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Thursday, July 27, 2017

The US is trying to block the Nord stream – 2″ arms of Sweden

An attempt to prevent Nord stream – 2″ with the arms of Poland failed and the United States began to look for other ways. Now, according to Swedish press, Vice President Biden will convince Sweden to refuse to grant the appropriate permissions that can create much more serious problems for the project. Will Stockholm to Washington?

Vice President Joe Biden may try to exert pressure on the Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Leuven during the negotiations in Stockholm, that he made against the project “Nord stream – 2”, writes the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

“The threat is much more important than the history of Poland. If there is no resolution of Sweden, the sea-going part of the pipe in its waters will be impossible to build”

The us side said that the pipeline is important for Russia to “drive a wedge between European countries who need Russian gas supplies”, as well as to be able “to deprive Ukraine of future income from gas transit,” the newspaper notes. Forecasts of the newspaper confirmed: Biden has made in Stockholm with the statement that the Nord stream – 2″ is a bad deal for Europe”.

On the other hand, the newspaper says that there are no signs showing that Sweden is going to do something in order to prevent the construction of Nord stream – 2″. Implementation of the pipeline while there is a previously approved schedule.

Apparently, the United States realized that in Poland to prevent Nord stream – 2″ was not as easy as they had hoped, so I decided to activate plan B: to cover Russian project via Sweden.

Unfortunately, the problems with Sweden is a much more serious situation because, unlike Poland, the Nord stream – 2″ passes through the territorial waters of Sweden.

“We have no way to get around the agreement with Sweden. This threat is much more important than the history of Poland. If there is no resolution of Sweden, the sea-going part of the pipe in the water to build up will be impossible. To change the route and bypass it geographically difficult. You’re not going to put the pipe through the Arctic ocean. From Peter need to go Strait and get out of the Baltic sea to Germany. It to go through Turkey, bypassing the Bosporus and Dardanelles”, – says the newspaper VIEW CEO of national energy security Fund Konstantin Simonov.

Recall that the Polish competition authority has refused to negotiate a joint venture with Gazprom, with its five European partners, through which it was funding for the construction of the Nord stream – 2″. In the end, the shareholders of the project considered that contact with the poles a more expensive, and decided to abandon the joint venture, which allowed to withdraw the application for approval in Poland. You now have permission from the poles to achieve is not necessary. Gazprom and partners looking for other ways to Finance the project.

“The story of Poland – it is rather the birth defects of European legislation. In Poland we have addressed internally, because created SP, but according to European law the creation of any SP, which may somehow affect the Polish consumers must obtain approval from the antitrust authorities of the country. That is, of course, a farce, because the Nord stream – 2″ the interest of Polish buyers in no way affected. Here the question of European justice. However, we resolved this legal dilemma to get around: either Gazprom will become the absolute owner of the pipe, or other scheme,” explains Simonov.

The source is confident that evidence-based arguments in Sweden, not to give permission to lay two new pipes next to the other two pipes of Nord stream – 1. Any attempt to argue the failure is the only reason for the diversion.

“It’s like that fable about the wolf and the lamb. If Sweden considers itself a civilized European country, then she will have to justify refusal. Either she honestly admits that she’s not European civilization, that her uncle from Washington dictated all the conditions,” – said the expert.

The only clue may be environmental risks. “But those same risks discussed in the “Nord stream – 1″, was then an immense coordination on environmental topic. And this was done with a non-existent pipe, and now have the experience of running the pipeline on which there was not a single incident or accident,” – said Simonov. If you refuse due to the high environmental risks, the question arises: and how you have allowed the construction of the first two threads of the pipe? Is laying the two new next something changes in this regard?

Another possible argument for rejection: Nord stream – 2″ allegedly violates the interests of Ukrainian consumers. But it will also be a purely political decision. Because Nord stream – 2″ ensures the interests of European consumers and Russia, which absolutely can not be put below the Ukrainian ambitions. Ukraine, in fact, a mediator, she has no gas for sale, no private money for its purchase. Any intermediary in business transactions – this extra link, extra costs and unnecessary risks.

Thus, under whatever pretext Sweden nor denied approval of the project “Northern stream – 2”, it will be understood that this is politically motivated, and imposed from overseas.

Nevertheless, Simon remains optimistic about Sweden, believing that she will not go to the United States. This optimism is based on past experience.

“Yes, Sweden is seen as a country dependent on the US. It is a country of “social avant-gardism”, where many modern Western ideas are processed first. It is considered to be highly susceptible to American influence,” – said Simonov. On the other hand, Sweden does not behave so simple.

“When they built the first pipe of the “Nord stream”, Sweden was unfriendly to us configured, the Swedish MPs, in all seriousness said that it is impossible to prevent construction, because the Russian will drive the platform, landing with this platform and capture Stockholm. Already in the Swedish authorities were wise men, who bore such nonsense, – says the head of the NESF. – But in spite of this, and it was a sensation, Sweden gave all permissions. Because there was no formal grounds to refuse the “Nord stream – 1”.

Interestingly, this paranoia was observed in Sweden, even before the Crimea. Simonov does not rule out that now she’s some Swedish politicians “can be multiplied by ten.”

He recalled that, when just beginning to build Nord stream – 1, anti-Russian forces hope for Sweden was more likely. “I remember that when we launched the Nord stream – 1, in Ukraine as one said, “It’s all nonsense. Never any of the “Nord stream” will not. To the question about why they are so sure, they said permit in Sweden you will never get it,” said Simonov.

Thus, you can still rely on common sense Sweden, as well as to support Germany. “Most likely, the Russian gas company with its European partners to resolve the situation, because the implementation of the project is interested in Germany, which has strong leverage in European officials,” – said the first Vice-President of “OPORA Russia” Paul Segal.


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