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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The film “Moscow, I tolerate you” will open the competition program of the festival “We live!”

August 27, the Day of Russian cinema, Kinostar on the Sparrow hills opens the festival “We live!”. And preceded its August 25 a large gathering of journalists and participants who spoke in detail about what awaits us all in the festival days. “We will live!” will begin with short films “Mother” with popular actor and more recently Director Kirill Pletnev, where the main role was played by Svetlana Khodchenkova and Valery Barinov. On the eve of the festival we spoke to its President — actor, Director, Chairman of the Moscow organization of the Union of cinematographers of Russia, Chairman of the Committee for culture of Moscow city Duma Evgeny GERASIMOV.

Svetlana Khodchenkova Olga Lapshina in the film “Mother”. Photo: Sergey Bolotin

— Your festival takes part in city events to mark the Day of Russian cinema. Not too much noise in a very difficult situation in the national cinema?

— I agree with you, the problems in the film a lot. And the holiday they decide, but he focuses on the situation in the movie. Our cinema is heavily commercialized, and the basis of everything should be. You have to understand who is currently shooting a movie who gets the money and what we see on the screen. This is a serious conversation. Our festival “we Will live!” will be held for the fifth time. It was originally intended to support young filmmakers and promoting their films. Those who are just starting, there is no possibility to show their first job. This year our festival has grown into a festival of Russian cinema. We show not only short films but also feature length. Filmmakers of different generations, not only for the young, lack the focus and sites for the screening of their films. And audiences want to see our movie.

The government declared 2016 to be the year of Russian cinema, offers the opportunity to celebrate and Day movie greatly. Will open the city-owned cinema, the screenings will be held at parks and libraries, screens installs even on the streets. Moscow will turn into a huge filming area. All of this will continue in the city Day on September 10-11. One of the cinemas will be decorated in the spirit of the film “guest from the future” Pavel Arsenov, filmed in 1984. The festival organizers have invited me to go out dressed as a robot Werther, which I once played. But I think I’ll leave it to someone from young, and he’ll be signing autographs.

— Not afraid to get lost with the festival in that the stream of film events?

— August 27 will be held many events, including the Bolshoi theater, where he will be Denis Matsuev. But I assure you, all of there seats are not enough. So come to our tent on the Sparrow hills, is designed for 400 places at the same time will open the festival “We live!”. And in the cinema “Cosmos” we will show full-length feature films. Open the program the film “Moscow, I tolerate you” Sergey Aksenov. It also includes: “goldfish” by Alexander galibina, “Bird” Kseniya Baskakova, “Doctor” Gosha Kutsenko, “the Lights” by Ilya Teachers and other tapes. The jury of the programme will be headed by Alexander Shirvindt. Its membership will also include: actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, the first Deputy chief editor of “MK” Peter Spector, the General producer of the film Studio. Gorky Sergei Zernov. September 2, the festival will conclude at the House of cinema film “After you” Anna matison and Sergei Bezrukov in a leading role.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

— Can you comment on the numerous conversations that beloved by the audience of the festival “Moscow premiere” has ceased to exist because it was replaced by Yevgeny Gerasimov its new festival “we Will live!”?

— “Moscow premiere”, by and large, I initiated. I came to the film critic Vyacheslav Shmyrov and asked me to help in her organization, and I helped. I wasn’t going to disturb anyone, especially someone to displace. Chip “the Moscow premiere” was to participate in the “Moskovsky Komsomolets” in the festival. And then “Moscow premiere” has gone to independent swimming without us. Where I wanted there and swam. I think there’s room for everybody in this world. At our festival halls are always full. A “MK” — our partner. I managed to attract a lot of authorities who are supporting the festival, and tomorrow probably will not refuse to help its members if they appeal to him about filming in Moscow. Done a great job in this regard.

— Youth forums often feel the indifference of those for whom they are, in fact, planned. Adults are trying to organize something, and the young do not need it. They don’t even come to the shows to their fellow students.

“I started this festival with the youth were their wishes. They asked me to organize a festival of genres of different movies, but always professional, not shot on the knee. As Secretary of the Russian cinematographers Union and Chairman of its Moscow branch, I helped in the organization of the youth Commission, SK. It is the desire of young filmmakers — to show a movie on the Sparrow hills, the parks of the city. Everywhere will be different audiences with different interests. The reaction of the audience, we will evaluate the power noise, and screenings of short films vote will be light.


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