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Monday, March 19, 2018

The participation in the Olympics was Russia’s victory

Ceremony of rewarding of Olympians in the Kremlin symbolically completed for Russia, the 2016 Olympic games. And victory in Rio, and the removal of our Paralympic team – all in the past, but Vladimir Putin’s words about those who “with honor through some very severe tests” are not present in the hall of athletes. Russia fought off another blow, which in itself is worth it.

Said the President in the Kremlin the most important were these words:

“Taking part in Games, albeit clenching his teeth and swallowing the insult, Russia eventually won

“Unfortunately, we have seen and humanistic foundations of sport and Olympism brazenly violated the policy as a conjunctural issues, as such qualities as greed, maybe, and cowardice to take precedence over the principles of the Olympic movement…

We know how difficult it was to our athletes in Rio. Before the competition, the team was cut by a third, it was deprived of the opportunity to show themselves in the sports where Russia is traditionally the recognized leader. But our team, you, dear friends, coped with all the difficulties, presented a United team, proved that victories are not just a number, although in this case the number was important, but, at least, and perhaps, more importantly, skill. How real fighters – not sailed, not broken, and fought and won”.

And, of course:

“The decision on disqualification of our Paralympians outside the law, outside of morality outside of humanity. It’s just cynical to recoup, tearing anger on those for whom sport has become the meaning of life, those who by his example gives hope, faith in their strength to millions of people with disabilities”.

A favorite pastime of our defeatists and unpatriotic is to denounce the government and patriots in inventing external threats. Here again you have in all America’s fault. They say, do nothing but to steal, and cringe, do not know, and all the problems blame “enemies” that exist only in your sick imagination. Persuade them with examples of real and not imaginary machinations of the history of Russia that the current policy virtually meaningless, but this summer has given such a clear example of an organized attempt to discredit Russia, and purpose you can imagine.

Doping scandal, promoted in order to prevent Russia at the Olympics, was absolutely geopolitical special operation. Nobody argues with the fact that some Russian athletes had used the drug in exactly the same way as athletes from other countries, but for the unwinding of history with the removal of Russia from the Olympics it was only a pretext. The Olympic games have long been an important part of competition of civilizations in the framework of globalization. It would be very strange if the controlling Corporation “world sport” would not try to organize on this front Russia the same thing they gave us on the site “global Finance.”

And it’s not a response to the Crimea, because everybody remembers what the obstruction was exposed to the Sochi Olympics ended before the “Russian spring”. It’s simple: a policy of active containment of Russia in 2012 was set at the “blockade and isolation,” for a complete introduction which needed only a pretext. With mid-2013 forward, Russia began to take on forms that are already open, and after the Crimea has passed the stage of cold war geopolitics. Employing all possible means – from financial and economic to military to diplomatic. And, of course, sports because the goal is demonizing Russia, and the ‘rogue state’ everything should be black.

The fact that the isolation of Russia failed, does not negate the desires of the Anglo-Saxon strategists to support the blockade, at least in partial form. Hence, the struggle for the preservation of European sanctions, and attempts to cut off Russia from certain types of international cooperation. All countries, not only in subordinate, vassal position, it is necessary to think about the fact that Russia is a threat that Russia can’t be trusted, that Russia is always lying and cheating.

The Olympics is a good occasion to broadcast this message to the whole world. They have dope, they all lie. And at the same time to teach an object lesson to everyone else: see what we do with those who declare outcasts? We simply exclude from the number is not even “civilized Nations”, but simply because “the list”. Look and remember, so it is with everyone.

In principle, nothing surprising for us in this turn of events was not. The policy of containment moved into the blockade several times in the last couple of centuries – and we, in theory, would have to get used to it. But of course, each time hurt. Especially when it comes to not everyone can understand the “big politics”, and such things as sports, it is insulting to ordinary people, the fans and the athletes themselves. Understandable emotions, but we don’t have to succumb to them, you need to keep a cool head and historical memory. Because of this, we this time made the right choice, not yielding to the temptation to boycott the Games that offered by many in a time when it was not clear, however, whether to admit anyone of our athletes in Rio.

What would Russia, abandoning the Olympics? Dignity – we will not let get to me? But even in Soviet times, in 50 years we never left the UN, although there were almost the minority – so who would that we have proved now, having stayed at home? We would be accused of fear, desire to hide their “violation” in pride, but it’s unprincipled, in the end, not for the first time. The most important thing is that we would with their own hands isolated itself, that is, would have done something and achieved our opponents. Between the isolation and the forced exclusion of a difference in that sense almost none.

Taking part in Games, albeit clenching his teeth and swallowing the resentment, Russia eventually won, not only minimizing the damage to their reputation (Yes, we are not masters of the world information field, our reputation can only be on another platform), but also showing a more than worthy performance. All understand that the current fourth place of the truncated command is almost equal to the second of the team complete. So the fight for the medals make sense.

And, of course, as played on our Paralympians, brought as it may sound cynical, another important victory – emotional. Hardly ever will be some polls of world public opinion on the subject in relation to the rejection of the Russian Paralympic team for the Games, but there is no doubt that the majority in different countries not only supported this decision but saw it as pure politics.

The policy of pressure, politics of insults, all of that doesn’t like any people in the world. And even more Russian, this attitude makes us stronger and angrier that demonstrated performance in this competition. And that, says the fake quote from Bismarck, always come back for their money. That is, for their stolen victories – not only Olympic.


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