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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Tiger shrimp will eventually disappear from school Lunches

Russia creates more obstacles to the supply of foreign products into the domestic market. And not only for countries trapped in anticyclonic list, but for other States (with the exception of the EAEC). So, the government approved a list of food with respect to which restrictions will apply in state and municipal procurement for the army and law enforcement agencies, schools, hospitals, kindergartens and so on. Experts believe that it is logical. Moscow once again makes it clear that Western sanctions will continue to bear the retaliatory strikes. However, now affected even those countries that have not officially announced Russia’s financial and technological limitations. In the new “black” list includes standard products: meat, milk products, rice, sugar, fish and so on. But there are strange taboos: caviar, crustaceans and molluscs. To what, I wonder, our school children for Breakfast enjoy lobster and oysters, and in which the Patriotic battalion being fed canapés with red caviar?

photo: pixabay.com

Restrictions officials explain just. “The foods listed are produced in Russia and the Eurasian economic Union (except Russia in this organization includes Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia) in sufficient quantities. Limitations will contribute to the development of food production in Russia and the EAEU”.

As told “MK” the former Deputy Minister of agriculture, doctor of economic Sciences Leonid Kholod, the decision is quite logical. In many countries such measures are a long and successful. In the US such restrictions are one of the effective instruments of influence of officials on the domestic market. Public procurement for the needs of power structures, the social sphere is rather big share in the expenditure part of the Federal and municipal budgets. “Why not give our producers an advantage and not give them another reason to earn extra money”, — notes the Cold.

In our case, the advantage will be next. Purchases are usually the “third wheel”: if the tender is submitted a minimum of two bids from Russia or the countries of the EEU, the application of imported products rejected.

Domestic farmers to compete. State and municipal procurements are estimated at 8 trillion roubles per year. A significant proportion goes to the maintenance of power structures. But the cost of civilian targets, schools and hospitals are also very significant. And on food purchases, according to various estimates, takes up to 1 trillion rubles. “To estimate how much of the food purchased in the country, and how much is imported — hard. That’s classified information,” — said Leonid Kholod. Nevertheless, it is clear that when the preferences of the domestic farmers in the domestic market will be strengthened.

There is another side to this decision. Sanctions war between Russia and the West continues. The majority of EU leaders are not willing to lift the restrictions. But there are those who Express the intention to abandon sanctions. Slovakia called for the EU to lift sanctions against Russia, which was not only useless but harmful”. In the Netherlands, are preparing a referendum on secession from the EU to repeal sanctions.

Limitations of public procurement Russia for foreigners — another promise. In other words, if the EU will continue to insist on this point, Russia will find new tools to make opponents had hard times.

Of course, the new restrictions are only associated with public procurement. Ordinary consumers, as before, will be able to eat prawns from Thailand and mussels from Chile. For soldiers and students they will become completely unavailable because also included in a restrictive list. But when you let these delicacies came in school Lunches or army rations?

But wouldn’t it be more correct to limit the purchase of potatoes, which Russia lacks, and of his, or delete from the list of rice, whose production in our country is not so great.


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