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Thursday, March 15, 2018

The militants used tactics of the Soviet army

The Syrian army continues to eliminate the consequences of its errors and tries to dislodge the militants from the South-Western part of Aleppo. At the same time, and quite unexpectedly attacked ISIL attacked the airbase Kuveyris, the militants abruptly changed tactics to the one which was taught in Soviet military academies.

In recent days, government forces backed by Republican guards and Hezbollah continued to attack the so-called new positions of the jihadists in the South-West of Aleppo. About speed of progress it is not as about to respect a certain schedule – the struggle in the area firmly moved into the phase of “building the house”, which is useless to record successive “waves of attacks”.

“In this kind of fighting age is more an advantage than a disadvantage”

The situation is complicated by the fact that government troops are forced to engage in self-preservation – to capture some ruins well alone, but if they are exposed to other ruins on the contrary, it makes no sense for them to gain a foothold. As a result, the struggle for some districts has ceased to be for SAA and allies “media” and jihadists, in contrast, can regularly report about their “victories”. Although it is worth noting that the recent activity of their propaganda sharply dropped, but increased the role of the media the so-called moderate opposition.

Now the fighting is in the middle of the block 1070 and the Russian air strikes moved South to the area of the former school hikmah, where entrenched militants “Jaish al-Fatah”. It is believed that as long as the jihadists are in control of the complex of buildings of the former school to talk about the return of control by block 1070 is impossible. That is the school building enable the militants to shoot through the skyscraper al-Hamdan, resulting in the seizure of the destroyed buildings, again, becomes a fiction.

Thus a huge burden falls on the engineers and technical staff, as the militants have long switched to using so called non-standard charges, for example, to put on stream production of mines from old gas cylinders. For the most part they do not explode immediately, and then how to defuse this miracle of technology, to determine where the detonator is and what color wire to cut, is non-trivial.

So the battles in this area has turned into a chore. On the side of the government troops now technical superiority, in particular, the new commander from the Syrian side skillfully uses tanks. On the side of the jihadists – training. The data series, in the South-West of Aleppo deployed the most experienced and trained fighters, some of them pretty old, almost the experience of war in Afghanistan against the Soviet Union. And in this kind of fighting age is more an advantage than a disadvantage. Physical activity when the street fighting less than the clashes in the open countryside is not necessary to run, and the correct choice of position – a question of experience rather than youthful daring.

Continuing pressure from the jihadists and joined them “moderate” in other parts of the front. This is an old and familiar tactic, designed to delay the government reinforcements. In recent days the strike had been the section of the front where “dzhebhat an-Nusra” for a long time did not show any activity, and “long” is a few years. We are talking about the airport Kuveyris, it was a long time in the siege, but previously, the militants never tried to attack it directly. Now everything is different: in the last days of part of ISIS and Jaish al-sham attacked a small town Nasrallah adjacent to the airbase from the West. They didn’t use “Jihad-mobiles” that in itself is amazing, and made the attack “in the European: shelled checkpoint of the government army anti-tank grenade launchers, slightly damaged strengthening and outlined the attack on the center, while the main attack led to the South flank of the roadblock on the edge of Nasrallah.

If they manage to move into the village, theoretically, they can sweep a runway. Another thing is that the militants represent more such attacks than actually trying to expand the offensive. And their power is also not unlimited.

Surprising in this story is only the sudden shift of the jihadists in a more understandable military tactics. Perhaps we are talking about individual stories associated with the life experience of local commander. Usually behave not local or, say, Iraqis, and, for example, immigrants from Central Asia or Chechnya. Especially those who have received combat experience or in the Soviet army, or in those days, when developed system of training of suicide bombers and other elements inherent in the tactics of the religious radicals, did not exist. Meanwhile, to launch “Jihad-mobile” on a checkpoint of the government army with cries of “Allahu Akbar” is more familiar and clearer, and clearer, and more effective than all the rules and in full compliance with the Charter of the Soviet army to try to get around his flank.

It is also worth noting that the tactic of using suicide bombers, government forces have more or less learned to cope, but to recognize that you going by bus or “Jihad-mobile – does not always work on time.

There are data about the use by jihadists of children for the bombings, but the last time this was observed in Bosnia. On the one hand, indicates a depletion of the resources of the insurgents, on the other, the transition to the new tactical schemes may talk about returning to command some parts of the former ISIS the Iraqi military, trained in the Soviet schemes. If this is not a onetime action but a tendency to draw definitive conclusions will be possible in a few days.

* Organization in respect of which the court accepted entered into legal force decision on liquidation or ban the activities on the grounds stipulated by the Federal law “On countering extremist activity”


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