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Monday, March 19, 2018

Poroshenko took the sympathies of the Russian population

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko expressed gratitude to the Russian compatriots, most of whom, according to him, supported the unity of Ukraine. As experts believe, thus, Poroshenko to the West demonstrates its tolerance for “ethnic minority”, and on the other hand, he tries to rely on Russian, and on it he has his reasons.

“External threat has accelerated the process of formation of modern Ukrainian political nation based on civic patriotism,” – said Wednesday President Petro Poroshenko, speaking in the center of Kiev on the occasion of independence Day of Ukraine. According to Poroshenko, Ukrainian-speaking and Russian-speaking citizens, Ukrainians, ethnic Russians, Crimean Tatars and other ethnic groups “all stand firmly on the positions of Ukrainian patriotism,” UNIAN quoted him.

“It is against Ukrainian nationalists. And all the overtures of Peter I in the direction of the Russian-speaking population – attempts to find a foothold on such a shaky platform”

As the newspaper VIEW, on Monday, Poroshenko met with representatives of the Ukrainian Diaspora also made a compliment to the Russian minority, saying that the vast majority of Russian compatriots, supported a United Ukraine, allowing the full scale of the project “new Russia” was not implemented.

Localizers “Eastern hordes”

“We buried the project “new Russia”, in particular due to the fact that the vast majority of our Russian-speaking compatriots said a strong “Yes” unified, independent, Cathedral Ukraine. We liberated a large part of the Donbass and localized Eastern Horde in the South-Eastern regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions”, – said Poroshenko.

Poroshenko also accused Moscow of the fact that she does not consider Ukrainians as a separate people, denies them the “almost official” “the right to ethnic identity”. “How else to understand Putin’s statement that Ukrainians and Russians are one people, Ukrainian people do not exist? How not to recall the phrase of Stalin: Ukrainians – the same Russian?” – rhetorically asked the President.

Add that to the adviser to the interior Minister of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada Deputy Anton Gerashchenko, known for their violent attacks against Russia, too, suddenly acted in a conciliatory spirit, saying that Russian has retained its national identity, to do with Ukrainians, but not as much as now, but gently and gradually.

Poroshenko plays on the Western audience

Director of the Kiev Institute of policy analysis and management Ruslan Bortnik sure that such statements Poroshenko tries to balance his previous statements. In a recent conversation with media owners, on the contrary, expressed his irritation by the fact that the air is not enough Ukrainian language and demanded to extend its presence.

“This is a game to the public. Not even the rudiments of a productive dialogue with the Russian-speaking group. Moreover, in many areas there is a further pressure and the displacement of the Russian language of education, administration, justice, etc., – said Bortnik newspaper VIEW. – Let me remind you that at least 30% of the population speaks Russian. Before the war, and the events of the Crimean it was 15 million Ukrainians.”

Bortnik is sure that such a statement does not mean fear of Kiev before the emergence of the new republics by type of DNR and LNR. “The authorities do not fear. But there is a risk of early elections where the votes of Russian-speaking citizens will need. And there’s a certain pressure from the West, primarily from the OSCE, Council of Europe, in terms of language control, and the government is trying to show a good face, she’s so liberal, democratic,” – suggested the expert.

Poroshenko is looking for a foothold on a rickety platform

Unlike Bortnik, the Ukrainian political analyst Rostislav Ishchenko believes that the President addresses this kind of rhetoric is not the West, and the Russian audience, in the support which he needs because his position leaves much to be desired.

“Ganged up on him, the Ukrainian nationalists, which protrude from the building of a mono-ethnic state. And all the overtures of Peter I in the direction of the Russian-speaking population is trying to find a foothold on the shaky platform”, – the expert believes.

According to Ishchenko, about any objective opinion polls in Ukraine today there is no question, however, the majority of Russian speakers supported the idea of peace and federalization. “In my estimation, about half of the population of Ukraine. And the idea of federalization and granting the Russian-speaking population of the country supports, even some supporters of the Maidan. If you look at the Ukrainian social network, we can see an active debate between Russian and Ukrainian supporters of the Maidan. Many people, even those who participated in the ATO, but until then welcomed the Maidan, really do not understand why they have to renounce their native language and to dress up in ethnic Ukrainians”, – he said.

