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Monday, March 19, 2018

Candidates for President of the United States do not know what to do with Russia

The article Matthew Rojansky, Director of the Washington Kennan Institute, Foreign Policy magazine, entitled “the tramp and Clinton have no idea how to deal with Putin.” Expert who have decades of experience of the USSR and post-Soviet States, writes: “In the presidential election campaign USA Russia to such an extent has come to the fore that nothing of the kind was observed since the peak of the cold war. But even more strange, Rojansky notes that in the US there is no serious discussion of the future of us-Russian relations, candidates are employed in the exchange of insults, and the press is not beyond sensationalism.

photo: kremlin.ru

Publicity, which Russia won during the American election campaign, is mainly negative, from claims that the campaign headquarters of Donald trump are people with suspected links with Russia, to the accusations of Moscow to build military muscle in all directions.

But nothing causes such alarm in America as the “intervention of the Kremlin in presidential elections on the side of the trump.” An exchange of compliments between Putin and trump, petranovskaya propaganda in the state media of Russia, the hacking of the election campaign, Hillary Clinton and the call of the trump to the Russian hackers to hack on, business ties with Russia key people from headquarters trompowsky campaigns of the most powerful people in the US regard as “a dangerous precedent for Russian interference in American Affairs” (as it formulates Matthew Rojanski).

Analyzing the popularity of trump in Russia and by Moscow’s support of his candidacy, Forbes magazine indicates that the Kremlin likes harsh criticism, which the tramp is showering America, NATO, the EU and the West in General. And the fact that he expressed this criticism in a rude, sometimes obscene manner, in the soul of ordinary people – both in America and in Russia: many people think this is a manifestation not of stupidity and neodecanoate, and a sincere desire to change things for the better. The Kremlin leadership, the magazine writes, trump like in its naivety, inexperience, which would make it easier for Putin experienced a task suggestion he needs thoughts.

Someone from experts across Russia not so long ago said, speaking on television that Moscow was well able, when necessary, “to screw” their foreign enemies, but poorly calculates the consequences of such actions. The Washington Post points out in this connection that the trump turned millions of Americans of Eastern European origin (Ukrainians, poles, Lithuanians, etc.) that actually has historically always been inclined to vote Republican. This, in particular, can lead to the fact that he will lose Ohio is one of the key to victory in November. Trump reminded of the episode of 40 years ago that “would disturb him during the presidential debates of 1976 between Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter from the mouth of the Ford sounded the denial of the “Soviet domination in Eastern Europe”. As a result, he almost lost Ohio and Wisconsin – in Ohio, his margin was less than 1%, in Wisconsin less than 2%.

The New York Times also recently wrote about the fact that American Ukrainians – the traditional electorate of the Republicans since time immemorial – look at the elections-2016 “with bewilderment and fear.” Such candidates from the Republican party as trump, they haven’t seen. However, not only they…

But this man, it is “not comme Il faut” for the political establishment, may well prevail in the oval office in January of next year. And if not him, then Hillary is experienced. One of them emphasizes the Foreign Policy magazine, will have to deal with Russia regardless of how they like Russian politics and Putin personally. And the attitude to Russia has not worked out – again will have to come up with “wheels” and alternate “containment of Russia” with the “stimulation of Russia, going from situation to situation…

When the leading powers of the world do not know how to build relations with each other, the result of unpredictable events. And it is no good to anyone not promises.

Ilya PARANICAS, new York


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