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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Elections of the head of Russian state circus company showed personnel degradation: the plumbing on the horse

On Wednesday, the Ministry of culture began the elections of the General Director of Russian state circus company. For those who don’t know: a) Circus company — is the backbone of the genre, forty hospitals in the country, a unique system of “Assembly line”, the artistic staff; b) the former beauty is located deep in the ass once again trying to choose the kind of person who would like to withdraw from the crisis. But listening to the first applicants, nothing but nausea occurs — think ” God, how crushed people.

photo: Mikhail Kovalev

It’s not even that they offered; it’s about the level of thinking, when a person sees or wants to see the world’s cultural agenda, not to understand what planet: Berlin, Vienna, new York, Montreal… All the plastic arts today, multi-genre: and the circus art and musical theatre, and various open Competitions; and here tongue-tied talking on the style and content is a complete crap one offers to gasify circuses to pay less for communal another suddenly dawned on me that the circus, where, it turns out, there are only children (that’s hitting below the belt), you need to invent Zamansky brand like spider-Man…

Listening to it, I want somewhere to escape and to cover his face. It’s full of not only staffing the impotence is catastrophic managerial degradation when you realize that no one is even trying to raise their intellectual and personal level. All as “our father” chanting magical phrases that we hear everywhere: repair, housing, utilities, repairs… again the Hand reaches for the gun. Yes, we need not a plumber, damn you all to hell, children of corruption 2000 x! We need a Russian guy Laliberte, strong-minded, strong, sweeping everything in its path. Will be and money there, and sponsors will be tightened. All state corporations in the legs will lie. The prestige itself will appear. I don’t care where these plays will be performed in the hospital or in the tent.

The problem, alas, is compounded by the General depressiveness and degradation of small towns, it is not ready for a pilot show, designed, say, for an adult audience. Caught in a vicious circle: in all sorts of Ivanovo people have no money for expensive tickets, they are ready to go to the circus just for the sake of the child in the show must participate tigers, and best of bears, elephants and even better… That is poor, the viewer dictates the squalid squalid ideas about the circus and circus as would obey, because it is the state and should fulfill a social mission,” to entertain the invalids and quadriplegics.

And while our circus is used as a wheelchair for the donor regions uninhabitable, and it will be as sucks as it is now. But is anyone daring to retreat in the style of a step to the side to do in a show infernal finals as just “indignant” scribble denunciations in the Ministry of culture: Ah-Ah, our children cry, they hurt, the girls in the show severed head off. While all this nonsense, no circus. Circus craves for new life, and a Russian circus like no other, just maybe not to trail in the shadow of the Canadians and ask their bar. Such that all gasp. Can. You just have to find a high tower, climb on it and do not care about the plumbing, wretched province, and informers spectators.

The circus is internally ready to become the new Russian avant-garde. Give air! And look at these gatherings, beginning with the words “Vladimir Vladimirovich has signed the program of development of circus to 2151 of the year, just sickening. I want the culture Ministry to roll a truck and have a great performance.


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