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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

In Donetsk, the saboteur had not brought the bomb to the Motorola

In the center of Donetsk today again was a blast. Swept to pieces by an unknown man. According to one version, he was carrying an explosive device when it detonated. Most interesting is that the explosion occurred near the house, where Vice Prime Minister and well-known militia, the commander of the “Sparta” Motorola. Not far, also the school № 9. In DND believe that the explosion — this is a bad work of saboteurs who were planning on this day a series of terrorist attacks in the city.

photo: youtube.com

“Heard the explosion, saw out of the bushes a column of smoke, then saw from the same bushes a man came running out with a backpack and ran in the direction of the river Kalmius,” – told reporters a local resident. The people who ran toward the blast site, found around just lumps of meat. “Yes, tough. Went to look near the 9-th school was a blast. The guy just smashed to pieces, so only the big pile of guts lies on top of the head. Apparently, exploded the fact that he was carrying. At least, no craters on the earth, there is nothing, and the scene of the explosion is clearly for planting is not suitable. Probably, unsuccessful attempt to plant a bomb was. Removed the remains of the video, but will not spread is too much. Better erase it,” wrote one user of social networks from Donetsk. The second user photo is still posted…the Spectacle is unpleasant.

According to the head of DND Alexander Zakharchenko, ” we can talk about the failed sabotage against famous people in the country, such as Deputy Prime Minister of the DNI or the famous commander of the “Sparta” Arseny Pavlov (Motorola)”. However, according to Zakharchenko, the explosive device was laid in the trash. But I don’t know who died in the blast. A man passing by would not have received such injuries.

On the eve of specslujbi DNR reported that intelligence has detected activity of the Ukrainian subversive groups in the Kuibyshev district of Donetsk. It was assumed that the saboteurs are committing terrorist attacks on water treatment facilities of the city. . This was at the briefing said the Deputy commander of the operational command of the Republic Eduard Bacurin. And two days ago was defused an explosive device planted near the house of head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko. “On Monday, was found laying on me, near my home, with a plastic explosive and striking elements”— he said. Seem rebuffed in Crimea, the Ukrainian saboteurs now focused on the DNI and LC.

Read the story “the Saboteurs, scratched the Carpenter, wanted to hit at the same time in Lugansk and the Crimea


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