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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Kurds saw the release of the Turkish Dzharablus collusion with ISIS

The rapid success of the Turkish operation “shield of the Euphrates” shows the relationship of Erdogan with ISIS. Interviewed by the newspaper VIEW, the representatives of the Syrian Kurds say is too easy, almost without a fight, the liberation of Dzharablus, who could not be freed from the Islamists in 2013. The Kurds claim that ISIS militants just trimmed the beard and defected to “moderate.” But as long as there is erdoğan, Islamism in the North of Syria can go away.

Yesterday evening the Turkish military first came into open combat with Kurdish fighters in Northern Syria. Turkish artillery destroyed a group of fighters self-defense of the Kurds to the South of the city of Dzharablus.

“As suspiciously there is a “release,” I have every reason to believe that this is a play. Fighters just trimmed the beard and defected to the “moderate”

Previously, the government of Turkey stated that the self-defense forces of Syrian Kurds were to leave the area to the West of the Euphrates. Visited Turkey earlier Vice President Joe Biden also threatened that the United States will be deprived of the support forces of the Syrian Kurds if they do not obey the request of Ankara. Earlier, Turkey also notified Russia, Iran and other members of the international community about the beginning of military operations in the North of Syria.

Public ultimatum Biden was the response of Americans to the Kurds: the capture of Dzharablus would allow them to merge their enclaves and de facto to create autonomy. However, Biden openly supported the Turkish intervention in Syria. We will remind, on Wednesday, the Turkish army supported by the international coalition launched a military operation “Shield of the Euphrates “cleaning” of the city of Dzharablus from the forces of ISIS*. The President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan with the first hours of the operation did not conceal that her target will not only ISIS, but the Kurds from the troops of the party “Democratic Union”, which is still tight watch over the Americans. Recall that the U.S. had sent the Kurds not only weapons, but also their instructors.

By Thursday almost without a fight Turkish troops and Pro-Turkish rebels released captured by ISIS in 2013, the city Dzharablus. With the advent of Turkish troops Syrian Kurds previously fought with ISIS and government forces in Hasaka and Qamishli, was in the ring at once three enemies. About how they are going to continue to get out of straddling the trap, in an interview with the newspaper LOOK told the representative of the party “Democratic Union” in Moscow Abd Salam Ali (Abdusalam Ali).

VIEW: Mr. Ali, do you have the feeling that Moscow, Washington, Ankara and Damascus already tacitly agreed on the division of spheres of influence in the country?

The activist of the Democratic Union party Abd Salam Ali (photo: frame channel RT)

Abd Salam Ali: In fact, Syria is divided into spheres of influence by different forces long ago. The territory controlled by the Syrian regime, is in the Russian sphere of influence. The Turks, consequently, have an impact both on the ISIS and the free Syrian army and the group “Dzhebhat-EN-Nusra” (renamed to “jabhat al Fatah al-sham”). The Kurds also try to be an equal distance from both Russia and the United States.

OPINION: What do you plan to undertake in the near future Syrian Kurds amid Turkey’s interference?

AA: the Military leadership of the Syrian Kurdistan, most likely, develops a plan to counter the Turkish invasion. The only thing I can say: we are strongly against the interference of Ankara in the Syrian Affairs. It is a violation of state sovereignty of Syria. We are also embarrassed that not a single representative of the world community not yet made an unequivocal condemnation of Turkey’s actions, being confined to an expression of concern. Indeed, there is a feeling that Turkey is acting by arrangement with leading world powers. What this arrangement is, I don’t know.

LOOK: How you think events will develop further?

AA: I Can say only one thing: in November of last year, the West has pushed Turkey to strained relations with Russia. Then the Turkish air force shot down a Russian su-24 aircraft. All this had devastating economic and political consequences for Turkey. Now Erdogan somebody has pushed for the invasion of Syria. Turkish troops liberated the city Dzharablus, who could not release from ISIS since 2013, and he did it almost without a fight. How suspiciously it happened “liberation”, I have every reason to believe that this is a play. Fighters just trimmed the beard and defected to “moderate.”

However, on Syrian land you can go, but from there it is impossible to get out. I think this act also Turkey will respond with a vengeance.

OPINION: How do you assess the statement by the Vice-President of the USA Joe Biden, who supported the Turkish operation?

AA: Joe Biden – a politician first. When he was in Turkey, he delivered an ultimatum to the Syrian Kurds, so we didn’t cross the Euphrates river. But Washington reiterated the support of the “Democratic Union”, now there is joint training for the liberation of Raqqa from ISIS. In addition, the troops of the “Democratic Union” in agreement with the United States released a week ago, repelled ISIL militants in the city of Manbij, passing the office of the city Council.

