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Monday, March 19, 2018

Astronomers have found a mysterious universe of dark matter

On the opening “smertelnoj” galaxy Dragonfly 44 said a team of astronomers under the leadership of Pieter van Dokkum (Pieter van Dokkum) from Yale University. Experts say that the mysterious and elusive substance, the existence of which today there are only hypothetically, is 99.99 percent of the mass of galaxies, stars, gas, dust only the remaining a hundredth of a percent.

44 Dragonfly surrounded by other space objects

Dark matter emits no electromagnetic radiation and does not interact with it directly, which makes impossible its direct observation. However, on the assumption that in one form or another such invisible matter exists is based many modern scientific theories, because only with its help, today it is possible to explain the observed difference between the mass of galaxies and the total mass component of “visible” matter. In turn, what mass of a galaxy, scientists learn at the speed that’s in it stars.

Galaxy Dragonfly 44 along with fifty other “smertelnyj” of galaxies in the constellation coma Berenices was discovered for the first time last year with the help of DTA telescope designed to study the faint objects in the Universe.

Experts have noticed that discovered galaxies contain a very small number of stars, but, at the same time, occupy a space about one hundred times more space than you would expect. Researchers believe that the most logical explanation for this can be that is a huge cluster of dark matter that the galaxy holds.

Because the Dragonfly 44 is one of the first discovered and the closest to the Earth of the “smertelnyj galaxies, astronomers decided first of all to pay attention to her. As it turned out, the number of stars, it resembles a dwarf galaxy, and size – not dwarf the milky way. This, in turn, means that dark matter makes up 99.99 percent of its weight.

In the future, experts hope with the help of discovered space object to examine more closely the dark matter and few better understand its nature.

Scientists presented the results at the pages of scientific publication Astrophysical Journal Letters.


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