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Sunday, February 25, 2018

The soldier who killed the family in Armenia, wanted to flee to Russia

The accused is one of the loudest criminal cases of last time, soldiers of the Russian military base in Armenia gave the first public testimony. Valery Permyakov told about why he deserted from his unit and why took up arms. And although the beginning of the court only considers the charges of desertion, surfaced and some details relating directly to the murder of the Armenian family.

In Armenia on Wednesday began the trial of a soldier of the Russian military base Valery Permyakov in the case of desertion with arms, considered by a Russian court. In the future it will have and the Armenian court, which will issue a verdict in the murder of a family in Gyumri.

“Most likely, it’s all over for life imprisonment. And then there will be no prospect to extradite him to Russia”

Answering the judge’s questions, Permyakov said that he served as a mechanic-driver on a military base. The soldier pleaded guilty to desertion and illegal possession of weapons and ammunition, but refused to testify during the trial, RIA “Novosti”.

He also said he was looking for in the house of the Avetisyans money and jewelry. Looking in all the rooms, in one of the bags found 5 thousand AMD (about $ 12). Took the phone, but withdrew and threw them from the SIM card.

After the Prosecutor read the indictment, Permyakov confirmed the accuracy of the readings. He said that he was tired to serve, and he wanted through Turkey to flee to Russia. Permyakov has repeated several times that I only wanted to scare people and take the money. However, the lawyer, Permyakov urged not to reveal details of the murder because the trial covers only until the desertion and theft of weapons.

Permyakov also noted that no one knew about his intentions. On the question of why he then took the bullets and the bayonet, he replied that he wanted to shoot in the air and scare the dogs. He also said that he was of sound mind and remember that at 6 a.m. reached the house of the Avetisyans, was only there for 15 minutes, then fled to the Turkish border.

It is judicial-psychiatric examination has already recognized ordinary Russian military base in Armenia Valery Permyakov sane.

Note that the criminal case on the fact of desertion to listen to outbound open meeting of the 5th garrison military court, to which jurisdiction over crimes committed by military personnel of the Russian military base and border troops stationed in Armenia, reports TASS.

The court held in one of the barracks near the entrance to the territory of the Russian fortress, built in 1839. Chairing the meeting, acting Chairman of the court Alexander Saldeev.

Currently, the court considers the charges in the absence without leave of the guard in order to evade service of arms and ammunition, theft and illegal possession and carrying of weapons.

After completing this process for trial will start by the Armenian side. And in the case of the murder of a family, the verdict will be decided by the court of this country.

In a courtroom are relatives of the dead.

“I came here to watch Permyakova in the eye and to ascertain whether he is capable coolly to kill the whole family, including two young children,” said a relative of the Avetisyans. “I believe that the courtroom will be justice,” she hopes.

The injured party recognized the consequence the southern military district of the Russian Armed forces. The interests of the injured party is the commander of the 102nd military base, major-General Vladimir Ustinov.

Commenting on the case against Permyakov, the lawyer Lyudmila Aivar noticed that the article 104 of RA criminal code (“Murder”) provides for the punishment of eight years imprisonment to life imprisonment.

“The fact of desertion can’t be judged by the Armenian legislation, since the crime was committed on the territory of the Russian military base, which is actually the territory of the Russian Federation. And, accordingly, in respect of Permyakova should be a separate criminal case. In this situation, most likely, it’s all over for life imprisonment. And then there will be no prospect to extradite him to Russia”, – said the newspaper VIEW Ivar.

Recall, January 12, in Gyumri, where stationed 102nd Russian military base, was killed a family of six.

According to investigators, at dawn on the fateful day soldier Valery Permyakov willfully left the service in the guard, with weapons left in the city, where in one of the houses with machine shots killed sleeping six family members Avetisyan. The soldier left at the crime scene, clothing and shoes with personalized tags, as well as machine and unspent ammunition and fled.

On the same day at night at attempt of transition of border with Turkey he was detained by Russian border guards, guarding the state border of Armenia. The only Avetisyan, a survivor six –month Serezha died a week later from wounds inflicted by the bayonet.

The tragedy provoked mass protests in Gyumri, the locals demanded from Russia to extradite the suspect. The Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia Alexander Bastrykin and the head of the investigative Committee of Armenia Aghvan Hovsepian agreed on a joint murder investigation.

According to the staff of the Chief military SU IC Russia, Permyakov repeatedly with a weapon ran from the military unit in Chita. In addition, the media, citing a source reported that Permyakova diagnosed with mental retardation. Later it was reported that a forensic psychiatric examination found sane Perm.


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