The nation was formed, and split

Despite the assurances of the President, Bortnik believes that after the Maidan, new Ukrainian political nation and not developed. According to him, society is simply split, and the tone yet sets its “westernized” part.

“Not only radical people, there are liberal-minded, which today represent publicly the Ukrainian political nation. But this is not the rebirth of the Ukrainian people or the population of the USSR in the political nation. This is the split within society. If you look at any polls about NATO, evrointegratsii, about 40% of people are westernized and different look at the story differently perceive the role of Ukraine in the world today. This part is the dominant in the political dialogue, which today is called the Ukrainian political nation,” says Bortnik.

In his opinion, the Russian speaking part of society that the dominant group perceives as people, “which to agitate, to convince and lead the way of rejection of the Soviet past, a way of integration into the Ukrainian culture.”

About Russian and Russian-speaking population, sooner or later, recalled all Ukrainian presidents, from Kravchuk to Yanukovych, Poroshenko was a successor of this tradition – to talk a lot and do nothing, reminded Ishchenko.

“Leonid Kuchma promised to struggle for the rights of Russian-speaking compatriots, and Victor Yushchenko thanked those who supported the first independence. The Ukrainian authorities are well aware that in reality 86% of the population speaks Russian. When the government needs the support of the population, she turns always first to the Russian-speaking compatriots. Real things all these overtures ever to eat will not, because the very construction of the Ukrainian nation based on the denial of everything Russian”, – said political scientist newspaper VIEW.

Recall that last week, former President Viktor Yushchenko admitted that at least in the years of his reign, the country was part of the “Russian world”. In 2008, according to sociologists, the majority of Ukrainians are ready to vote for Putin, reminded the former President.

“About it we stood on the Maidan”

The behavior Poroshenko at the festival on Wednesday caused a stream of jokes in the blogosphere. Speaking before the military commander suddenly quoted the Soviet poet Vladimir Mayakovsky: “Comrade Moskal, Ukraine jokes are not rocks”. A fragment from the poem “the Debt of Ukraine” the head of state tried to explain what a parade is held. Meanwhile, full public performance “of the Debt Ukraine” falls under the prohibition of article 4 of the law on decommunization since then Mayakovsky quoted in this “international”.

According to Pro-Russian activist, journalist Artem’s Busily, who spent almost a year in prison of the SBU in Odessa, the President casually violated if not the letter, the spirit of self-signed law. “Mayakovsky was a Communist poet. And in Ukraine, as you know, is decommunization – the demolition of the monuments and renamed streets. It turns out that Petro had violated its own political and ideological orientation,” says Booze.

He also is skeptical about the gratitude Poroshenko Russian-speaking population for patriotism. “The Russian-speaking population policy of the government in General does not support. Just look at least the results of any elections, which in Russian-speaking regions are very different from Western Ukraine. With the exception of Kiev, nowhere in the other regions have a special love for “independence” among the Russian-speaking population are seen. Remember the mass protest demonstrations of Russian-speaking population in Odessa, Kharkov, Kherson, Nikolaev. But there were also Russian-speaking Donbass and the Crimea”, – he said the newspaper VIEW.

The parade in Kiev was preceded by the already poetic, and musical scandal, said Wednesday “Kommersant”. In order of de-communization and de-Russification writers – brothers Dmitry and Vitaly Kapranov demanded from the Ministry to remove from the music program of the festival March from the Opera by Sergei Prokofiev Semyon Kotko, “which tells about the struggle of the red partisans against Petlyura and Hetman order”. And also to prevent the execution of the music of Moussorgsky and Tchaikovsky. Writers are required to replace them with works of Ukrainian composers. Minister of culture Yevhen Nyshchuk, in response, assured that “the Russian-Soviet peace on the Maidan will not.” In the end, the parade was opened by a March of the Ukrainian Mykola Lysenko. “About it we stood on the Maidan. Independence should be in everything – in politics, in music, in literature,” said Kapranova.

By the way, the speech of President Poroshenko welcomed the parade shouting “Glory!” – the only one preserved in the Ukrainian army after its Sovietization.


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