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Friday, March 16, 2018

On the weekends in the night sky “kiss” Venus and Jupiter

Venus and Jupiter, one of the brightest points in the sky, this coming Saturday will almost merge together. This is a fairly rare event, and the next time it can be observed only in 2065, according to the astronomers, who announced the upcoming “parade of planets”.

photo: pixabay.com

“Merge” the two objects will be visible in the Western sky shortly after sunset with the naked eye for some time will be perceived as a unified whole. Experts note that very close to each other from the point of view from the Ground the observer of the planet is located now – in the next night the distance between them is comparable to the thickness of your thumb at arm’s length.

Experts note that in General the convergence of certain two planets similar to that which can be seen on Saturday – a fairly common phenomenon, and often it can be observed several times during the decade. However, Venus and Jupiter in the night sky “are” relatively rare, and since both of these planets look very bright dots in the night sky, this convergence often attracts special attention of Amateur astronomers.

A little over a month ago for about a week in the night sky could be to the naked eye it was possible to observe the International space station, which at that time was even brighter than Venus and Jupiter. And in early February of this year the inhabitants of the Earth could simultaneously see over the horizon of the five planets of the Solar system – Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, Venus, and mercury – as well as the waning moon.


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