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Monday, October 24, 2016

Called least favorable for the conception of children months

Researchers representing Cambridge and University of Glasgow and National health service in the UK, found that the most desirable time for conception of children is the period from January to March. In favor of such statements, says the study, which was attended by about 800 thousand children.

photo: pixabay.com

According to scientists, conceived from January to March, the children more often suffer from dyslexia, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity disorder or experiencing other learning difficulties. This kind of problem was detected in 8.9 percent of children conceived in the beginning of the year, compared with 7.6 percent among those who were conceived from July to September.

According to the researchers, their results can be explained by the fact that mothers who have conceived a child in the winter or in early spring, can get enough vitamin D during the first trimester of pregnancy. Experts have expressed the hope that in this case, the month of conception does not play a role in if the expectant mother carefully follows the doctor’s advice and taking vitamin D during a period when it may not be enough.

The results are presented on the pages of the scientific publication the American Journal of Epidemiology.

Earlier, another group of specialists representing the University of Bergen in Norway, came to the conclusion that children born in the period from November to January (that is, in all probability, conceived in the period from February to April), some more often than others are prone to asthma due to weak lungs. And in another study conducted by researchers from the University of Southampton, it has been suggested that children born in autumn or winter, the Allergy appears more likely than those born in spring or summer.


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