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Friday, March 16, 2018

Scientists have unraveled the secret of attraction coffee

Love or indifference of a person to coffee to a large extent inherent in him from birth. Researchers from Britain, Italy and the Netherlands have discovered a gene that determine a person’s attitude to bracing drink. This gene is called PDSS2.

photo: pixabay.com

In the first part of a study conducted by geneticists, took part 1183 of the person, 340 of whom live in a small village in Italy, and 843 in six villages located in the North-East of the country. The scientists collected information on the DNA of the participants and asked them to answer the question, how much coffee they usually drink daily. As it turned out, the owners of one of the variants of the gene PDSS2 is the day drinking on average one Cup of coffee per day more than those of the other option.

To crosscheck the obtained data, the experts conducted a similar survey with the participation of 1 731 resident of the Netherlands and found a similar effect of the gene PDSS2 is the difference between holders of different variations of it in this country was less pronounced – scientists tend to attribute it to the tradition of coffee consumption in Italy and the Netherlands differ markedly among themselves.

According to researchers, the certain variant PDSS2 not only causes a person to love coffee, but do affect what will be the effects of the drink: the body of these people absorbs the coffee faster because of what the impact of caffeine is more visible, but shorter. As a result, people find that coffee really helps them keep fit, but also quite quickly feel the need for a new portion.

The results of their study, the scientists presented in the journal Scientific Reports.

The consumption of coffee has recently dedicated a lot of different studies, and some evidence of the use of this drink, and others – on the contrary, its dangers. So, some experts declare that coffee protects against heart disease or diabetes and even cirrhosis, while others claim that the drink changes the structure of the brain and reduces the size of the female breast, and the coffee contains lots of dangerous microorganisms.


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