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Friday, March 16, 2018

Even the new military symbols of Ukraine recalls Russia

Last day parade in Kiev on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Ukrainian independence, demonstrated independence and military emblems. On Khreshchatyk were part for the first time in the post-Soviet era dressed in non-Soviet and even anti-Soviet – uniforms. However, a group of military symbols, preserving reminders of Russia, Ukraine was not able to refuse.

In the parade, in the presence of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak, four thousand people, most of whom participated in the conflict in the Donbass, and also 200 units of armored vehicles passed through the main street of Kiev – Khreshchatyk and independence square, RIA “Novosti”. Marched representatives of the armed forces, the National guard, the State border service. They were all dressed in new ways.

“We come off the scoop. Forever. Even in this”

The total number of kits of the new form, which saw Kiev, is small, and it only lasted for the parade. But soon she will go to the troops and will be tested in the next few months. Finally, as preobladanie the Ukrainian army will be completed within two years.

The basis of the new Ukrainian form taken form the British armed forces, but elements of the uniforms of the Ukrainian armies in the civil war (“petlurites”), and United with them, the Ukrainian Galician army, the regular army of the Western Ukrainian people’s Republic. So, introduced new insignia, angular Chevron-shaped “Christmas trees”, as in soldiers”petlurites”. Also, instead of stars on the shoulder straps appear diamonds, or rather diamond-shaped star, the mention of which still contained in the concept of development of Armed forces of Ukraine from 1992. This is, perhaps, most importantly, what is to distinguish the Ukrainian army of a new sample.

Along with the form are changed and some titles. Instead of a lance Sergeant is a corporal (two Chevron narrow). After the Sergeant and staff Sergeant in the Ukrainian army now is master Sergeant (four chevrons with narrow lower semicircular arc). The following rank – staff Sergeant (one wide Chevron with the loop) and chief staff Sergeant (one wide and one narrow Chevron with the bottom shackle). Master Sergeant (two narrow and one wide Chevron Chevron with a diamond and the lower semicircular arc), now the oldest noticedshe title.

The second Lieutenant will replace the cornet (a single diamond on the pursuit), the Lieutenant will wear two longitudinal diamond, senior Lieutenant – three, a captain four. Epaulettes senior officers include, in addition to diamonds, the ornament for each rank of your. The army General in uniform will, in addition to the ornament, one big diamond, Trident and two crossed maces. In this case, there is an almost complete repetition of the epaulettes of the generals of the Ukrainian Galician army. The most unusual new title, which will now appear in the Ukrainian armed forces, is a Brigadier General in the armies of NATO countries.

Project developers forms and symbolism journalist Vitaliy Gaydukevich, honored artist of Ukraine Oleksiy Rudenko, graphic artist Alexander Lezhnev, a member of Ukrainian heraldic society Nikolay Chmyr and others in the working group consisted of 20 people) did not hide that wanted to distance themselves from the Soviet legacy. “Military symbolism should be national in fact, it is one of the criteria in its development”, – said the newspaper VIEW Alexander Lezhnev. “We come off the scoop. Forever. Even in this”, – wrote in his “Facebook” Advisor to the Ukrainian President Yury Biryukov.

Emblem of special operations Forces (photo: facebook.com/usofcom)

However, not all development group has found understanding from those they were actually intended – that is the military. For example, Ukrainian television showed an interview with a Ukrainian soldier, who argues that in fact no change in the new uniforms compared to the old no.

The biggest criticism was aroused by the symbolism of the individual branches of service, units and structures. Thus, the disturbance caused by the emblem of the youngest in the Ukrainian army troops – was established in April 2015 of the special operations Forces. This emblem – a werewolf as you think you are special, just they are not perfect. The command of the special operations Forces even issued a letter of protest. The military believes that it would be better to take as the emblem of the special forces are not a werewolf, but, for example, a dagger. The werewolf did not like, and social networks, where a new logo has been dubbed the “sick dog in the bushes.” However, to revise the working group is not going to. Moreover, all changes have already been approved by the decree of Peter Poroshenko.

Leave in the past the emblem on the tank shape tank. Instead there will be a knight’s glove with a Mace. But the emblem of the troops did not dare touch. The airborne forces will still parachute and motto “Nobody but us” – as in the Russian (Soviet) army. By the way, the author of the motto of the founder of the airborne forces of the Soviet Union Vasily Margelov (VDV because commonly called as “troops uncle Vasya”), is a native of Dnipropetrovsk (now renamed to Dnepr). The only thing that will lose the Ukrainian Marines, is the blue beret, and in the long term. Them as promised Biryukov, over time, will replace the maroon, as the Bundeswehr. In addition, a beret will be a hat for all categories of the Ukrainian army. While caps with ear-flaps winter in the form of Ukrainian soldiers will not. They will eventually replace, but what is not yet clear.

Emblems of the military units participating in the parade (photo: president.gov.ua)

From the Ukrainian army officially left this attribute in common with the Russia of the past, as the Victory Banner – the red flag with hammer and sickle and the name of the parts. The law on the procedure for its use was adopted by Parliament in 2011 and in same year contested by the Constitutional court of the country. The debate about how to use this flag in the Ukrainian army, continued until 2013. With the beginning of hostilities in the Donbass Ukrainian military de facto abandoned the banner of Victory, because it actively began to use parts of the DNI and LC. Then there was adopted a package of laws on de-communization, which include the law On the condemnation of the Communist and national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and the prohibition of propaganda of their symbols”. He ruled out a demonstration of the flags and awards associated with the symbols of the USSR available to the Ukrainian military units.

While officially these awards and banners of military units are not lost. For example, 80-I separate desantno-assault brigade (Lviv brigade, who fought at the Donetsk airport) still has the order of the red star, awarded in 1958. By the way, the ban on wearing awarded in Soviet times awards in the Ukraine.

Perhaps, the greatest degree of similarity of the Ukrainian army with Soviet and Russian until recently could say, the highest Ukrainian award. So, the star of Hero of Ukraine is very similar in appearance to the star of Hero of Russia and Hero of the Soviet Union. But now decided to introduce a new highest military award in the Ukrainian army – crosses. Cross will appear “Military glory”, “the Cross of the Brave “Steel cross”.

“Military glory” is awarded to distinguished themselves in the fighting. Apparently, it is assumed that this cross will replace the order “For courage” (equivalent is in Russia). “The cross of the Brave unable to both military and civil, rendered assistance to the armed forces. The “steel cross” is the officer’s award for planning, leadership and success in combat operations. There are new medals, which have no analogues in the USSR or Russia. The medal “For the blood sacrifice” will be given to those who were wounded, the medal “For invincibility” will be those who remained faithful to the oath in captivity. But military medics and volunteers (a lot of power in today’s Ukrainian army can count on a medal “For assistance to the army.”

Interestingly, the statutes of the Ukrainian army the country’s authorities are not going to change. Everything will remain as it was, which is understandable. The appeal of “pan” along with “comrade” became statutory in the nineties, the Ukrainian language as the language of command too. Here, however, as practice shows, not always even the commanders of the regular Ukrainian army, not to mention the volunteer battalions, giving command of the Ukrainian language. After all, the main part of the Ukrainian servicemen (as the main part of the population) in everyday life uses Russian rather than Ukrainian language. According to the Ministry of defense of Ukraine, the largest number of “funerals” don’t come to the South, East or West, and in the Central part of the country. Leaders in the number of victims in the zone of armed conflict, as in 2014, there are two cities: Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk.


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