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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Person for the first time in history brought out of the coma with the help of ultrasound

A team of specialists representing the University of California at Los Angeles have successfully used the technology of brain stimulation ultrasonic pulses for the withdrawal of the patient from the coma. The methodology was tested on humans for the first time and can now be widely disseminated.

photo: pixabay.com

New non-invasive method used to “restart” the brain of 25-year-old patient, who was in a coma. The only operation that was used in a similar situation still involves surgery and is associated with greater risk – we are talking about electrical stimulation of neurons through the introduction into the tissues of the brain electrodes.

Scientists have resorted to technology, which is supposed to be much less dangerous. It involves the stimulation of low-intensity focused ultrasonic pulse region of the brain called the thalamus. This area is responsible for the redistribution of information from most of the sensory organs to the cerebral cortex, and, as expected, plays a role in the memorization process. Impulses are sent from a device about the size of a stand for the mug. Scientists explain that this device creates a kind of “acoustic field”, forcing brain tissue to earn again in normal mode. Ultrasound was used 10 times for 30 seconds with 10 minutes breaks between inclusions.

If initially the patient is almost did not show signs of consciousness – it is only slightly stirred, reacting to the voice. However, within three days after exposure to the sound pulses, he began to fully realize what was happening around him, to nod or to shake her head in response to questions, and once even waved goodbye to the doctor. Experts say that this suggests that the state recently who was in a coma comes back to normal very quickly.

If the technology will continue to show its effectiveness in the future based on it can be created a special helmet that allows to bring people out of comas quickly, safely and inexpensively, according to the scientists.

The results the researchers presented in the journal Brain Stimulation.


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