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Monday, March 19, 2018

Blaming Putin for nationalism, Clinton works in the Kremlin

Hillary Clinton continues to accuse Donald trump’s Pro-Russian policy and, tying him with Putin, demonize the Russian President. But what seems Clinton curse, for most of the looks as a compliment. Their attacks on Putin’s global Anglo-Saxon elite only helps to change the world.

Russian theme confidently took one of the main places in the current presidential campaign in the United States. Democrats regularly accuse trump of the sympathy for Russia and Putin is implying that this in itself is a terrible sin.

“Russia although not organized sabotage in the rear of the Atlanticists, but really relies on nationalism”

That, yielding to the initiated by the trump game “Putin”, the Democrats only help the enemy, the liberal establishment thinks. The idea that a sufficiently broad layers of voters do not support confrontation with Russia, I think they are delusional. Starting to play the theme of Putin, globalist elite can not stop. By all the laws of the genre towards the “villain” need to constantly add some new defaming his character. This time, speaking in Nevada, Hillary Clinton announced a new person of Putin – “the godfather of global extreme nationalism”.

She had once again to be the trump for President – and, as usual, to make it through the reminder of his Pro-Russian sympathies. And since literally before that trump spoke at a campaign rally with Nigel Farage, the leader of the independence Party of the United Kingdom and the main supporter of “Breccia” that Clinton decided to join together trump, Farage and Putin. Here’s what happened:

“Faraj called for a ban on children of legal migrants to go to public schools and to use the services of the public health system, said that women are less valuable than men, and spoke in support of laws that allow discrimination of employees based on race, and trump calls for the same… And it is part of the broader story – the rising tide of radical right-wing nationalism across the world.

And the godfather of this global extreme nationalism is Russian President Vladimir Putin. In fact, Faraj regularly show the Russian propaganda TV. Now he stands on stage with a presidential candidate from the Republican party.

…Tramp is showering Putin with praise and promoting Pro-Russian policies. He says the refusal to support the NATO allies recognize the annexation of Crimea by Russia, unties the Kremlin’s hands in Eastern Europe. American presidents, starting with Truman and ending with Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Obama rejected trump’s approach towards Russia”.

It is clear that Clinton scares in the first place of their voters from national minorities are white racists raise their heads around the world, they are led by the evil Putin, they have already achieved success in Britain thanks to the terrible Faraj, and now their agent trump threatens your rights already in our tolerant America. Of course, trump left, Clinton’s words without response, stating that “when the Democrats fail, they have only one of this hackneyed argument: “You’re racist”, and “people who want to see their laws fulfilled and respected, that their borders were protected, not racist”.

Trump’s accusations that he is part of the “growing wave of nationalism right-wing”, which is run by Putin, will not add Clinton campaign points. To frighten white Americans by nationalism, that is, the protection of the rights of the majority, is now counterproductive, because more white and really want it. And among the national minorities enough of those who do not believe in the sincerity of the worries of the establishment about their rights. But in addition to inter-effect of the Clinton speech, it is interesting and the impression that her words will produce abroad. What would a us-centric nor was the American presidential campaign, all the words of the candidates analysed outside the United States.

The more that these elections demonstrate real and not do the contradictions between the American establishment and non-systemic elites in the United States. More precisely – between the two parts of the elite: the ruling of the US globalist-minded elite, which, in turn, essential part of the global Anglo-Saxon elite, nationally oriented forces of the local elite. Between supporters of a supranational global Empire, built on the basis of and instead of the US and supporters of the national, that is, sovereign States. This is the essence of the contradictions between Clinton and trump, everything else is just derivative.

And here it turns out that the globalist, supranational elite, by the mouth of the Clinton proclaims Putin “godfather” of the main opponent – the “radical nationalism”. That is Putin is not just spawned trump – he is in General for all the forces that resist the tread of the victorious Anglo-Saxon global project. For example, Faraj, that is, Putin staged a “Brakcet”.

Of course, one could write off this statement on Clinton’s campaign rhetoric – what not to say to scare the voters. But a new twist to the demonization of Putin is not accidental. In recent years, the Atlanticists are sounding the alarm about “Russian expansion in the Western world” Putin stands for Le Pen in France, Putin puts on the European eurosceptics, separatists and nationalists. Putin there, Putin is here – well, just 20-30 Comintern or the USSR during the McCarthy era. Like its predecessors, venusia Moscow’s hand in all problems and troubles of the West 60 or 80 years ago, Clinton shamelessly flatters Russia, portraying Putin is so powerful.

But she, by and large, right. Russia although not organized sabotage in the rear of the Atlanticists, but really relies on nationalism, that is, the resistance of nation-States and civilizations of the globalist plans of the Anglo-Saxon elite.

Because it is in our national interest – the preservation and strengthening of Russia as an independent state-civilization, living with their mind and their traditions. All the “intrigue” of Putin is that Russia’s interests in this coincide with the interests of all peoples of the world. And match not in theory but in practice, in current developments in world politics. Russia caught – although it was quite easy – and coincided with the increasingly obvious trend of growth of the resistance of national States in the Atlantic globalist project.

This is the secret of Putin’s popularity among those who favor tradition, national identity and state sovereignty. Russia in a clear manner defends this right, and not just for himself but for all. Putin wrongly attributing the merits of this global process (it turns out that the Iranians and the Chinese, too, he set it), Clinton is actually working on Russia – after all, everyone understands how things really are.

And the British, voted for Pexit”, and the French who will vote for Le Pen and the anti-globalization left, and the Germans were all considered the main threat to their identity is a collective Clinton, that is, supranational and anti-national globalist elite. And if the elite of the mouth of Hillary appoints Putin the leader of their enemies, that is the best advertisement for Russia in the world.

So we still have to see who is there in the US, the main agent of influence of Putin. His last statement, Hillary did for Russia much more than Donald trump.


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