe that this is still the exception to the rule. Without music there would not be any great movie. Let’s say Tarkovsky in “Solaris” has a famous scene in the sound of Bach’s themes… it’s a unique language! I don’t like the word “soundtrack”, — it’s a little insulting to the composer. Like a normal track on the disc, and the music is a separate art.

— And after all- when, when, when will come the revival of the Russian cinema? Here you are — how would a person from the side: what do you need?

Of course, when we chose the movies (and musical themes) for the last 20-25 years, faced with the fact that the choice, in fact, was not large. Yes, there was a serious crisis in the 90-ies, in my opinion, the crisis still remains. It’s a crisis of talent. Because no matter what the time was, anyway everything is based on talent. We have a great young Directors (I know their on the “Kinotavr”), but we are waiting for our movie of the universal talent, able to put in all genres and popular cinema, and art house films, and Comedy…

— Comedy — a sore subject.

— Why are we watching a rehearsal so far? At the hundredth, two hundredth time? Yes, because nothing like that is still impossible to remove, the Comedy is generally one of the most difficult genres. Moreover, today the film is perceived purely as entertainment: a man comes, buys a bucket of popcorn, watching a blockbuster, then throws in the trash an empty pack, and at the same time with this discarded bundle forgets about the content of the film, which has just been. It is stupefying not going to benefit the younger generation.

Is a dig at commercial cinema?

No matter what genre a movie is made it must be talented. Young composers need to appear on an equal footing with the Director. What a shock from the galaxy of new creators I have is the Ilya Demutsky, who wrote the music for the ballet “a Hero of our time” (comes in a Big theater). Amazing thing! Although, if you remember, not every genius was to write music for films, cinema is always a different story. Of course, Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Schnittke, Shchedrin wrote on the same high level. But if you just pick up and put excerpts from Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and Mahler — are more likely to have problems in compliance. Music is born along with the movie, not by simply “exposing” the already existing… Alas, I do not recall in all of film music something that would have shocked me (I mean the generation after the masters Dashkevich, Krylatov, Rybnikova).

— Fortunately, the masters of all living things…

And they don’t need to forget, need to study, hold meetings and master classes. This needs to be addressed. And I am sure that Russian cinema has a future unless it is put on commercialization and needful. And the public should come prepared (as in classical concerts), it’s not fun. This is a big misconception that movie — good for a laugh. The brain has to work at the time, when you watch a deep movie — even if it were available. The main thing that it was not mass consumption. And the music, I repeat — and this way you’ll never lose — this is one of the most important, full-fledged heroes of any movie. And this message I deliver to the people.


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