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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Clinton is trying to transfer their vices to trump with the “Russian factor”

According to the latest polls, Clinton increased his lead from trump to 12% (survey by Reuters and Ipsos), or at least to 6% (YouGov survey and the Economist). However, we cannot rule out that their role here was played by the attempt to denigrate the billionaire through anyone not yet proven “ties with Russia”. But in the end, Clinton runs the risk of achieving the opposite, namely, improving the relationship of Americans to the Russian Federation.

The accusations against trump on the subject of relations with Russia sounded and then, when this was not mentioned in the Russian media, and even when no connection could be located at all desire “whistleblowers.” Nothing unusual in this. In the bowels of the Republican party a few years ago formed quite a popular opinion that Vladimir Putin is a strong leader the likes of which need the US, but instead God sent the Americans to “namby-pamby Obama.” Basically this view was supported by the young Republicans, did not find in the age of the cold war. Democrats such sentiments have seen and tried to turn them against competitors. So “namby-pamby Obama” in 2014, made fun of Republican youngsters, saying that “some right-wing Republicans too carried away bare-chested Vladimir Putin.” By the way, the part of the electorate of the democratic party considered the joke homophobic, while she sounded long before the ascent of the star of Donald trump.

“Two hacker-bear, most likely, Russians, moreover, with a medium degree of confidence can be argued” that Fancy Bear is associated with GRU, and with the “low percentage” that Cozy Bear is working for the FSB”

These “Russophile” sentiments part of billionaire Republicans successfully played during the primaries and as you know, come to success, despite the grumbling of Democrats and some party members, condemning “sympathy for the bad guys. Another thing is that in relation to internal American problems it was all a question of a deep secondary. Foreign policy issues generally have little interest to American voters, the perception of the world which in most cases is within the boundaries of the United States, and sometimes specific state. Where the Kremlin, where in Oklahoma? But the extra guns from Clinton was not, and very soon the “Russian theme” has taken in the election campaign of atypical significant place.

The first serious attempt at a “fasten” trump Putin really made the main Bulletin of the Metropolitan Democrats, The Washington Post. The publication pointed out that trump repeatedly visited Moscow, he spent in Russia, the final belonging to him at the time of the contest “Miss universe”, but then the billionaire had friendly relations with the Russian Crocus Group owner Aras Agalarov, who was a contractor when carrying out a beauty contest. Trump tried to get on the Russian market and as a developer, but without much success. Thus, serious business ties between trump and Russia could not be found, so the material was based on only one friendship with Agalarov, who apparently shot down an honest American capitalist democratic way.

The publication has had some success, but overall it looked probing the soil, rather than a real attempt to expose trump for communication with the Russians. Everything changed after the election of the Congress of Democrats, to which the portal WikiLeaks published the correspondence of the national Committee of the democratic party. This body acted as the organizer of the primaries and the idea was to be an independent arbitrator. From correspondence followed that the DNC openly worked for Clinton and against her opponent Bernie Sanders. Instead of having to repent to the voters and Sanders, Democrats decided to shift responsibility from blame on others, namely Democrats hired a firm CrowdStrike specializing in cyber security, spotted the same Russian trace in the hacking of the mail servers of DNC. But notice very carefully: the head of the company Dmitry Alperovich said that the code used to crack found elements common to the two hackers, known as Fancy Bear and Cozy Bear (the word “fancy” – about a dozen values, from “fashion” to “bizarre”, “сozy” cozy). According to pros, the two hackers of bear, most likely, the Russian, more “with a medium degree of confidence can be argued” that Fancy Bear is associated with GRU, and with the “low percentage” that Cozy Bear is working for the FSB. In General, if tomorrow it turns out that Democrats hacked not Russian, and Nigerian boy, Alperovich straw already spread.

However, the opinion that the DNC is “broke at the behest of the Kremlin” in the democratic press was almost unanimous. Further publications on this topic all of the many “maybe” and “probably” somewhere mysteriously disappeared, the Russian wine was served as a proven fact. And if so, there is active intervention on the part of Russia in the electoral process, trying to help one candidate and harm another. While in the second plan out one fundamental thing: Clinton in this story is not the innocent victim of the Kremlin’s aggression, but man, a little rigged the results of the primaries or at least actively using what in Russia is called “administrative resource”.

