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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Turkish operation in Syria quarreled USA and the Kurds

After just 14 hours after the start of the Turkish military operation “shield of the Euphrates” militants “Islamic state” (is Russian terrorist group) left held them by the Syrian Jerablus. Entrance ground troops to Syria was accompanied by a us-led coalition strikes from the air. With regard to the Kurdish forces that operated in the area and was considered one of the key allies of America, Washington advised to go to the East of the city to avoid problems.

photo: pixabay.com

After the liberation from the militants Jerablus took the forces of “moderate” Syrian opposition – the so-called Free Syrian army (FSA), supported by Ankara and the West. The flag members of the group hoisted at the entrance to town. “The militants had a lot of resistance, – quotes The Washington Post the words of the FSA rebel Ahmed al-Gader. They began to retreat after the Turkish troops marched across the border… We have seized the main buildings of the city, and everything now is quiet.

The military operation that was conducted against the background of the official visit of the Vice-President of the USA Joseph Biden in Turkey, has received the public support of the American authorities. With regard to the Kurdish military groups that led the offensive in Jerablus, Biden advised them to withdraw from the West Bank of the Euphrates river, reports the Associated Press. It is reported that the Kurds agreed to this requirement. “They can not and will not, under any circumstances, to receive American support if they violate this commitment,” he threatened Vice President.

Commenting on the “shield of the Euphrates” Turkish authorities say they want to create “free from terrorism zone” near its borders. Terrorists Ankara understands not only ISIS, but Kurdish militias – the people’s protection Units (YPG) and Democratic forces of Syria” (SDF). These groups who are effectively fighting in Northern Syria against ISIS, the Turks associate with the radical Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), which sometimes makes the attacks on the territory of Turkey.

“This means a strong fight between the US and Kurds – said “MK” independent orientalist Grigory Melamed. Americans, maybe try to back off, but now the impression that everything was in an awkward position. The Turkish invasion all stumped, so everything is either silent or make strange statements… Obviously, the US decided to bet on the Iraqi Kurds, for their President Massoud Barzani, and on the part of the Syrian Kurds, which focuses on him. Within Kurdistan there is a strong clan struggle. But I think that the United States is mistaken if they decided to make this bet because the PKK is more attractive to a radical of the Kurdish youth. It’s not only the nationalist movement, but the leftist movement, the revolutionary. Therefore, all the Kurdish youth, which wants feats, focused on the labour party, not Barzani.

Now the danger is that the Turkish army, apparently, after the capture of Jerablus ready to go to Aleppo. And there is only a 100 km to the direct contact with the troops of Bashar al-Assad. This means direct confrontation. These 100 km are under the control of ISIS, but judging by the way previously operated by the group, she prefers to retreat before the Turkish army”.


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