OPINION: Recently your squads for the first time since the civil war clashed with Syrian government forces, although in the past you were considered allies in the fight against ISIS. It happened in Hasaka city. Now, after entering the Turkish army, not too much you have become enemies? In this situation, you are ready to reconcile at least with Bashar al-Assad?

AA: Assad thought that the “Syrian democratic forces,” and includes not only the Kurds but also the Arabs and other peoples of Northern Syria, was exhausted during the fierce fighting with the ISIL militants, and decided to test our limits, setting the control over the Hasaka. Note that for the first time in five years, Assad even used against the Kurds combat aircraft. However, he received a fitting rebuff. If not for the intervention of Russia, he probably would have lost control over the Hasaka.

This leads one to suspect that Turkey is now also valid at a certain agreement with Assad. According to my information, one of the senior Turkish officials met earlier with representatives of the government in Damascus. However, the Syrian Kurds are now enough forces for opposition as ISIS and Assad with Turkey. What will happen next – time will tell.

LOOK: You don’t know what he thinks about the latest developments, the spiritual leader of the Kurdistan workers party, Abdullah Ocalan, who sits in a Turkish prison?

A. a: Ocalan, of course, continues to enjoy respect among the Syrian Kurds, but I don’t know what he thinks about what is happening. For two years, the Turkish authorities do not allow him any relatives or attorneys, any communication with them.

Dzharablus surrendered suspiciously “easily”

Chief representative of Syrian Kurdistan in Moscow Rodi Osman in conversation with the newspaper LOOK also drew attention to the suspiciously light capture by the Turks in Alliance with the Free Syrian army Dzharablus. He considers it proof that the Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan has not stopped cooperation with the Islamists in Syria, as it seemed, but rather continues to actively use them in their game.

Rodi Osman, the representation of Democratic self-governance in Western Kurdistan (Rozhava) in Russia (photo: video still)

OPINION: Mr Osman before you, and Russia has repeatedly accused Ankara of cooperating with ISIS. But now, Turkish troops entered Syria and then began to push ISIS. The situation changed?

Rodi Osman: If the militants were not allies of Erdogan, is it possible for a few hours to capture the city Dzharablus? Impossible. America and others must see the secret thoughts of Erdogan. We persist in our efforts in the fight against ISIS and will fight them. The international community should see this truth. While there will be Erdogan, ISIS can go away.

OPINION: What Erdogan wants? Yet, the Turkish authorities announced the establishment of security zones for the population of Dzharablus.

R. O.: the Aim of erdoğan is to capture part of the territory in Northern Syria and the deployment of its supporters. This invasion proves that Erdogan wants to realize his dream to revive the Ottoman Empire. Erdogan, whose hands in the blood of the Syrian people, cannot be recognized as a champion of the Syrian people, because he is a supporter of violence and terror. This incursion is a violation of Syrian sovereignty.

Turks are like the revenge of the “Union of democratic forces” of the city Manuja because they recently ousted from the city of ISIS militants as allies of the Turks.

OPINION: Before operation, Turkey has notified it Russia, USA, Iran and other members of the international community. However, there were reports that different countries claim different spheres of influence in Syria. What do you think, at the end of the war preserved the territorial integrity of Syria?

R. O.:
the International forces should have their own position in relation to the plans of Erdogan, who is occupying foreign territory. Russia, which fears a civil war, we want to say that over the past five years we have been able to build a democratic and fair system. In this society the rights and freedoms of all citizens, respect women’s rights. And this might be the answer to the question of resolving the Syrian crisis. The border of Syria must be respected. We in any case will not allow the North of Syria have turned into a second Cyprus. To the Turkish authorities placed terrorists. Since there is no difference between ISIS and other criminal groups.

OPINION: How do you see the future role of the Pro-Turkish rebels of the Free Syrian army?

R. O.: Free army, and under this name the terrorist forces – supporters of Erdogan: “Dzhebhat-EN-Nusra” (renamed to “jabhat al Fatah al-sham”), Ahrar al-sham”, “Sultan Murad, Noor El senger”, “Jeish al Fatah. It’s their fighters and invaded Dzharablus. Not to say that these forces are not radical. They previously fought in Afrin, in the vicinity of Aleppo, the Sheikh-Mahsud. And in April this year, has used banned chemical weapons against civilians. Pawns in the hands of Erdogan, he wants to place them between the cantons of Kobane and Afrin to create a buffer zone.

How you intend to proceed?

R. O.: We are not supporters of the war and never supported it. But to protect the people, territory Rozhava (Syrian Kurdistan – approx. VIEW), North of the Syrian border, we will fight to the end. We are on their land. Turkey has no right to cross the border of Syria and intervene in the internal Affairs of the country.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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