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Monday, March 19, 2018

The Wii, Oprichnik, Storm and somebody’s wife hat: the premiere of the new season

Apparently, the new theater season do not have to relax anyone — neither the artists nor the more viewers. Areas in which the search for a new theatrical language, is very different, theme — the hottest. However, the centre remains a people — a little archaic, especially given the rapidly fleeing ahead of gadgets. So, observer of the “MK” is the second series of the capital the Prime Minister.

MACBETH (Teatr im. Ermolova). Oleg Menshikov’s lifelong dream to play in the tragedy or Comedy of Shakespeare. And now, it seems, the dream starts to come true. He rehearses the title role in the same play, which puts young Director Alexei Scale. The stage life of the play about the lust for power of the rich: the first statement refers to the year 1611, played in the London “Globe”. In Russia, the first translation made by Ivan Turgenev in 1802, but only after 60 years “Macbeth” saw the light: the troupe of the Maly theater was a tragedy at the Bolshoi. The first adaptation refers to 1908, and the last by 2015.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova
Oleg Menshikov.

“Life is a story, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury not signifying nothing.” The story is eternal, it has not lost relevance in the twenty-first century, increasingly drew the imperfection of man. And that should be afraid of their desires and of their performance, said the Director.

Oleg Menshikov: “I never in my life did not play by Shakespeare. No matter how much I wanted. There was one episode in the Sliver (the Theater school. Schepkin. — M. R.), I went to a student production of “King Lear” in the role of messenger. And now, see, has made a career of — play of Macbeth.”

His Macbeth goes mad with power, apparently, the sky will be small and of the earth. So the stage Company deeply carried into the hall and the audience seated around the space in the hall, on each side, on top.

“DAY of the OPRICHNIK” (“Lenkom”). Roman by Vladimir Sorokin (2006) on the famous Lenkom’s stage was difficult. Mark Zakharov has long approached the stories about his favorite Oprichnik of Ivan the terrible Malyuta Skuratov, but something did not add up, and even for some time the work had to be closed. But in the end the Master was angry (at himself, at the affair on reality?), and here is his “Oprichnik”. Focus on Russia-2027: xenophobia, corruption of unimaginable size, jingoistic patriotism, the omnipotence of the secret police. Moreover, the Director has updated the “Guardsmen” another novel by the writer — “Telluria” (2013, where the action also takes place in the future). But here’s the surprise (I do those): Malyuta Skuratov, unlike the original, Zakharova as such will not be. In its place — the Oprichnik Komaga, which play Viktor Rakov. Characters of national history will present Alexander Zakharov, Anton Shagin, Dmitry Pevtsov, Sergey Stepanchenko, Victor Verzhbitsky, Ivan Agapov.

Mark Zaharov: “It’s such a dystopia from the future, but it is highly recognizable today. Screens in the play will not, but there are multiple projections. And the finale, like I never done before, scenographic and metascience”.

“The STORM” (BDT them. Tovstonogova, St.-Petersburg). The tale of the girl who turned into a bird. You may think that it is a Japanese novel that was the basis of a new play of Andrei Mighty. Not at all — we are talking about “the Storm” by Alexander Ostrovsky, the chief playwright of the Russian stage. Notice also that Powerful had never before put this classic.

Photo: bdt.spb.ru

Andrey Moguchy: “I started working on the play and realized that he was in the unknown for me country. I saw and discovered not a chronicler Ostrovsky, and existentially human. Playwright owning techniques of areal, as well as Western theatre, it has an amazing melody”.

As a daring experimenter, a Mighty loaded “Storm” on Wednesday, musical tales, influenced by ethnographic music. This called anthropologists, who know the price of Russian folklore, so just connecting mysticism and religiosity in the Russian man. In “the Storm” sung almost everything, except the forces of the dark Kingdom. For example, the party of Boris takes a professional baritone. Performance art draws Vera Martynova, and music — Alexander Manotskov. In the role of a beam of light in the darkness, Catherine, graduated from LGITMiK Vika Artyukhova, and her mother-in-law — a symbol of the Kingdom, the wild boar, will play stunning actress Marina Ignatova, Muscovite, at the time, left the stage of the Moscow “Lenkom” for scenes BDT.

“MATROSSKAYA Tishina” (“Snuff” scene at the Sukharev). Their new building “the Box” will open a legendary performance of “sailor’s Silence”, which means a lot in the history of the Russian theatre. The play of Alexander Galich, first staged in distant 1957 young Contemporaries, “only reached the rehearsal — the show closed Soviet censorship. Moscow did not see the brilliant work of Eugene Evstigneev, Igor Kvasha, Galina Volchek and Oleg Tabakov. He many years later still released the “Matrosskaya Tishina” in his basement. The main role of Abram Schwartz, brilliantly played by Vladimir Mashkov, and his son David is still a young Sasha Marin. Today Marin together with Oleg Tabakov brings to the show, a legend in the new space.

In “sailor’s Silence” the XXI century will make the last cast call “Snuff” — College graduates Tabakov. There is a delicate moment — this is the generation whose parents don’t know what war is. Question: how can they be credible and reliable, being at such a temporal distance from the main events in the life of our country?

Alexander Marin: “I think young actors-trainees prepared for this performance. They already know what happened in Moscow on 16 October 1941, when there was chaos, panic and mass Exodus from the capital. They have already read and played the story of the war in the “Madonna with flower” and repression — “waiting for the barbarians”.

But harder, I believe, have not so much young, how Mature actor Fyodor Lavrov invited from the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov for the role of Abram Schwartz: it will inevitably be compared with Vladimir Mashkov.

