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Saturday, March 17, 2018

The “little man” – the legend: Zemfira celebrates anniversary

The actress, who is the only one in Russia earned the title of diva in rock, turns 40 today. Almost half of the time, the singer performs on the big stage, pleases fans of unexpected works, sometimes sad disappearance from the horizon, closing off from the world, but always surprising. The ability to masterfully manipulate his audience, thus bringing it to a state of euphoria, it can be compared with guru Boris Grebenshchikov. But if the leader of the “Aquarium” rather hoaxer whose history is shrouded in myths, always unpredictable “alien” with the space inside the funnel.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

She immediately knew what he wanted and be somebody. In the book “Headliners” Alexander Kushnir shares his first memories about the sign of his friend, the journalist from St. Petersburg. When she met with singer, not known to anyone else, in some apartment in the Northern capital, the singer introduced himself: “my name is Zemfira. I’m a star”. Such bold statements that many might call notorious star disease, did not prevent the girl to work hard and to succeed. Daisy on the cover of their debut album “Zemfira”, recorded in 1999 with the band “Mumiy Troll”, which actively helped the artist early in his career, still standing in front of the fans eyes, and never seem to fade from memory. No fillers, all the songs from it (“Snow”, “Arrivederci”, “Scandal”, “Missiles”, etc.) became hits. The same happened with the next album 2000 — “Forgive me, my love.” “Fourteen weeks of silence” 2002 “Vendetta” in 2005 and “Thank you” of 2007 also was a success. Nice way rocker was a rare example of unflagging interest in the artist.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

The following work, “Live in your head”, was for fans of the most unexpected and welcome at the same time — it was released 6 years after the previous one. Singer-Sphinx posted it symbolically on the night of 14 February, before this, did not comment on the upcoming release and said nothing about it. True, there were hints that the audience had to be found. One of the songs on the album, became part of the soundtrack to the film of a friend Zemfira Renata Litvinova, “the Last tale Rita”, uttered in the film in “rough” version. By the way, Litvinova Zemfira takes strange surreal clips, reminiscent of the short film, not just music videos. The second thing the singer was allowed to hear the fans in advance, ” the antisocial Manifesto “Money”. It was presented at one of the summer festivals of the capital. The third composition is made prior to release of the records — “No chance.” Fans, who had revealed the charade was happy. They are always glad to any cooperation with the darling, who for several years has closed its website, did not publish any news about its activities, but then again the people went to meet and even began to publish a daily photo on social media.

In the history of the singer there were many curious “chapters” — such as the side project the Uchpochmack, more electronic than rock, the authorship of which she was not recognized until recently. Zemfira tried to engage in political scandals, to blame for some of the statements in support of the people in one country or another, but she always managed to get out of any situation with your head held high, although the eccentricity and the contradictory nature, of course, give rise to such incidents. Great tour of the “Little man”, the last concerts were held in Moscow in early April, she called a farewell. On the stage cried and promised fans to jump off the roof, but they hope that she not only did not keep his word, but also play them live not one new song.


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