Another direction to search for “Russian ears” campaign trump is a separate page biographies of some members of his election headquarters. In particular, by Paul Manafort, who headed the electoral headquarters of the trump, until recently, advised Rinat Akhmetov and Viktor Yanukovych. And Yanukovych is “Pro-President”, therefore, Manafort – “Pro-Russian” political consultant. From the point of view of the American media, this impeccable logic: about “Ukrainian” past Manafort over the last couple of weeks has not only lazy democratic journalist, publications and stories on this subject noted all the colors of the American press, including Washington Post, New York Times and CNN.

The Washington Post has been at the forefront of the attack and in another story, rhyming trump with Putin. It was on its pages Pulitzer prize winner and author of books about the Gulag, Anne Appelbaum suggested that trump may not be associated with Putin directly, but he “oligarch in the Russian style”, repeatedly visited in Moscow had caviar spoons and was delayed in Moscow night clubs. So, trump is a spiritual supporter of Putin and wants to create in America a system of government similar to Russia, where all oligarchs controlled using policy levers for dishonest gain. And I must say that the oligarchs in the US really dislike, especially the Russian, the benefit of a bad reputation they enjoyed not only at home.

At the headquarters of the former first lady, meanwhile, brought these charges against trump in a single list. On Sunday, the campaign Manager Robbie Flour is also called main rival Clinton’s “Russian oligarch”, said the participation of Manafort in his campaign, and called on the Republican candidate tell how the Kremlin’s influence on his campaign. “There is a network of financial ties with Russia, which were not disclosed. And this is a serious question whether trump is just a puppet of the Kremlin?” – pathetically inquired of the Flour.

Thus, the rate for “denigration of the tramp through the Russian” was done centrally focused and, judging by recent ratings, not in vain. In the United States really belong to Russia rather critically, positive emotions, according to a survey by Gallup, it is only 30% of Americans. The maximum level of love for Russia was recorded in America in the distant 2002, to 66%, the minimum year ago (24%), that is, against the background of the presidential campaign, Russia were treated better. In General, it does not explain this perseverance of Clinton. As mentioned above, the whole foreign policy for Americans – a secondary factor. Thus sympathy and antipathy to Russia is distributed to Democrats and Republicans about evenly (which is not true about age groups – young people still have an interest in Russia is much warmer feelings than are people of retirement and pre-retirement age). Then – why?

Version is the most different, up to the lobbying of industrial groups, directly interested in a new cold war. But political strategists have a point of view: Trump consistently “pririsovyvat” those vices, which, according to critics, is suffering from Clinton herself. Maybe as President, trump really will use political leverage to further personal enrichment, but the corruption scandal of the Clinton Foundation, is booming now. There is in this scandal and his “Russian trace” relating to the sale of the greater part of the Rosatom uranium mines USA. Clinton this transaction was approved as Secretary of state, and her husband coincidentally around the same time received a substantial cheque from one of the Moscow banks for a short lecture in Moscow. This idea was expressed, for example, a columnist for the Financial Times Shawn Donnan, confident that all attempts to find a Russian trace in the campaign trump no more than a distraction from the corruption scandals of the Clinton. Anti-Russian attack on trump is not just “hooks” to the billionaire a negative rating of Putin in the U.S., but also reduces his arguments against Clinton to the level of “very stupid”.

It is clear that in conditions when the Americans are not happy with both major candidates and the battle is not so much on ratings as on the anti-ratings (unprecedented number of voters are going to vote on a method “by contradiction”), there are no bad tools in order to make the enemy is even more “unacceptable” than you do. Let Russian money near trump’s unsubstantiated myth, and near Clinton is a proven fact, more importantly, whose charges will be louder and whose will be remembered better. However, as said Oscar Wilde, “I have heard so much slander in your address, I have no doubt that you are a wonderful person”. Using the Russian card against supporters of Brexit in England or trump in the US, the American strategists can achieve the opposite reaction. That is, the improvement of relations with Russia on the part of Americans (primarily, of course, the Republicans), which is documented in a Gallup survey. Trumpety and Tory of such an Alliance is perhaps not wanted, but the liberal media are pushing them into the arms of Vladimir Putin.

It is unlikely that such effect is desirable for Clinton. This campaign might be, and you win. But there will be others that are still virtual, but in the long term and very real “international Alliance of conservatives” can get in the best shape. And that Clinton will become President-a disappointment” (if you do become President, apparently, believe even many of her nominal supporters.


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