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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Minister of education and science Vasiliev proposed to replace “coaching for the exam of” spiritual education

New education Minister Olga Vasilieva in the Public chamber said today that “coaching for the exam in schools should be replaced by the education of civic consciousness of students.

photo: youtube.com

Question about extracurricular activities in schools Minister asked a teacher from Voronezh. “Now all nawrocka, at least in Voronezh, has been reduced to preparation for the exam and additional classes in core subjects, but spiritually-moral education, which should be 2 hours, is located in the paddock. What you plan to do in this direction?”, – she wrote.

Olga Vasilyeva said he knew about this problem. “I will do everything possible to ensure that overtime is the time we should spend with children, which should be focused on their education and development as a person – was precisely that, not the coaching on the exam.

This I’ll really do. Because the main task is human. The Minister also noted that it is an inopportune time – is the time in which we can speak with the students and “doing something that he truly became a citizen of our country.”

Earlier, Olga Vasilyeva said that will improve the preparation of students for the exam. She said that the exam is an important opportunity to enter any UNIVERSITY for odinnadtsatiklassnikov from any region. But has said that he considers wrong, that the last two years students spend preparing for the exam to the detriment of the curriculum as a whole.

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