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Sunday, March 18, 2018

USA again, Assad’s main villain in the middle East

The UN mission and the OPCW again accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons and has promised to bring the perpetrators to justice. The West prefers not to notice evidence of the use of prohibited substances anti-Assad rebels. Experts say a new effort to demonize Assad in the eyes of the world.

The US intends “to bring Syria to account” with the participation of Russia and Iran for the fact that Damascus allegedly used chemical weapons – such conclusions are contained in the confidential joint report by the UN and the OPCW (Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons).

“Damascus has undertaken a campaign to disarm under the mediation of Russia in 2013. Why get rid of chemical weapons, then to use it?”

“The United States will work with our international partners and to achieve control over the distribution and use of chemical weapons) using appropriate diplomatic mechanisms, including through the UN Security Council and the International organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. We encourage all members of the United Nations Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons, including Russia and Iran, to participate in this process”, – said the representative of the Council of national security of the United States, Ned Price.

As for IG*, whose use of chemical weapons are also mentioned in the report, the White house said that the coalition led by the United States “will continue to eliminate the leaders” off the battlefield.

“The UN security Council must demonstrate a sustained reaction”

Earlier, Reuters got a report that the UN mission and the OPCW said that of the nine chemical attacks in Syria, two allegedly committed the government forces, one of the IG. Experts were able to identify the perpetrators of the attacks while only three of the nine incidents reported, citing a source in the UN. According to the report, Syrian government forces are responsible for the attacks of chlorine, the inhalation of fumes which burns the victim’s lungs, and the militants “used sulfur mustard”. “There is sufficient information to conclude that helicopters of the Syrian armed forces dumped the containers with chlorine on the locality Talmanes April 21, 2014 and the town of Sarmin March 16, 2015,” – quoted report from Al Jazeera.

The report also notes that there is sufficient information that the militants were “the only ones who have the capacity, motives and means for the application of sulfur mustard in the town of Marea on 21 August 2015,” the Agency added.

The report noted that in eight of the nine attacks were also used chlorine, said Al Jazeera. It may bring more suspicion on Damascus, but in the remaining six cases the experts have not yet managed to come to a common conclusion, the Agency noted.

The report was on Wednesday submitted to the UN Secretary General and circulated to the members of the Security Council. In the office of the UN Secretary General to comment on the report did not, stating that “we haven’t had time to read it”. 15 members of the Security Council will discuss the report next week, it will then be published, said ban Ki-moon.

Unlike the Secretariat, a report has already commented on the representatives of the Western countries. “The use of such weapons is abhorrent, and we strongly condemn those who did it, – said Monday the British Ambassador to the UN Matthew Rycroft. – The Council (of the UN Security approx. OPINION) should be prepared to demonstrate a sustained response to this report. He was echoed by Deputy US Ambassador to the UN Michel the Season: “those responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Syria must be held accountable for their actions.”

Earlier, the UN mission and the OPCW to investigate the use of chemicals for military purposes in Syria chose to work nine incidents with the aim of establishing the perpetrators. A joint mechanism of investigation (SMR) was established by Security Council resolution 2235, led by Virginia Gamba.

“There is no shortage of data, there is a lack of political will”

Syria’s permanent representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari said in response, Syrian authorities received a large number of data on production and use of chemical weapons by militants from both his intelligence and Russian partners. “We have sent hundreds of letters to the UN security Council to the international court. Countries with influence in the Council, either off of this data, or accusing them of unreliability. This happened due to the fact that those who are behind the use of chemical weapons, have the support of these countries,” – said Jafari.

“There is no shortage of data, there is a lack of political will, – he stressed. – The Turkish regime had no political will as well as the Saudi and Qatari regime. Unfortunately, many other modes are involved in this matter. The French regime is no exception.”

