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Sunday, March 25, 2018

Chair beyond good and evil

The expression “beyond good and evil” very well describes our reality. Those who are in power and one by one to accept strange and terrible decisions, not the beast in the flesh. No claws, no fangs, often not even a conscious desire to make things worse.

photo: Alex geldings

Every morning they look at themselves in the mirror and see a beautiful well-fed men and blooming, though already some withered women. Unless it’s the same villains? No, just ask them and they honestly say, “Well what are we villains, the ordinary people. Just tired of the annoying harassment these. Dependent.

Them, that is us, because we constantly need something. Someone — salaries, some of the normal laws. Others — a fair trial, the third — just perspectives, to know that tomorrow will be a little but better than yesterday.

And that’s just terribly tiring: everyone needs something, everyone is constantly making demands. Because beyond good and evil is difficult to understand, to hear what the people say. Annoying noise when you really just want to live without distractions.

For myself, I can’t explain all the recent events nothing else. That seems to be a solid experienced officer — and suddenly breaks down: “never, Never you will not get the money!” People are obviously tired of the fact that he has always something to ask, beg, require. And he can not understand that they require simply because he is at his post. Office and he came together, the title, dignity, rank and regalia stuck to him, not to slap. To understand he can not, so annoyed: what is it with require he do with it, your problem — you sort it out.

Finally, leave me alone already, go into business themselves, for God’s sake, the money is still there.

Our official forgot that he just takes the position that when it came to her, not planning to stay there forever, until the end of their own century. However, now remain. In the worst case, he will select some soft serene chair — Ambassador to the Sunny country, a Senator in the Federation Council, or the lowly assistant-Advisor in subtle but rich Bank.

Everything is known in advance, and therefore particularly sad that now what else need to do something, to solve something, someone reassure.

However, other representative of the government is still able to hear other people’s voices. They anxiously whisper, I beg, some of them even insist. But here’s what I want — is not clear. Forgot that they usually require people. Whether the Crimea, or cream, or Alaska, or the stroller.

So — here’s to you, do not worry, Stalingrad instead of Volgograd. Happy? No? Well, excuse me, not to take back a gift horse in the teeth do not look. And here’s another, a little Church school. How, and don’t want to? Well, you can not please everyone.

And yet we’re terrified to talk about obscurantism, that Russia is sinking into the lambent fires of the middle Ages, the officer continues to not understand why they want? After all, like all correctly made: spirituality, patriotism — and they are unhappy again.

Himself he never tries. It is beyond, not from this world. He likes to eat and sleep sweetly. He is interested in foreign food and foreign travel. But he is a he. And they are the ones who ask, — are they what you see here in common?

I don’t know when the individual crossed that line. It seemed like only yesterday was the usual, and today explains that to throw two and a half billion from schools and hospitals on the questionable need football project — this is normal. Well, again: they, these, subordinate, love football, looking hurt. So, should rejoice. How, again, do not guess? Weird.

He himself is unlikely to be bought a soccer ball instead of drugs, but he. What does all this comparison is that an inappropriate Association. You saw where from snout to kalachny series? That’s nothing to even think to compare.

And again: it’s not evil, not contempt, not even very pretty to indifference and misunderstanding.

By and large, there is a difference between “elite” and “elitki”. First always remember that she is flesh of his people. That, as rose above him, so he’ll be back, and the ultimate meaning of its existence to the people to do better.

And “elitka” — on the contrary. She had forgotten their origin, has received a first position, the first billion (you remember where, in the apt words of one businessman should go for one who has no billion?). And doing everything not for some obscure others, and for very specific yourself.

It is therefore not surprising. In the near future we will hear a lot of honest confessions. Although it would seem, much much more. Just remember: we have been advised to eat less. Explained that the who eats a lot — he eats a national leader. That we are all ready to be pressed down, to sacrifice domestic comfort, but to show foreign enemies Fig. We already know that the debate in Parliament is harmful, but our main spiritual brace — serfdom. Human rights — a harmful myth, and the mass murder of the very God’s approval. And, of course, female circumcision.

Share your opinion on it mufti is a typical “elitka”. He knows that just because of physiology it is not threatened, and that that other, why not adjust the speed. Although, I’m sure, in fact he doesn’t care otherwise he would not so quickly retracted his words. Yes, of course, it would be good to trim, but in General, Yes, Allah is with them, waste our time and energy.

I foresee that’ll speak for me in response, saying, and the something! And who are you to then, you know, at all. Not yet, and already there.

Totally agree. To teach I did not intend: I’m just sharing my thoughts on why we are now all so. Why in the country that 16 years ago pretty confident staring into the future, now the head turned in the past, and the most savage barbarism, which seriously discussed at the state level.

Just “elitka” increased. Strengthened root, are accustomed to their warm seats. 16 years of unchangeable power (someone less, someone more, but the total period is approximately clear) who want to turn a head. And then stop to see where it ends and the chair begins loin.

Actually, this is the secret of all bureaucratic revelations: from there, from beyond good and evil. There they settled down.


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