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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Turkey raised on the Kurds “Shield of the Euphrates

Turkey started to change tactics in the Syrian conflict and went on the offensive. Ground operation carried out by the Ankara supported the us-led coalition, aims to liberate the territory on the border from ISIS. However, the beats have and the position of the Syrian Kurds. The battle for the territorial integrity of Syria need Erdogan to save their own country, and it is with the consent of Russia.

Turkey went into action, launching a ground offensive in the border area of Syria. First celui statement of the operation was the expulsion from the city Dzharablus the forces of ISIS*. Later Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called the broader purpose of the operation. “We are today at 4 a.m. launched a military operation to eliminate the threat posed by ISIS and the Syrian Kurds,” said he.

“Directly against the Kurds, the operation is not directed – the international coalition under the leadership of the United States definitely would not have to participate in it on such terms”

Erdogan added that Ankara intends to end attacks on Turkish territory from the border areas of Syria. According to him, the operation will be completed as soon as possible to eliminate this threat. Russia the Turkish authorities to conduct the operation in Dzharablus also said, reported Turkish media.

“To clean…”

Secnes of Turkey entered the territory of Syria in the night of Wednesday to, as explained by Reuters a Turkish official, “clear” Dzharablus from is militants. A few hours before the Turkish army, with the support of the international coalition launched a military operation in the Dzharablus. The Turkish air force launched four air strikes on targets of the ISIS militants, media reported. Ankara reiterated: “the Operation in Dzharablus designed to clean up the Turkish borders from terrorist groups and the maintenance of the territorial integrity of Syria.”

On Tuesday Turkey has shelled the district of Dzharablus, where he was deployed IG position, and at the same time subjected to attack Kurdish Forces people’s protection units near the town of Manbij, said the Turkish TV channel NTV. That day, Syrian Kurds announced the start of operations to liberate the Dzharablus: “Turkey has allowed a large number of militants DAISH (ISIS – approx. OPINION) to get across the border, harming stability in Syria. Turkey is trying to strengthen terrorist groups,” – said the Military Council of Syrian Kurdistan, which was quoted by the portal Riataza. Between Turkey and the DAYS can be an agreement that allows Turkish forces to occupy the city Dzharablus, said the Military Council. He asked the international coalition to support them in defending the city from Turkey.

Ahead of the Kurds in occupation of Dzharablus rushed and the “Free Syrian army” (FSA). She also announced the launch of a major operation against ISIS. To support PAS has called Turkey, who stressed that the recent developments intended to increase pressure on Islamists. Some fighters from the opposition will operate directly from Turkish territory. Ankara also will provide material and logistical support, said the portal Riataza. Western observers noted that Turkey’s support to SSA caused by including that in the direction of Dzharablus come the troops “the forces of democratic Syria” (SDS), which constitute a significant portion of the Kurdish militias associated with the Kurdish workers ‘ party, whose operatives in Turkey call terrorists.

“The forces of the Syrian Kurds should leave the areas West of the Euphrates and go to the East. If it happens, Ankara will do everything necessary”, – said in military operation, foreign Minister of Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu. The Syrian Kurds are not going to retreat and called the operation a occupation of a neighboring country. “Naturally, we will oppose. Our management will develop appropriate measures, – said the representative of the Kurdish democratic Union Party (DUP) in Moscow Abdesalam Ali. – If the Turks will attack Syria, then the Kurds with them are bound to be clashes”, he added.

Ali called the fight against ISIS a pretext for Turkey. “They (the Turks) knew that the expulsion of ISIS from Dzharablus was only a matter of time on the part of the Syrian democratic forces. It is obvious that they do not want to prevent the Kurds took Dzharablus” he said, simultaneously denying Turkey’s statements that it supports the U.S.-led coalition.

“Partial reconciliation with the Assad regime,” while “work USA”

“We will not allow the creation of any Kurdish state in the North of Syria”, – said Tuesday the Prime Minister of Turkey Binali Yildirim. He added that “it is also contrary to the interests of Syria, which is necessary to preserve the territorial integrity”. Meanwhile, The New York Times noted that the Kurds, more are moving to the North-East of Syria and move closer to full control of the area. He recalled that the province of Hasaka is about to slip from the hands of Bashar al-Assad.” “Neighboring Turkey, which opposed Assad may go for a partial reconciliation with him, if you understand that Assad is a lesser threat compared with the attempt of the Kurds to build a semi-Autonomous region along the Turkish border,” – said the publication.

Aside from the conflict remain, and the United States. The Deputy chief a press-services of US state Department mark Toner said that the United States seek to prevent the aggravation of the situation in connection with the confrontation between Turkey and Kurds: “We are in contact with Turkish officials as well as representatives of SDS in connection with this incident. We are working to prevent the growth of tension. I would like to remind both sides that the IG is the main and common enemy that we’re fighting,” – said Toner, who was quoted by TASS.

Recall that the Kurds are the leading force, which the US bet in the fight against ISIS. Moreover, now with the help of the Kurds, US is trying to seize the initiative in Syria to fight government troops Bashar al-Assad, said earlier the newspaper VIEW.