Earlier, the envoy to the RAA said that French intelligence and personally ex-foreign Minister Laurent Fabius involved in chemical attack in the Damascus suburb of East ghouta in August 2013, followed by the adoption of a resolution on destruction of Syrian chemical weapons. Jaafari also referred to the book “the Roads of Damascus” (Les Chemins de Damas) by French journalists Georges Malbrunot and Christian chenault, alleging that the chemical attack in Eastern ghouta was committed to prevent the UN to investigate the rebels had used sarin in Khan al-ASAL.

Assad again want to make the main “bad guy”

Associate Professor of political science and sociology REU named after Plekhanov Alexander perendzhiev indicates that the accusations of Damascus using chemical weapons is a regularly recurring set Western propaganda record. Thus, in his opinion, the facts of actual use by the Syrian rebels of chemical weapons against government troops in the West prefer not to notice.

“You can somehow relate to the personality and policies of Bashar al-Assad, but we must recognize that the West is unfairly accusing him of all mortal sins, completely ignoring the real, proven facts of war crimes committed by his opponents. Moreover, the allegations of fact or otherwise objectionable to US chemical weapons by the regime not original from the time of Saddam Hussein,” – said the expert newspaper VIEW.

Perendzhiev considers that some specific reference to the ongoing events in Syria, a new wave started against Assad’s information campaign has not and, most likely, journalists and human rights defenders elementary work another grant. However, the expert believes, there is a General tendency to change as ideological and political direction of the lighting of the Syrian events with integrasco again antecedency.

“Let me remind you that the Russian intervention the main “bad guy” in Syria for the West was Bashar al-Assad, and only our country has forced the world community to pay attention to the real evil in the form of ISIS. Now even Turkey, previously openly oppose the Assad regime, at least officially argues its incursion into Syrian territory to combat terrorists. States and their Western allies apparently want to shift the world community from the fight against the Islamists to fight the Assad regime,” – says the analyst.

Honest killer always trying to fulfill the order

“Money to eliminate Assad received, and honest, the killer always carries out the order”, – commented the newspaper VIEW message another evidence of the use of chemical weapons by Damascus the President of the Middle East Institute Yevgeny Satanovsky. The analyst reminds that, in addition to West, the overthrow of Bashar al-Assad are Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey.

According to Satanovsky, the alleged use of chemical weapons already look ridiculous. “Now we see another campaign of demonization of Assad, which, of course, not an angel, but chemical weapons he used. Damascus has undertaken a campaign to disarm under the mediation of Russia in 2013. Why get rid of chemical weapons, then to use it?” – explained the expert. It also indicates that the already proven facts applications in Mosul mustard from the side of the anti-Assad rebels by the West are completely ignored.

“The operation against Syria possible and necessary”

We will remind, civil war in Syria lasts from spring 2011. The situation worsened when, on 21 August 2013, several regions have been massively applied chemical weapons against civilians. A number of media immediately reported that the attack has government troops. Syrian authorities have accused of using banned substances opposition fighters. However, the Western countries headed by US President Barack Obama also blamed on official Damascus.

The American leader stressed that the military operation against Syria possible without UN sanctions, and he intends to get the approval of Congress. Only after the intervention of Russia, Obama said he was willing, together with our country as well as France, Britain and China to work on a new resolution requiring Assad to surrender chemical weapons.

14 Oct 2013 Syria acceded to the Convention on the prohibition of the use of chemical weapons. At the end of October, all the declared equipment for production himarsenalov was destroyed. January 4, 2016 procedure for the destruction of chemical weapons in Syria have also been completed.

As for the used of chemical weapons, later it turned out that it was produced “artisanal” and belonged to the rebels. “None of the member States of the UN Security Council has not challenged the Russian report on Syria, which made reliable conclusions about the artisanal production of chemical weapons used in Syria,” – said the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov.

Reports of the use of chemical weapons in Syria continue to arrive. In particular, it was reported that it uses ISIS. In addition, the radical group “Jaish al-Islam also acknowledged that he used “banned weapon” in the battle with the Kurds in Aleppo.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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