Photo: ramt.ru

“DEMOCRACY” (RAMT) — an incredible spy scandal on the basis of documentary material. The play by the English playwright Michael frane about the spy scandal that affected 70-ies of Western Europe. In the center of the scandal then was the Chancellor of West Germany Willy Brandt and his personal assistant günter Guillaume, who, as it turned out, worked for many years the eyes and ears of the Stasi — East German intelligence. The story of UPS and downs in the genre of detective crossed with a psychological drama, is artistic Director of ramta Alexey Borodin.

Alexei Borodin: “This piece continues a conversation that we have forgotten how to listen, hear and respect each other. We’re not accustomed to dialogue, and hence a vicious circle of the same problems.”

Now note: “Democracy” — no female roles, only ten angry men. All the roles are played by the stars of men of the theatre: Maxim Isaev (Willy Brandt), Peter Krasilov (günter Guillaume). Around them, Alexei Veselkin, Alexander Blokhin, Valery Myasnikov and others.

“DRUMS IN the NIGHT” (Theatre. Pushkin). It seems that the Petersburg Director Yury Butusov decided to continue the research work of German playwright Bertolt Brecht and make your characters dialogue. Its first part — “the Good person of Szechwan” — already has great success on the stage of Pushkin, the second — “Drums in the night” is this success to be consolidated. But keep in mind that this play, written in 1919, less well-known and popular in the world theater than a “Good man”. Besides the author himself, is always politically active (even participated in the November revolution of 1918 in Germany), did not consider it successful. However, time has shown that the absurdity of life, written by Brecht, is the best suited to our time.

photo: Vladimir Chistyakov
Alexandra Ursulyak.

In the play, one can hear echoes of war (the First world), the obvious increment of family capital due to the war, as well as the personal drama of the characters who have been his victims. A bet is made on the same cast that shines in “the Good man” — Alexander Ursulyak, Alexander Matrosov, Vera Voronkov. Will alien — Timofey Tribunal of the “Satyricon”. What do you get from “Drums”, it is difficult to predict because everyone in the theater knows that in the process the Director Butusov unpredictable.

“The MAN WHO mistook his WIFE FOR a HAT” Theatre. Mayakovsky, the scene on Sretenke). Oh, that’s a wonderful thing a famous American psychologist, neuropsychologist and writer Oliver sacks, which attracts the attention of artists around the world since the publication of his research. Peter brook staged in this book. Michael Nyman wrote an Opera on this work. Young but already clearly declared itself Nikita Kobelev does not Opera, but also musical performance.

It’s about people with great disorders in which they become known. For example, the story of the lost sailor: a person erased the memory, and it seems that he was a sailor and he was 19 years old. Or women who have lost their own body and representing what exists without it. The man who got out of bed, and finally, the man who mistook his wife for a hat, — all this is not a fairy tale and literary fiction, and the real cases from the medical practice of Dr. Sachs.

Nikita Kobelev: “I have heard the opinion that we have entered on a dangerous path when the disease or rejection become the object of public attention. But our rehearsals have shown that in addition to interest in the unusual, this book is compassion. Through these people we see ourselves and understand that the disease for many of them getting life-saving exit in another dimension”.

The actors involved in this theatrical study in addition to play musical instruments, some of which are exotic, such as Indian sitar.

Photo: Theatre Tangke

“VIY” (Theatre on Taganke). “Pannochka died! Pannochka died!..” the vulture lives Taganka last month. The mystical works of Nikolai Gogol theater is finally open after renovation the big stage and hopes that “Wii” will begin a new countdown in the modern history of the legendary theater chain after the infamous events of the last five years: the departure from the theater of Yuri Lyubimov, scandals, courts. Young Director Alexander Barkar, getting started, first, we looked at five existing and three film version of the play made by Gogol. Impressed only domestic old play of Sergei Zhenovach. And secondly, in the process suffered on themselves and their artists dark inexplicable force of Gogol. Nevertheless, the Director proved’re not shy of a dozen.

Alexander Barkar: “the Main theme of our play — the struggle of man with temptation, with the force and passion with which to resist, it seems impossible. The genre of our “Wii” close to the rock Opera, based on the songs of famous andegraunda rock bard Veni D rkin (Aleksandr Litvinov), who died young, which miraculously came together with the texts of Gogol”.

Surprisingly, the young Director, designing for the stage the story of the human encounter with evil, not be offended by the use of any new technologies, screens. His ideal is a naked man on the bare stage, but this does not mean that the actors will be stripped. On the contrary, the suits (the artist Alexander Carpatina) do not have a specific age, although elements of Ukrainian folklore are present in the clothes of the main characters. They will play Philipp Kotov (Homa) and Alexandra Basova (Pannochka).

“MAGADAN/CABARET (theatre “Near the house Stanislavsky”). It is only at first glance it seems that new productions of the artistic Director of the theater “About…” blows ice cold. It is not just hot, but very hot, although it is really about the far North. And not talking at all, and the song. Director Yuri Pogrebnichko decided to understand the desperate state of the Russian people, and nothing, in his opinion, better far North this state does not Express. In this case, the North acts as a geographical point and the internal condition of our people, which no sane foreigner would not understand.

photo: Michael Guterman

Not a chance with “Magadan” in conjunction is the word “cabaret” is genre specific. Here are singing thieves, broaching, sprightly, soulful. Between them is only interjections or rare anecdote will fly. Solo actress Natalia Rozhkova, the one who shines in the famous “Elimination” of Sergey Ursulyak as a pop singer. But on stage she is not alone — all sorts of interesting characters from the past and present.


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