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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Scientists successfully used a new method of restoring the brain against stroke

A group of experts from the United States using stem cells and a special injection failed to liquidate as a result of stroke damage in the structure of the brain in laboratory mice. To successfully apply this technology to biologists succeeded for the first time, and they expect that in the future it can be applied to help people.

photo: pixabay.com

The researchers used a semi-synthetic substance 3K3A-APC in order to “make” stem cells rush to the damaged areas of the brain and there become the necessary cells. The natural counterpart of this substance called “protein C” is one of the most important proteins in humans (and mice), and in the early stages of research, specialists figured out that he, in particular, can theoretically contribute to the restoration of nervous tissue. However, due to the effect of the protein on blood coagulation to enter it directly into the brain would be too dangerous, and experts had to artificially create a connection, having only needed to restore the brain properties of protein With no “side effects”.

To check the validity of the developed version of the protein, the scientists artificially induced stroke in laboratory mice, then tried to eliminate its effects by using human stem cells and injections of 3K3A-APC (the “control group of mice was administered only the stem cells). Watching the animals for several months, the researchers were convinced that the application of new techniques really provoked the growth of new cells of the nervous tissue to replace damaged. As a result, the brain of rodents, recovering from the stroke faster.

In the next phase of research, the specialists plan to introduce stem cells and 3K3A-APC other species of animals, and in the slightly longer term I expect to conduct clinical experiments on human volunteers.

Scientific work which describes the results of the experiment published in the journal Nature Medicine.


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