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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Russian people will overcome the period of “Ukrainian independence”

On Wednesday, Ukraine marks the 25th anniversary of independence. It has grown a whole generation of citizens square – those who taught the “history of Ukraine”. But an artificial entity in the West, the Russian world will not be durable wheel genuine Russian history grind all now seem to a huge problem.

Conducted by the Ukraine public opinion survey showed that only 38 percent believe their country is “genuinely independent government,” and 49 percent don’t think so. While 87 percent of today would vote for the act of independence of Ukraine.

“The main reason for the lack of chances for the successful building of “Ukraine” – the very existence of Russia”

The first President of Ukraine, co-author of the Belavezha accords, Leonid Kravchuk, on the eve of the anniversary, said that “Ukraine as a state will be eternal”, and the current President Poroshenko said that “we have overcome the desert not for 40 years, and for 23 years. And without Moses, without tables, by their own, sometimes making costly mistakes risking to lose your way. Still came to the path of democracy and freedom, the European and Euro-Atlantic integration”.

But what is Ukraine? This chip of a unified Russian state collapsed in 1991. It differs from other shards in that he, first, fully populated Russian (and Belarus), and second, the largest by population. The presence in its composition of four Russian regions, reunited with the great Russian only in 1939, does not change anything in principle – the rest of the territory of present-day Ukraine developed as part of the Millennium of the Russian state (all losses and returns), and its history is the history of the Russian people. No separate history of “Ukraine” can’t be – because “Kiev and Novgorod gave birth to a Moscow” is a Russian, not two or three. And Russian one story, the same shrines, because they are one people – with all regional, ethnographic, and linguistic features.

Attempts by the Kiev minions to divide the Russian people into Ukrainians and Russian, or even to declare Ukraine and its people “real Russian,” contrasting them to “Tatar-Muscovite”, funny and absurd – although it has cost and will cost our single people, a lot of blood. But Russia is not worried – and will survive the current rift. Because the main guarantee of our unity in him is so strong a thing that it is going contrary to any attempt to split it.

What we have seen in our thousands of years of history – and there is no reason to believe that attempts to fragment a whole will be successful this time. Yes, we suffered heavy losses, Yes, we ripped a quarter of a century – but the process of reunion went. And not only in Crimea and the Donbas – they are just the first signs that the inevitable. Kiev and Odessa, and Chernihiv, and Kharkiv – all this will return in a single state.

But how it will happen, because the residents of Ukraine don’t want that, because most of them now considers Russia the main enemy – lament of the pessimists. But the charm of the myths of European integration will soon pass – as the belief that Russia attacked Ukraine. The people of Ukraine will throw all this daze, wakes up, shakes anti-national gang of crooks called “elite” and will be forgotten like a bad dream, all this “history independence.” Way come inner liberation? God knows – maybe a complete disintegration of the country and the turmoil it may be, through a new war with Russia, perhaps through disappointment in Euromarket and new independence. Nobody knows – but “Ukraine” is still there.

The only chance for a long existence, “Ukraine”, given the existence of such a project in Russia itself – that is, if we would have lasted the 90 and power were fixed to the anti-national and colonial elite. Then Yes – two big stump the country did not even understand that they are part of a whole, and more or less dutifully play other people’s games.

However, in this scenario, and the Russian Federation have already had – that really there to talk about Ukraine.

But since, as in Moscow, came to power people in historical and geopolitical thinking (the patriots, simply put), “Ukraine” was doomed. Because Russian people ruling Russia cannot tolerate the existence of Ukraine as a separate state – and it doesn’t matter if his name is Putin, Ivanov or Matvienko.

Not because of great power ambitions and not because of “envy of freedom-loving Ukrainian people” – and as a result understanding of the absolute artificiality and artificiality of the “Ukraine”. And its harm for the residents of this “territorial entity” and the Russian Federation and the Russian people as a whole. Russian civilization cannot evolve further until the two parts of a whole are not reunited.

And it understands and will understand any Russian President – a patriot, who is answerable to God and man for the future of the Russian people. So the main reason for the lack of chances for the successful building of “Ukraine” – the very existence of Russia. Want guarantees “Millennium square”? Destroy Russia, that is the basis of the current Russian Federation – then, of course, about any reunion of the whole will not be considered.

It is clear that the Atlanticists will make a lot of effort to prevent the reunification of our country in the form of a Eurasian Union, but also the power of resistance of the Russian people, and himself present the remaking of world order do not leave them no chance of long-term retention of Ukraine in its orbit. Russia in any case will not fight with Ukraine, ” – because that would be akin to shooting yourself in the foot. And the biggest gift to our geopolitical enemies: the civil war between the two parts of the Russian people.

We wait for a peaceful reunification – working on it, bringing it against all attempts to prevent it. Then in the textbooks of history of Russia, the company “Ukrainian independence” was studied as a tragic consequence of the collapse of the Soviet Union – a temporary, hard, but overcome the great Russian people.

Do you agree that sooner or later Ukraine will return to Russia?

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