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Saturday, March 24, 2018

On parade in Kiev Russia frightened the Soviet tanks

Ukraine on Wednesday 24 Aug celebrated independence Day. Judging by the solemn speech of President Poroshenko and the program of the celebration, the main achievement of the 25-year-old square — this is war.

photo: youtube.com

If not for the fighting in the Donbass, it is not at all clear what Poroshenko said. About the economy, which in Ukraine does not remain? From 1992 to 2016, the share of industry in GDP of Ukraine decreased from 50% to 16%. Level of depreciation of production assets of the country is 83.5%. Roads in Ukraine – worst in Europe, their wear rate is 97%. And rail transport is “killed” by 75%. The average wage in the country – one of the lowest in Europe: about $ 160 per month. And the cost of utility bills almost twice the average pension. It is clear that here is nothing to brag about. Breakthroughs in the field of culture, too, as it is not observed. Well, except for winning the Eurovision song contest Jamal. The sport disappoint: 31, place overall — it’s not something you can be proud of. Even frightened the President: what does he broadcast this very special day of the 25th anniversary of independence?

But Poroshenko got out. “Where is the guarantee that our optimism regarding the development of the country — ed.) not in vain? Guarantee — our armed forces!” he said. And all present clapped. Surprisingly, present at the independence Square, where they were set a festive scene was not much. Visual — not more than a thousand people. Whether the city has blocked and allowed on the celebration by special permit, or citizens themselves decided not to crowd on the square and watch the parade on TV. By the way, the latest polls by the Kiev international Institute of sociology showed that, after 25 years I consider Ukraine an independent state, only 38% of respondents-respondents. The part of political scientists on the eve unsubscribed in different media that this anniversary more like a Wake. Apparently, festival organizers heard them: the celebration began with a minute of silence commemorated the soldiers lost in the “zone ATO”. Poroshenko was masculine: according to him, despite the machinations of the “aggressor”, trying to crush the country’s economic sanctions (?), ban the transit of goods and the war in Donbas, Ukraine still managed to become a “democratic and free”, to form “a single, unitary, unified state. And since all this has failed now all their strength, the President will be thrown to the formation of a professional contract army. In General, it is clear that the establishment of peace in the East today is not the priority.

In fact, Poroshenko did not hide that the military parade held on Khreshchatyk is a signal the “aggressor”. They say, we are mighty as ever. However, the column was entirely of Soviet equipment. But the commentator of the same channel on the question of the journalist explained that the tanks already can be considered a purely Ukrainian, because they are undergoing repairs and reconstruction at the Kharkov plant. Demonstrated and another miracle: those air defense systems “Buk-M1” of which the adviser of the President of Ukraine Ihor Smeshko in Brussels said that the armed forces they are not. The last militant was allegedly sold in Georgia. But according to Dutch experts, it was the rocket from the Beech-M1 shot down in July 2014 flight MH-17 over the Donbas. But to demonstrate the military power that does not show, even military secrets will reveal.

However, the Ukrainian patriots, even in this militaristic-oriented, “anti-Russian” triumph spotted the catch. According to them, music to accompany the parade chose Russian — Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky…Its something no composers? And President Poroshenko in his speech, the poems of Vladimir Mayakovsky quoted. It was, of course, was good: “Comrade Moskal, Ukraine jokes are not rocks, but the poet — Russian. Again, independence does not smell.

In General, Poroshenko has formulated the main idea of the 25th anniversary of “independence”: “we arranged It that Putin later called the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the. But then we decided not uncompromising break with the past, entangled in arrows of multi, tried to sit on two chairs. The constant looking around on Moscow and belief in the mythical brotherhood, socialist paternalism and stereotypes are firmly sat in consciousness of society, weights hung on his feet and prevented from moving forward.” Now no weights. Ukraine is rapidly raced…but where is not clear.


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