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Saturday, February 24, 2018

The greatness of Ukraine is possible only together with Russia

The celebration in Ukraine of the day of defender of the Fatherland, bound the new government to the anniversary of the UPA, it was observed the flight of Petro Poroshenko on the su-27 and his statement that Ukraine will not be able to wipe from the political map of the world, and all the Empire that’s tried to do have fallen. President for 24 years an independent state, do not seem to understand what he says.

During the visit to Kiev Poroshenko congratulated compatriots on the Day of defender of the Fatherland and stated about the bright future of Ukraine, which will come, despite all the machinations of the enemies:

“As part of Russia the territory of modern Ukraine was at home, and her people were masters of the vast country”

“Ukraine was planning to wipe from the political map of the world. Or divide between Little Russia and new Russia. Or turn into a weak Confederation of dependent neighbouring States regions… However, they do not work… an Important historical detail: all empires that tried to attack, to swallow and digest Ukraine, Pali”.

This is a very revealing statement – it reflects the essence of Ukrainian myth”. Was ancient Ukraine-Rus’, and she had evil neighbors who have tried to destroy the Horde, Poland, Lithuania, Muscovy, Austria-Hungary. And they attacked her, dismembered, conquered, that is swallowed but could not digest it, and died from indigestion of his Imperial stomach. Now, which gained its independence Ukraine fights off the last of the evil Empire – the heir of the Horde, the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, Putin’s Russia. Who wanted to eliminate Ukraine, well, or split, or at least to weaken. But nothing that Putin does not work, and the free Ukraine will remain on the world map. And Russia will collapse, because there was nothing to attack the Ukraine.

This is all very interesting – if they had at least some relation to reality. That is, if the Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in fact existed not only in imagination Poroshenko and other Ukrainians, not only in the post-Soviet map of the world, but in history. Then, of course – had such great power, and her neighbors tortured, and now she’s back, and all the torturers not great and so some fragments left of them. And ahead of the Ukrainians to a great future.

On a similar mythology to build their own state, the Jews in Israel, poles in Poland, Armenians in Armenia – we had a great country, we were a great people, and again we will become, only your neighbors will figure it out: they’re already not great, and we influence-freed, but still they hinder our good life and greatness of our state. That is, in principle, the people and the state, too, can live is another thing as happily ever after. But only in the case of Ukraine, this will not work due to the lack of Ukrainians.

Kiev the mother of Russian cities, and those who are now called Ukrainians, are the real Russian people, the representatives of the people who created their own state in the 9th century and over the past Millennium odd shaped one of the world’s major civilizations – Russian. Russian people has spread to the shores of the Pacific ocean and the mountains of the Caucasus, Kiev, and Novgorod, remains one of his two bases. And the people living there belong to the people, of course, with the appropriate regional, language and cultural differences.

Exactly the same – and sometimes much larger – there are differences among the Germans, they are Germans, and the Han Chinese, they’re Chinese, and the Arabs. But there is no denying that they are one great nation. The majority of Germans live in one country, and although there is still Austria and Switzerland, the European integration process, initiated by the Germans, will lead to the fact that soon everything will be German-speaking (not to mention the fact that the Holy Roman Empire of the German nation Millennium United all formally independent German Principality). The same Hans, having absorbed several millennia of many nationalities, Chinese ethnicity cemented in one state.

Even long lost their single state the Arabs for centuries lived under the Persian and Ottoman domination and in the last century shattered into a couple dozen States, and are committed to the unity – national and religious. Only Russian, the only world civilizations, are now exposed to the terrible experiment of separation don’t just make one big Russian people, three independent, but to push them together to breed.

The tragedy of Ukraine is that the composition formed a century ago autonomy within Russia, which entered the land, many centuries under the Western (Polish and German) rule. Russian communities – but infidels fell under the power. The local Russian population was oppressed by a barbarous oppression, but not all, have associated themselves with Russia and Russians. The last one was reunited with Ukraine in 1939 – that is, to the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union, their experience of living in the single Russian state was very small.

After 1991 all of Ukraine tried to make anti-Russia, planting her Galician identity. And doing it is the part of the Ukrainian elite, which was interested not only in preservation of the separation of a single Russian world, but also the integration of its “Ukrainian” part of Europe. The coup of 2014 has triggered the collapse of Ukraine, and put two parts of one nation, two States to the brink of war.

But Russia did not go for forcible reunification with Ukraine – knowing that the beginning of reunification with the woozy over the years of independence the population of the square needs to drop a dope slogan “Ukraine is not Russia”. When Poroshenko said that Ukraine will remain on the political map of the world, he speaks about the desire of thieving and a dependent of the Ukrainian elite. But there are much more serious things such as the course of history the Russian people and its civilization.

The people living in Ukraine all ages after returning to the United States, was an integral part of the Russian people – and has evolved and grown as it is an important and natural part. Ridiculous to say that Soviet leaders Khrushchev, Brezhnev or Chernenko were Ukrainians or Ukrainian representatives. They were the same Russian (albeit in the former Soviet recension) people like Kosygin, or “Belarusian” Gromyko.

As part of Russia the territory of modern Ukraine was at home, and her people were masters of the vast country and belonged to a great civilization. Separated – due to incompetent mistakes and selfish aspirations of politicians – the people of Ukraine became the prey of the cynical oligarchy that does not have anything to do with him. The oligarchy tried to sell Ukraine to Europe in order to guarantee the reunification with Russia. But to break Russian people, even duped and Ukrainian part, was much harder than it seemed the current “Ukrainian elite”. The attempt to give life to the phantom, the invention of “a thousand years Ukraine is still ongoing – but her defeat was inevitable because of the Russian desire for unity has not been able to stop anyone, neither the enemies nor traitors inside the Russian world.

And anti-Imperial Paphos Poroshenko even funny. Because the people of Ukraine themselves are Imperial people – that is part of it, as any Russian people. And as such they have huge achievements – hundreds of times larger than any the list “Ukrainian glory”, compiled by Kyiv nezalezhnikami. All of the great residents of the area that is now modern Ukraine – from Shevchenko, academician Paton – could become great only in the Russian Empire, due to its scale, culture, education, technology and economic structure.

To deprive the population of Ukraine is its real history, ancestry and achievements, bringing all to the UPA*, it means to make a great nation unfortunate victim of powerful neighbors, notorious and not remembering kinship. Of course, such people are easier to evrointegrirovat – about the same rights as semi-slaves, as it was many centuries ago with the Galicians. And then even the current, independent of its past, Ukraine will essentially destroyed, i.e. turned into an appendage of and subservient to a United Europe, one big Galicia.

Is Poroshenko does not understand this? Or does he just need to tear Ukraine away from Russia – and then take its people along with the territory in the lease of another Empire, the European? A foreign, hostile – as demonstrated by the millennial experience of not only Russian people but also the South, the little Russian, branch with the West. Maybe Poroshenko believes that in the new Empire, the territory of Ukraine will flourish – as it flourished in the Imperial-Soviet period? That is, the Germans begin to take care of the Russian world is carved from a piece of Russia, preserving its culture and rising economy? A “General plan East” on the contrary. But in order to really believe it, you need to be at least a German citizen by the name of Klitschko.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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