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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Scientists have found humans the planet next door

British astronomers reported the discovery of a presumably appropriate for the life of the world, perhaps the closest to Earth of all.

Astronomers from Queen Mary University in London, opened located 4.2 light years from the Solar system, exoplanets, are relatively similar with the Land theoretically suitable for settlement by humans. It is reported TASS with reference to the journal Nature.

Led by Guillaume Anglada-Escude a group of scientists suggested that a planet with similar parameters that are even closer, hardly exists.

Is not just the closest of the already discovered earth-like planets, but probably the nearest planet outside the Solar system from the already opened or to be opened. There is no star closer, Proxima Centauri, the Solar system, respectively planet of the star closest to the Solar system, stresses Anglada-Escude.

We are talking about a distance of 4.2 light-years from us, whereas previously it was thought that the closest planet circling the red TRAPPIST-1 at a distance of 40 light years from our Solar system.

On the planet next door” knows that it reaches a 1.3 earth mass. Proxima B makes a revolution around its star in 11.2 days. It is my distance substantially less than between the Earth and the sun (only 5% of the distance), and the temperature of the star is also much lower.

On the planet may be liquid water and the atmosphere. The air temperature at the surface is estimated at 30-40 degrees.

Unfortunately, most likely, the level of ultraviolet and radiation on this planet is 100 times stronger than on Earth. But even if the prospects of the population of this planet people in fact will not, for the science of celestial body still is of great interest.

Located next door is not just a nice thing, it’s a dream come true for astronomers, who want to continue watching the object, – says co-author Ansgar Reyners.

Interesting objects, however, there are astronomers not so rare. In August a study was published exoplanet GJ 1132b, a distance of 39 light years from Earth. This planet has an atmosphere, and, most importantly, oxygen – namely oxygen atmosphere makes possible the existence on Earth familiar to us life forms. Unfortunately, this celestial body to colonize not right: on the surface of a rocky planet recorded temperature is too high.


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