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Friday, July 21, 2017

Facebook may be a CIA project

Rumors that Facebook is a project of US intelligence, went a long time. Now the businessman half CELA, who was forced to flee from criminal prosecution by a strange case, said it has evidence of investment in the social network by the CIA, for which he allegedly ordered to kill. If this information is confirmed by the largest social network in the world will be dealt a powerful blow.

The public part of this scandal began in 2010, when businessman Paul of CELA has filed a lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg and demanded the transfer under his control 84 percent stake in Facebook. The basis for the suit was concluded in 2003 a contract for a thousand dollars, according to which Zuckerberg has pledged to write code for the new site messenger for students at Harvard University. For my thousand dollars Celia was to receive 50% of the shares of the website, and if the launch is postponed, another one percent for every day of delay. Since Facebook was released on 4 February 2004, the share of Chili, according to him, is 84%.

“When our engineers work tirelessly to improve security, we imagine we are protected from criminals, not from our government

However, the site, which Zuckerberg was working on the order CELI, called Statfax. But, according to plaintiff, created the code for it was used to create Facebook. According to Zuckerberg, the Facebook idea came to his mind later and Statfax nothing had. The legal team of Facebook called the lawsuit CELI far-fetched and ridiculous, but the authenticity of the contract and the signatures of Zuckerberg has never denied. And in those days, programmers are indeed often appropriated codes written by them, considering them their property, which led to numerous disputes with customers.

Celia was hoping that his case will be considered trial by jury, but his request was denied at an early stage. Then a Federal judge in Buffalo refused him and in the complaint, deciding that the businessman had forged the contract with Zuckerberg, and e-mails with him. In the end Ceglie was indicted on charges of forgery and fraud using electronic means of communication. On these counts, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

Paul Cella (photo:Reuters)

The businessman was genuinely outraged and strongly emphasized that in fact he is charged that he took advantage of their civil law, wrote a letter to the court and attached to it documents. And meanwhile things were getting worse in October 2012 Cali was placed under house arrest. And two and a half years later, the police officer, under whose supervision was the prisoner, was unable to reach him, came to his house, where we saw the electronic bracelet CELI attached to an ingenious device, kept away from the fan. The device made the bracelet to move and send out GPS signals, creating the illusion that the owner is home and wanders from room to room. It is not difficult to guess, he Cali in the house was absent. With him gone, his wife, two sons and a dog.

Since then the bailiffs unsuccessfully searched for him in the States of Washington, Texas, California and Florida. There have been suggestions that he may be hiding in Ireland – it is there in 2015, his parents moved, the benefit of the mother CELI have Irish citizenship. However, the lawyer of the fugitive argued that parents just went to Ireland, and then to Brazil in search of his son, but never found. In principle, the United States has with the Republic of Ireland extradition Treaty, but, according to the Prosecutor, it is used very rarely.

So the mysterious disappearance of a businessman turned into a running story for the tabloids and television investigations. And now, after a year and a half after the escape, in August 2016 Floor Celia made itself known by sending to the editors of Bloomberg four emails after the scandal erupted with renewed force. According to Cali, and he and his family are alive and healthy, but to go back to the States and to surrender to justice no plans, which is understandable: after escaping Cali faces up to 40 years in prison. Especially for friends and family, he said that “living on the air in Cincinnati”, but that’s no indication of his actual whereabouts, and the line from the song of the popular television series. She probably used as a secret code to transmit messages.

The scandal, of course, didn’t cause it, but the fact that in other letters Celia explained the reason for his escape. According to his statements, he was preparing new lawsuits, while he was jailed, during the investigation phase, and there to kill before the trial. For what? Because he, being a man, involved in the creation of Facebook in the early stages, is evidence that in the startup Zuckerberg is actively invested venture Fund In-Q-Tel, the CIA created.

This Fund, founded in 1999, In-Q-Tel, is quite an open activity, actively cooperating, for example with Google. List of Internet startups, receiving from him the funding includes more than a hundred companies, the most famous of which is perhaps the Keyhole, which created the software for GoogleEarth. However, the Fund’s investment in Facebook we are never told. While it is clear that to “help the intelligence community”, which officially stated goal of In-Q-Tel, the support of the social network would be an ideal investment. On the other hand, it would cause project a severe blow. Rumors that Facebook and its Creator received start-up capital from the CIA, went a long time, but no documentary evidence of this was not. Now half of Celia claims to have such evidence is.

Questions for the businessman Ceglie, of course, have accumulated a lot. For example, it is not clear why he filed a lawsuit against Zuckerberg so late. The term civil claims on such contracts in new York expire six years after their conclusion, and Celia waited seven years. And now claims that a contract with Zuckerberg was found by chance, and without him, sue didn’t make any sense.

Not in favor Chili and scandal associated with his business фирмjq for the sale of pellet fuel Allegany Pellets, purchased 2008 for a couple with his wife. The following year the firm began late deliveries and Chely was even arrested for fraud. Subsequently, he handled relationships with customers, but the sediment that is there.

However, the youngest billionaire of the planet Mark Zuckerberg also have questions. He had to sue the co-founders of Facebook, and every time it ended, he was forced to pay compensation. Eduardo Saverin got justice in court. The Winklevoss twins received a certain amount after signing the settlement agreement. And none of them are American Themis was not so severe as to Floor Ceglie. This very fact suggests that Celia really owns some kind of information on Facebook, Zuckerberg does not want to disclose. It is possible that the head of Facebook really supported by the government. And the parties simply could not agree.

If the statements about the connections of Facebook and the CIA are baseless, Cali probably will give him to live peacefully in exile. Otherwise, runaway businessman may again disappear.

You need to understand that the company Zuckerberg controls the vast amount of information about users of the network and has access to personal correspondence. If the CIA did not invest in such a project, completely in vain. The scandals about illegal spying and wiretapping of citizens pursued by the U.S. since the adoption of the patriot act. While officially Facebook guarantees the inviolability of personal data, including from the special services. And in the conflict of the largest players in the IT and intelligence services Zuckerberg officially supported the first, urging the others “colleagues” to show solidarity. “I am very disappointed and concerned about the numerous reports about the actions of the US government. When our engineers work tirelessly to improve security, we imagine we are protected from criminals, not from our government,” reads his letter to Barack Obama. “I don’t think we live in a democratic society, if we have to protect those who use the Internet from the government”, – added the head of Google Larry page.

For some users it is not reassuring. Earlier, several residents of Illinois filed against Facebook a lawsuit, claiming that the social network has been collecting and storing biometric data that violates the privacy act. The first round of process for this lawsuit Zuckerberg lost. If the evidence of a link between the CIA and Facebook do exist and will be presented to the public, the company will inevitably withered tens of thousands of claims.


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