“Turkey has not attacked the mercenaries not a single shot”

Meanwhile, despite “work” of the United States, a coalition of SDS confirmed that Turkish troops shelled our defensive positions in the area of Sajur river (a tributary of the Euphrates) to the North of Manuja” – these are the words of a military representative of the organization of Sahana dervish. According to him, this sector exploded dozens of missiles. The next position of the Islamic state terrorists are within 20 km, but the Turkish artillery did not cause the mercenaries while any impact. They hit only at our borders, the shelling does not stop,” – said the representative of the SDS.

Meanwhile, with a planned visit Wednesday to Turkey, arrived Vice-President Joseph Biden. During the visit he will meet with Binali Yildirim, and then with Erdogan. It is not excluded that the Turks could launch an operation to strengthen against this backdrop, the pressure on the States for the extradition of the preacher Fethullah Gulen.

Most of the Western media in this case serves the Turkish invasion as a joint operation of Turkey and American coalition against ISIS: “the Turkish military and the coalition led by the United States, starting operation in order to sweep the “Islamic state*” from the Syrian city,” he told Reuters.

“US joining the Turkish forces to intensify the onslaught against ISIS and cut vital supply routes for extremists,” added The Wall Street Journal.

“This is interference in the sovereign Affairs of the state”

Back in may, the division of the Turkish army invaded deep into Syria for 700 meters, setting a checkpoint in the town of Afrin North of Aleppo province, home to the mainly Kurdish population.

The Russian foreign Ministry then his indignation did not hide: “On what basis? Must be some kind of justification or international decision of the UN security Council, or need to negotiate with the legitimate authorities. They have no reason, this intervention in the sovereign Affairs of the state,” said Deputy foreign Minister of Russia Mikhail Bogdanov. Earlier, Moscow has called on Ankara to abandon bets on a dead-end force way of solving the longstanding Kurdish problem.”

Recall that in mid-March, the Kurdish party and its allies announced the creation of Northern Federal region (SFR). Members of the Congress, which took place in Rumeilan, said that the FIU will remain an integral part of Syria and will develop relations with the neighboring countries on the principles of peace and brotherhood.”

To kill two birds with one stone

The President of the Institute of religion and policy Alexander Ignatenko in conversation with the newspaper VIEW stressed that Erdogan’s statement about the fight against the Syrian Kurds is extremely vague and looks like another “erdogans”. “This may manifest its political behavior. Erdogan is a muddle, it is enough to recall his statement that Turkey is ready to provide the base of “Incirlik” of Russia, which he could not do, since the database does not belong to Turkey. This is just one example of many,” he said.

Ignatenko said that everyone who is related to the Turkish attack on the Jarabulus (mainly USA), taking this military action and agree with it, since it implies ability rather than IG. “The Americans and the entire international coalition, which is involved in the operation, refer to the Kurds either neutral or loyal or positively. They did not give approval of the action as against Syrian Kurds. No approval neither from the Americans nor Russia,” – he recalled.

However, the goal related to the Kurds in that the Turkish action could be. “It is very likely that Erdogan seeks to take Jarabulus or to expel ISIS so that it did not manage to capture the Kurds. That is, it is directly against the Kurds is not directed –the international coalition led by the United States clearly would not have to participate in it on these conditions. But it is aimed against the Kurds in the sense that Erdogan seeks to take Jarabulus before the Kurds will seize it, as it happened with Mobicam, and how they plan to do with Rakka,” – said the source.

Russia is not against

Director of “middle East – Caucasus, Stanislav Tarasov points out the importance of the background against which the operation takes place. “There have been reports about the possible visit of Vladimir Putin to Antalya. Another point: Erdogan should have been this week to visit Tehran. Had an intense visits of the foreign Ministers of both countries to each other. But while the visit has been delayed. In the interval, a message appears stating that the Russian military left the base “Hamadan”. Most likely, there is a coordination of positions,” he said in an interview with the newspaper LOOK.

“Russia and Turkey have begun to converge in the issues of the Syrian settlement. Rather, it is about commitment to the principle of territorial integrity. This scenario, apparently, drop the so-called Syrian Kurds, who, with the support of the Americans. Advocate a confederal arrangement. For Turkey it is very dangerous, because they have a problem with its Kurds. Barzani, recently visited Ankara. So there are matching in the Kurdish area,” he said.

Begin decisive action, said Tarasov. “Turkey strikes on ISIS. Along the way, of course, she solves the problem of the Kurds. The Kurdish problem will probably be the focus of talks to be held in Antalya (if you will take the visit of Vladimir Putin – approx. OPINION)”, – Tarasov suggests. Putin will fly to Antalya or not is a very important point, he stresses.

“Past the tension goes away – that’s a fact. Changed Turkey’s position on the issue of Syria. First Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey stated that they are willing to develop economic relations with Syria – with regime that they still did not recognize the” – recalled Tarasov.

The expert also emphasizes the importance of the fact that the current offensive by Turkey, apparently, agreed with Russia. “Before, when we had tense relations, the Turks refrained from ground operations, there was a danger that they could run on the Russian VKS. But once it is conducted, an official of the foreign Ministry and the Kremlin are silent, it speaks about the agreed actions, develop a common plan in relation to the Syrian crisis,” – says the source.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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