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Saturday, December 16, 2017

It revealed the secret of the abnormal rains in Russia

A group of British researchers under the leadership of Richard Hall the University of Sheffield have discovered why in some cities of Russia and other countries of the European continent in recent years, summer are unusually heavy rains, and the summer weather is often colder than typical for this season. As expected, the obtained insights will allow meteorologists in the future to make more accurate predictions.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

According to scientists, the key role in the formation of a rather unusual weather could play a so-called “jet” of wind over the North Atlantic, one of which blows over the polar latitudes and the second on tropical. Experts studied the behavior of these powerful streams of air for more than 50 years, and it was already known that they have quite a significant impact on weather in Europe in winter. However, in the summer these winds greatly weakened and their influence on climate has long been underestimated.

In the new study experts came to the conclusion that the more Northern of the “jet” of winds determines the weather in summer seasons at a very high rate – more than 30 percent. The wind controls the position of the regions of high and low pressure that makes the weather in the regions where it blows, colder and rainy and far away – on the contrary, hot and dry.

In turn, the “jet” wind influence, including the area of the winter ice in the Arctic. Thus, the weather in many European cities, it indirectly affects the shrinking of the polar caps, and for 15 years it becomes one of the main preconditions for the numerous and heavy rains during the summer season.

Experts hope that their findings will help in the work of a large number of people involved in monitoring the weather, whether climate scientists or meteorologists.

His research scientists published in the journal Climate Dynamics.


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