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Monday, March 12, 2018

Sergey Mazaev: “good night” to you not “In St. Petersburg to drink”

The famous “good night, kids!” will appear on the morning version, which predictably will be called “good morning, kids!” Many are surprised to learn that the Intro to the book was written by the permanent leader of the “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov. While fans of the controversial musician is actively discussing the news in social networks, we decided to learn how to react to her colleagues Cord around the stage, playing music of other genres. Comments “MK”, given by romantic pop ballads Michael Bagel and the leader “the Moral code” Sergey Mazaev.

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Michael BAGEL:

– Honestly, I am now immersed in their own backyard, and the first time I hear about this news, do not follow such things. Can I imagine some own composition, sounding in the show? Hardly. When I write my songs, this is a slightly different process. Creating music for TV is a different story, a completely different work. So the things that the author creates for solo repertoire and for a specific product, of course, vary. Was engaged in doing many artists. I know that Bulat Okudzhava, for example, wrote “soundtracks” to the cartoons and movies. If I had to create a musical accompaniment to a program, perhaps I would agree. It all depends on the ideas. If the concept would be interesting to me — why not, it is a curious experience.

Sergey MAZAEV:

My music is quite often used in TV. For example, recently, Maria Zakharova have used our music in his programme on Russia Today. All this is possible. Sergey Shnurov I’m like a ska-rock-n-roll satirist. On stage he plays the role of the characters, which should not be in our lives, unbridled drunken sailors, who at one time cut the whole of Russia. “In St. Petersburg to drink”, “Louboutins” – all this is a satire on the misuse of concepts, things and ourselves in the world. These artists this is not a crack. They just give their ideas, and people by virtue of its level of development interpretiruya it somehow. Some at the news that the Cords wrote the Intro to a children’s television show, for some reason, there are associations with the song “In St. Petersburg to drink.” Of course, everything will be different. Sergey is a very talented person and probably wrote good music for this program. Besides, I think television themselves “authorities” are aware of that that you can not.

Watch the video on “Rebranding “good night, kids!” held: the soundtrack from Shnurov, the lead – Valuev”


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