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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Why does the Pentagon care about the teachings of our army

The Russian military Department conducts surprise inspection of combat readiness of troops. USA for this reason decided to Express their concerns. A simple phrase that most concern Thursday was expressed by the representative of the U.S. Department of defense Michel Baldanza: “We have seen reports that the Russian military launched a “surprise” military exercises. We expect that Russia will respect all relevant obligations and commitments under the existing agreements on arms control and confidence building measures in order to provide neighbors adequate safeguards and transparency in regard to the size and nature of the activity.” The representative of the Pentagon said that she supposedly knows that “Russia has used military exercises to cover the deployment of weapons in Ukraine”.

photo: Alexander Astafyev

Well, nothing new or unexpected in these statements there is, nobody, including Russia, may not like when its potential adversary conducts military exercises, thereby increasing the level of combat readiness of its own army. However, several items in connection with the statements of the representative of the Pentagon still would like to clarify.

First: a little strange to hear about “arms control” and “confidence building measures” from the representative of a country that is deploying its global missile defense in Europe is literally at our borders every year increases the number of conventional weapons in the former Warsaw Pact countries, as well as modernising its nuclear weapons, for example, the B61 bomb and its carriers are stored at bases in Europe. All this seems to be due solely to “measures of confidence” in Russia? If so, then it is, and you do not blame me: be patient while our military on the territory of their own country, note: not on the grounds of the allies to the military unit or a place where they were not invited (such as the U.S. in Syria) – deploying troops, conducting spot checks. Moreover, sudden it – I emphasize – not for NATO to have someone there to intimidate, but for the Russian military parts, to test their mobility.

Second: about the “safeguards and transparency” with respect to which of “neighbors” is so concerned Michel Baldanza? Presumably, to Ukraine? The Pentagon accidentally do not confused – how long has the Ukraine, along with Mexico, became neighbor States? Why, in this case, the Pentagon is not worried, when their new “neighbor” shelled its own citizens in Donetsk? See here – there is not see “transparency” was blurred. But if Michelle Baldanza, speaking of the neighborhood, meant still Ukraine and Russia, then the question is: maybe we are neighbors themselves somehow, without other agree?

And third: what does that even mean this is the American “concern”? Most likely – this is, of course, the usual diplomatic formality, nothing more. Something like the English “нow do you do?” – the form of the question “how are you?”, which in fact is not. Nobody is waiting on his real life story. It has long been a banal greeting: said and left. Same here: expressed concern, and tomorrow forgot about it.

But if such a concern means a few more we would like to remind you that in Russian language the word “concern” is very versatile. In recent times we often hear it in the phrase “sexual concerns”. According to doctors, people suffering from it are afraid and feel shame to the fact that someone can learn about their addiction. About the States can’t say, there, it seems, have long ceased to fear that they will be accused of being too faithful to the Kiev authorities, but because the show emphasized it, forgetting about how ridiculous it looks from the outside.

But if the U.S. ever get over this thought, ceasing to emphasize his closeness with the “square”, they will have to use the advice of psychologists. And they claim to concern gradually began to wane, it is necessary to set the maximum possible physical distance between the desired and overly you.

It seems that this all goes: the current formal of the word “concern” from the mouth of the representative of the Pentagon is no longer full of the same passion. There is rather discern a different meaning, one that invests in the concept of “concern” Dictionary of management (is there and such). There’s a word interpreted as concern about the health status of the patient, or concern for the fate of people on the planet.

And here’s another source – “Dictionary of synonyms” – calls “concern” with such concepts as “concern”, “concern”, “the yips”. And somehow more and more it seems that it is the last word in combination with the current us concern about our teaching fully reflects the essence of the reaction of the Pentagon.


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