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Sunday, March 18, 2018

In the United States continues the scandal surrounding the e-mail Hillary Clinton

Recently in the Minneapolis press club on Nicolette Avenue held a very interesting contest. The company gathered under the huge pictures of the most famous events in history, arguing about how to title the column on the ad nauseam e-mail Hillary Clinton while she was U.S. Secretary of state.

photo: pixabay.com

We broke the spears, competing in wit. In the end, the victory went to offered me the option that reads: “E-mail, Hillary Clinton, as a suffocating scarf of Isadora Duncan.

The very next day after our “knight’s tournament” it turned out that the scarf is pretty long almost infinite duration. Rather, not a scarf, and plume. By the way, for this reason, was rejected by my second choice: “How much rope does not curl, but the end still will be.” The word “end” seemed to our jury is too vague.

Apparently, discussions about e-mail Hillary Clinton are not only in the Minneapolis press club on Nicolette Avenue. And now it is quite clear that they are unlikely to end after the November presidential election, regardless of who wins.

This past Monday, August 22nd, discussions about email Hillary Clinton resumed unabated. The impression that the thing about e-mail will accompany Clinton to the presidential election. The fact that the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) has collected about 15 thousand copies of new email. They were transferred by order of a Federal judge with the Department of State to expedite their publication.

As a result, thousands and thousands of e-mails that Mrs. Clinton did not return voluntarily to the State Department last year may be published in the coming weeks and, in any case, before the presidential election in November. The decree was issued by a district judge James Boasberg. In addition to this e-mail was discovered hundreds of other messages of the same format, authored by huma Abedin, closest assistant of Mrs. Clinton to the state Department and the state Department and now, as President of the Clinton Foundation.

The FBI found that approximately 14900 e-mails were removed from the servers of Mrs. Clinton and her computer files, as well as with computers, the owners of which she kept the correspondence. In late July, Clinton gave the state Department 55 thousand pages of his e-mail. Now the State Department needs to set a schedule for their publication, according to the order of judge Boasberg. A new piece of email was not among the 55 thousand pages, which the lawyers of Mrs. Clinton gave the state Department last year. FBI Director James Comey Jr. said that their transfer was not, in his opinion, intentionally delayed. However, he described the behavior of Mrs. Clinton in this case as “extremely sloppy”.

If everything will be according to the established schedule, the new e-mail is unlikely to be published before October. The Department of state publishes original e-mail monthly complexes.

Hillary Clinton is apparently incapable of telling the truth, — said the Chairman of the National Committee of the Republican party, Rensi, Pribas. — Public listing should commence prior to early voting, and e-mail, which is due to be published in full extent prior to election day”.

Representatives of the campaign, Clinton said that Mrs. Clinton gave the entire email that was associated with her work as Secretary of state in 2014 to the state Department. “We are not sure that the additional materials of the Ministry of justice indeed found somewhere, said spouksmen Clinton campaigns Brian Fallon. But if the state Department decides that some of this email is relevant to the work of this Department, then, of course, we will support the publication of these documents.

Spouksmen of the state Department mark Toner said that the state Department will make an audit of documents with the aim of establishing how they relate to the actions of Clinton as Secretary of state.

In addition, the team of observers, under the name of “defending the law” published in the 725 pages of documents showing the efforts of Mrs. Clinton, her family Foundation to use its influence. Email taken from the server MS Abedin, includes call Doug Band, one of the leaders of the Clinton Foundation. The request of the Band is this: he urged Mrs. Clinton to meet with crown Prince of Bahrain, whose family has donated many millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. Bell writes, “the crown Prince of Bahrain and his family are our good friends.”

Ms. Abedin once expressed his doubts about such a meeting, having referred to employment of the Secretary of state, adds that the answer will come after “she’ll understand that experiencing in this case.” However, this e-mail the next day was replaced by another, which proposed a meeting between the crown Prince and Clinton the next day. In addition, the state Department got in touch with the crown Prince of Bahrain through the official channels.

However, Ms. Abedin had some remorse. Because it helped not only the meeting between the crown Prince and Clinton. At the British Embassy in Washington discussed the obtaining of visas to members of the football club “Volver HAMPTON, who had difficulties in connection with his criminal prosecution. According to the same Mr Band assistance was not himself and some Casico Wasserman, who was the marketing Manager of this football club, famous for its contributions to the Clinton Foundation. Mr. Wasserman is the co-chair of the Foundation, which raises money for the election campaign of Mrs. Clinton. In particular, this week he will participate as a giver of parties in Beverly hills, California. “I know now, and all this makes me nervous,” says Ms. Abedin. This Band advises, “better not worry.” The President of the organization “defending the law,” Tom Fitton said that the email included 20 materials that reflect the negotiations between Mrs. Clinton and her lawyers. This e-mail, he said, shows how Ms. Abedin served as the liaison between the state Department and the Clinton Foundation. “It’s hard to tell where they end and the State Department where he started the Clinton Foundation. They worked like hand in glove,” said Fitton.

According to the process initiated by the decision of judge Boasberg, the state Department will begin to consider new e-mail and the documents attached thereto. He will present all this material to the court, accompanied by its schedule of publication. Mr. Fitton said that process will begin in October, when the state Department finally settle whether e-mails were personal in nature and which treated his work.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz, a Republican from Utah, said in an interview that almost half of the material was “edited”. The reason for this “editor” is absolutely incomprehensible. In addition, he pointed to inconsistencies between different copies of the documents that the FBI submitted to Congress.

In a letter to Comey Mr. Chaffetz demanded that the FBI explain legal lining editing shrink e-mail Clinton, received by Congress, and mismatched to each other copies of documents. He said that the FBI must submit to Congress an unedited version of the message that can be published.

So the famous e-mail, Hillary Clinton screwed onto her neck like a scarf-plume Isadora Duncan. How long will this process and how it will end will show the events of the near time.


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